Friday's 10 Happy Things 4

I'm joining Helga Weber's Friday's 10 Happy Things where bloggers list ten things that made them smile this week, so we can start the weekend on a more positive note. Here are my 10 happy things, in no particular order :) Thank you Helga for hosting this!

Haven't done this list in a while. I was thinking of the things I did and saw the past few days that brought smile and these came to mind:

1. My heart melted with this photo.

2. Elections 2016- We went to MECO last Sunday to cast our votes. Sadly, it was a manual voting system. I was too excited for the PCOS machines, but didn't see any.

3. Our church group was treated to a special tour of the Treasures from Heaven exhibit at the National Palace Museum. We were happy to have Msgr Ivan as the tour guide. He was also part of the team who brought all items from the Vatican to Taiwan and organized this exhibition. 

4. Was finally able to check out the Upside Down House. It was too crowded the first time we went and was told that the waiting time is around 2 hours. Went there early Saturday morning and waited just a few minutes. Too cute inside!

5. My colleague has been telling me to try this matcha roll at a cafe called The Lobby of Simple Kaffa. It had a nice deep matcha flavor and the cake itself was moist. Service was a little slow though, with only 3 people manning the cafe.

6. I've been pretty consistent with my yoga practice lately, but Una's class left me powerless last night. I like the pacing of her Vinyasa class. but my body's not in proper condition yesterday. Haaay need to get back on track. 

7. Filed my taxes- It took me less than 10 minutes to file my tax. I'm always impressed with the efficiency of this little island.

8. I was so amused when I took this bus filled with stuffed toys after church. I just had to take photos. It would be nice to be able to catch this bus if you commute from work during rush hour.  Might take away your stress, even for a few minutes.

9. Cutest rice cooker ever.  But too expensive :(

10. The Philippines will have a booth tomorrow at the World Carnival fair inside Nat'l Taiwan University. We are preparing chicken adobo, turon and chopsuey, while the design committee takes charge of decorating the booth. Sobrang effort at team work! That's me and my friend Abby wrapping turon hehe. Cant wait for tomorrow!

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