New Look

My blog's new look 

Props to all bloggers who devote so much time and energy in designing their blog. I don't know how you do it, but I almost ran out of patience and did not want to mess with my blog layout anymore after going through several free templates online. However, I really am inspired by all of the blogs I follow and decided I need to put an effort in fixing my site, even if I don't make money out of it.

So the previous day while waiting for our scheduled conference call, I was again searching for sample layouts online. My previous one was from Blogskin. It was pretty and simple, but I always have to adjust photos and captions each time I write an entry. Plus it looked a little plain, and quite hard to navigate. I ended up browsing Etsy, an online shop. I found this particular template which was on sale for only NT$99 so I immediately clicked BUY.

Screenshot of my old layout from Blogskins

When I got home, I downloaded the files and tinkered with it. I didn't know it was so easy to add all the widgets and whatnot and there's no need for html skills (haha sorry but I'm a first grader when it comes to all things techie). I was overjoyed when I clicked on Preview and my blog showed up the way I wanted it to be, not so cluttered with just the right touches of pink. I also added Disqus by following their website instructions and my comment section turned out so neat. I can now reply to comments one by one. Why did it take me so long to update my blog's layout? Thanks to all my blog inspirations! I hope you like my page's new look. Happy midweek everyone!

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