Happy 2015!

I'm huddled under my fleece blanket as I type. It's cold outside so I had to buy my bbq pork bowl meal to-go and eat it at home. I savored every spoonful and downed it with hot brown sugar milk tea. I was hungry after doing two loads of laundry, ironing sheets and changing my beddings. Life is now back to normal after the Christmas and New Year festivities.

I can finally sit down and reflect on my 2014. I've been arriving home early and going to bed on time this whole week, which was almost close to impossible when the month of December came. I've had a quiet Saturday so I thought it's time to gather some of my thoughts and write down the highlights of my year.

On faith
During the 9-Day Novena to the Holy Spirit in June, I was moved to tears one evening. I still remember conversing with Him and pouring my heart out. Crying made me feel better and I felt warm right after, as if someone gave me a tight embrace. There are struggles that I don't write about here in this blog. There are days too when I feel crushed and broken, but when I think about God and His love, I feel whole again. I know the strength that I have comes from Him alone, and so everyday I say my gratitude in prayer and ask Him to use my life, to glorify Him and serve others. This year, I hope to grow more in my faith and become a better person by living His word.

On family 
We were "almost" complete during the last month of 2014. "Almost" because my parents and eldest brother came to Taipei to visit me, but my second elder brother didn't make it. The four days that they were here were the happiest four days of my 2014. It's very rare that we get to spend time together, so I made sure they enjoyed every minute of it. They met my close friends and my "Taipei family." I brought them to several places and enjoyed great meals together. In April, my second brother was on his monthlong annual vacation. We met up in Hong Kong with my mom and did a side trip to Macau. This year, I hope to spend more time with them and celebrate Christmas and New Year together.

On friends
I was home for the Chinese New Year holiday and had the chance to bond with my college girlfriends and high school bestfriends. Monnette and I had a great quality time in Seoul, while I bonded with Monica here in Taipei. I also met a new set of friends, mostly TECO scholars. I'm grateful I have my Filipino group of friends and church mates. Without them, my life will forever focus on work and that will drive me crazy. This year, I look forward to building closer relationship with new friends, and maintain closeness (or be more clingy hehe) with the old ones.

On finances
This part is a work in progress. I still find it hard to fight the urge to swipe or go shopping but I promise I'm working on it. A portion of what I earn now goes to my VUL, health insurance and stocks. Investing has allowed me to spend only a certain amount of money monthly, an amount that is just right for my needs and a little wants. Looking back, I was thinking I should have started this earlier but then I'm more ready to jump into these things now compared to 2-3 years ago. For 2015, I hope to lessen my unnecessary spending and save more. I'm looking into opening an MF account within the year, just to park a little amount of money for the rainy days. I also intend to do and finish the 52-Week Savings Challenge again.

On travels
For my personal travels, I went to Hong Kong in April with my mom and brother, and to Seoul with Monnette in October. I also joined my cousins in Cebu for a mini reunion in July. For work, I flew to Malaysia in January and September, Russia in May, and Oman in November. For 2015, since I want to save up, I will limit myself to visit one particular country for my personal travel. If things pan out, I'll schedule it around April so that by the second half of the year, the piggy bank is already smiling.

On career and others 
Although there are times when I feel like quitting and wanting to book the next flight home, I always remind myself of my goals... and then I shut up hahaha. I still miss working for the paper, the adrenaline rush that comes with breaking news and the hourly deadlines, but for now, I'm ok where I am. I will strive for excellence at work and in my personal life, sige na nga love life included hahaha.

May we all have a happy, and amazing 2015!


Rea Ninja said...

I think you had a really great year Jackie! And you're very blessed. So jealous of your travels, haha!! I never got to travel this year. I'm hoping that this year, I can.. not sure though coz I don't have concrete plans yet. Here's to hoping we both have a great year ahead! :)

Aiza said...

I can finally access your blog! I don't know what's wrong with my computer or connection.

Anyway, Happy New Year sis! You have a DayKeeper! I wanted to buy one, but last year, I haven't written on it much, so I just purchased a simple, empty notebook.

I Pray you have a better 2015! :)

Jacqueline said...

Awwww thank you, Rea! I hope you get to travel with your family this year. I really try my best to plan a family travel because it's very rare that we get to spend time together. Cheers to 2015!

Yaaay! Haha I thought something was wrong with my site. May this year be our best year yet :)

Lux G. said...

Happy 2015! May this year be your best year yet as you reach the goals you set for yourself. :)

Nheng said...

Happy New Year to you sis! You are really blessed with your travels. More travels to come!



Love Love ♥ said...

I love your plans sis! I also had my own list and I am glad that being able to consistently check them out, I am on track.

Good luck on the goals sis! Keep 'em accomplished. :)

Leah @ Curiousweekends

Girl Chasing Sunshine said...

Oh, we have the same planner-slash-journal! It seems you had a lovely year. Trust that this new year will bring you more joy and blessings! I'll be in Taiwan this coming Chinese New Year! Where are you based?

Unknown said...

Wow! It was a travel-rich 2014 for you. Happy New Year dear Jacqui! :)

Jacqueline said...

@Anne Grace
Hi there! I left you a note on your blog :) I'm based in Taipei :)

Happy New Year, Kristine! I hope you recover soon! :)