Hello, August!

Hello, August! August started out perfectly because I received my tax return on the first day of the month (Who doesn't love tax returns?!!!). Also because one of my best-est friends, Monnette, celebrated her 26th birthday yesterday. Since I'm not in Manila, our other best-est Monica planned a little surprise for her. We sent her a bouquet of flowers early in the morning, just before she heads to the office. Monica wrote a card with all the crazy hashtags we can think of that Monnette usually uses to tag her photos on IG. This collage shows our friendship through the years. They both have visited me here in Taipei a couple of times, and when I come home for a vacation, it is always a priority to set a date with them. I just love them so much. We've been  great friends since high school, and even if we went separate ways in college, we made it sure that we meet during semester breaks. That is how friendship works, we nurture it and let it flourish.

What else is keeping me busy aside from work? I'm currently on my Day 3 of the Blogilates program. I first read about Blogilates on Kristine's blog. I skimmed through the website and bookmarked it for future reference. "Future" meaning two to three months after haha! I have finally decided to try the beginner's program. My thighs and non-existent abs were sore after Day 1, but I enjoyed it! My goal is to slim down a bit and tone my arms and firm-up my belly. I'm not aiming for the perfect abs, it'll probably take ages for me to get there. I also inquired about a program at a Pilates Studio offering English classes, but since I'm saving up for a vacation in February, I don't know if my budget will allow me to purchase the package. It's quite a hefty sum of money for 20 sessions, but we'll see. I'm still thinking twice of going back to practicing yoga.

I also visited the Hello Kitty Exhibit last weekend. My friends know how cray cray I am when it comes to all things Kitty-related. My churchmates gifted me with two tickets so I went there with my friend Sharie. Not much to see, but we took photos of almost everything. The Hepburn Hello Kitty was just too adorable. I wanted to get the plush doll but the smallest size is prized at NT$750, and the biggest at NT$3500. I'm not yet out of my mind so I didn't buy, I took a photo though haha.

Our big boss celebrated his birthday and treated us to lunch last Thursday. His cake was so yummy, I heard it's from one of those overpriced famous French patisseries here. Anything French is expensive in this island. So there goes my update :) I'd be busy these coming weeks because of two work events in September but I'll try to write. Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!


Nathalie said...

I have two best friends too, and we go waaaay back third grade! ^_^ We don't get together as much now because of work and such, but we make it a point to go out together during our birthdays. That way we get to meet thrice a year at the very least. ;)

Jacqueline said...

It's always nice to catch up with friends, whether you're celebrating a special occasion or not, togetherness is what matters the most :)

Unknown said...

I love how cute your photos are. They show how cool is Taiwan. Love it! Wish I can go there. Someday.

Unknown said...

Hi Jackie! I love this post, super GV! :) Good luck on the Blogilates thing, sis! Funny thing, I realized that I always look forward to seeing food pics on your posts. Hehe :D

Project Gora said...

I have five best friends since high school. And like you guys, we also went separate ways in college. Good thing, we are all from the same town so it's not hard to schedule a get together. Happy Sunday Jacq :)

Jacqueline said...

Thank you! Yes Taiwan is such a beautiful place, but usually underrated as most people would prefer HK or SG over Taipei :)

Thanks, Jean! Love the new concept of your blog as well! Haha and yes, no food photo this time :)

Friends make life happier indeed! :) Thanks for dropping by, Milet!

Aiza said...

You have an awesome August! I came across Blogilates din last time. Never followed a single day! Haha. Maybe I should start on the first one.