Holding on

Fort San Domingo in Danhsui, Taiwan

Fort San Domingo in Danshui, Taiwan

Panda World Tour, CKS Memorial Hall, Taipei

I was not myself the past few weeks. I don't know if I should blame my hormones for making me feel blah, or just my lack of interest to do any thing. It could also be the absence of endorphins in my system- no yoga or any form of exercise the past days, as well as chocolates. But I'm back and a little bit inspired to do some writing.

Last Sunday, I was finally able to sit down and gather my thoughts during the recollection in church. It's been quite a while since I last spent some time thinking about some personal matters- facing my own fears and anxieties. What a refreshing experience to listen to a priest, and listen to myself too.

I believe the only thing keeping me together is my faith. My world would have crumbled if I don't have anything to hold on to. When loneliness strikes, I scour through happy memories and just move on. That's one of the many setbacks of living abroad. You're left with so much time to ponder on so many things. People tell me I'm doing okay, I'm on the right track. But deep down, something is wrong, and I do not know how to make it right. Sigh. There are things that are way beyond our control, I sometimes wish for an invisible cloak. I constantly tell myself these things happen to help us better ourselves, so I'm holding on.

Enough with all the 'inner struggles.' I knew I needed a breather, so when I was asked to work on a Saturday to accompany a Philippine ambassador and his wife for a visit to Danshui, I just had to say yes. We went to Fort San Domingo, and had our lunch at Din Tai Fung. Then I went with my friend Hana to see the Panda World Tour at the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. Lovely sights, fresh air.

An important person who has helped me a lot while transitioning here in Taipei is currently recovering from knee surgery. Please help me pray for Auntie Florence. I've made it a point to visit her after work to bring some ray of sunshine. I see her wince in pain each time she tries to stand, sit and walk. I hope she will be okay soon.


Anonymous said...

Awww. Pandas! And I love the greens :D

Unknown said...

It really can be lonely living alone abroad and it is difficult to explain because for other people, living abroad is the dream. Glad to see you're hanging in there and I will pray for Auntie Florence too. I hope she's better.
The Mrs. Diaz Chronicle

Nathalie said...

Pandas! So cute. ^_^

It's nice that you keep a strong faith because at trying times, it's often the one thing you can hold on to to keep your sanity. :)

Unknown said...

Those pandas!!! O_O
Will be praying for your Auntie Florence's recovery and for your happiness too! :)

Love Love ♥ said...

wow, I'm also in the same boat. What's in the weather lately for us to be in dark mood. hehe.

Anyway, I agree with you we just hold on to Him to carry our burdens. ;)

Leah @ Curiousweekends

Sheryl Burwell said...

OMG how cute are those pandas?

Angel said...

cute pandas! :) be strong girl. will pray for your auntie's fast recovery. god bless!

Jacqueline Uy said...

Thank you for all the love and prayers :)

Aiza said...

The Pandas are cutieees!

Crystal said...

Hope she gets well soon.