Nursing a migraine on a Saturday is not the greatest activity for the weekend. But what can I do if the throbbing pain would not even allow me to stand for just a few minutes? And it's raining like crazy outside!!! Luckily Mcdonald's is just few minutes away and I was able to walk before the pain got unbearable. So it was me and the tv the whole day. Watching Man VS Food was not a great idea either-- it just made me wanna go out and get a steak or a slab of baby back ribs plus mashed potatoes. So what better thing to do on a lazy rainy Saturday afternoon than snuggle under the covers? After massaging my forehead with some minty Chinese ointment, I dozed off and woke up just in time for dinner. Thank God for weekends. That was indeed a long nap, migraine's gone.

And while browsing the web, I came across this- -glad to know I'm not alone in my own little world.

And oh, tomorrow's the first of September! Pretty sure there'd be one person on FB who will quote that famous song for his stat tomorrow. Word. Happy September y'all!

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