It's the climb

Spectacular view atop Elephant Mountain

My good friend Kaymee left Manila yesterday to pursue further studies. It reminded me of the first time I left home, the many despedida dinners, all unimaginable pep talks from my aunts, to packing my stuff. I had fun instructing Kaymee what to expect, what to do, and all the emotional and spiritual preparation that go with living abroad. It made me feel like I'm an expert, but then life is always a journey of learning, failing, and picking up the pieces.

I was thinking of Kaymee while we were climbing the Elephant Mountain yesterday afternoon. With sweat streaming down my face, I held on to the thought that every place we go is like climbing up a mountain. We take breaks in between, sometimes we falter, we thirst, but we keep on going to reach the peak. Cliche as it may sound, but for me it is always the journey that matters, and not the destination.

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