Girlfriends and Good Times

Gahd. I so feel like Carrie Bradshaw today, Im on with my DVD and Book Marathon. Throw me a good pillow and Im ready to rumble. I wanna live Carrie Bradshaw's life SANS the you know-- sex and the city kind of thing. I dream of her profession- a journalist in Manhattan, who takes pride of her Manolo Blahniks and Dolces- and her great pals and girlfriends. Forget about her love life though. Gosh what if I ended up being like her? Unmarried in my 30's? Please Lord, No. Oh well, if that's what Im called for, then why not. I think I have my girlfriends with me to console me :)

They are simply one of the best gifts from God--- my amazing girlfriends. We decided we needed to take a break from all the arduous tasks we had for the term which eventually led to a little fiasco and a drama-o-rama with the 'rents.

Just what I thought, the four of us may have been destined to meet the four guys in few rows ahead of us at the movie theater yesterday. Too bad they left early. They might have watched Nancy Drew. Haha. But I swear, movie posters are indeed deceiving. Go figure. What was the title of the flick we watched? Haha. Kaymee and Joy, choose wisely haha. I fell asleep halfway. Who knows, if we got out earlier, we might have met those four guys. Haha i will not be cynical just for this time. Anyway, we all had a good time, no, erase that. Great Time. Let's do it again.

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Speaking of good, great times, Alyanna had a blast last Tuesday when she celebrated her fifth year in this beautiful world. We love her all so much! We just had a simple celebration but it sure was hella fun!

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Wait, I'll write more when I finish these three books. I started with the first one though. Ciao for now.

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