No Festive Atmosphere

Can I just fast forward time, days and years? I want to fast forward years and see the future. Thing is, I keep on dreaming and dreaming and the idea of not getting there scares the hell out of me. I have always been so positive about everything, life in general. Someone even coined me as a fountain of positivism. But is that enough to keep me holding on to whatever I have in mind?

The festive atmosphere of Chinese New Year (Kiong Hee Huat Chai by the way) did not leave me any good. Watching Ugly Betty in Studio 23 just made things terrible. You know how I feel about going to New York, of all places. You know about my dreams of walking in Manhattan with a cup of coffee in my hand and biting a cream cheese bagel (yes ala Devil Wears Prada, plus the trench coat and Jimmy Choos).

However if the so called "things" I'm planning will go smoothly, give me five years or so, and include novenas and prayers, and I'm off to NYC. God help me.

For now, I guess I just have to swallow everything and immerse myself in what my new work has to offer. One word though, challenging. Challenging it is. And I swear, everything that I'll be earning shall go to the bank. No shopping whatsoever for the next six months.


Henrik said...

First comment after ages! Hahaha. Yung archives, nasubukan mo na?

Okay. On topic. But you know what I feel about time - I feel I don't have it anymore. Either that, or I'm suspended in time.

Jacqueline said...

HAHHA :) yep yep andyan na siya.

hay niko... i dont know but im still frustrated after landing this another thing.. ewan. when will this ever end??

ikaw, while it's still early.. go! you have all the time in the world...

Henrik said...

Again, Jackie, it's a matter of opportunity. Haha. And I believe it will end when it's there. Whatever that is, we probably still have to know.

Hay. I hate Sundays. :p