Friday Night Out

What happens when stress is taking its toll on three working girls slash thesismates slash blockmates? The answer is pretty simple. They plan a Friday night out on the day itself. Impulsive? Not much. A text here and a call there is sufficient to bring together three gals, two from Makati and one from Ortigas to get together somewhere in Ayala, have a little chit chat on just about anything- well, primarily on boys and any other topic the world can offer.

A good Friday night out paints smiles on the career girls' faces. No worries, no bosses, no calls, no scheds, no nothing. Just wandering aimlessly, fitting bras, blouses to shoes, alongside giggling and chatting like there's no tomorrow. If we could only stay like this forever, why not? But Friday night outs in NYC and in other parts of this place called earth wouldn't hurt either. By that time, maybe, just maybe, these office girls would be meeting in a small cafe eating sour cream bagels with a cup of espresso, worrying about what to publish next, when to schedule a shoot or even what next Manolo to buy, what trench coat to wear. And oh, who to date... first or next? Why not? This is where dreams are born!