Home On A Saturday Night

Apparently, mom's watching this boxing match and I cant squeeze in to change the channel. I really wanna lie down and doze off but heck, the tv's too loud. So anyway, I have been wanting to blog since God knows when but never got the time. Multiply's blocked in our office (but thanks to pagewash.com, I can still access it haha! Sneaky sneaky!)

I dont even know where to start, so this is gonna be a messy entry.
Random bullets, here we go.

- Im starting to love this fookien telenovela from da ai channel. The story is really good. It's a saga about a mother and her daughter-in-law not getting along. And because the culture is Chinese, the way the daughter-in-law is treated is simply unimaginable. She tries her best to please her mother in law but to no avail. The drama leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy after watching.

- I am officially missing school. I miss having the bestest friends to hang out with during breaks, amphitheater or sa halaman. I miss java, the icky oily smell at z2 and the crispers and thai bagoong rice in sps. I miss leaving home at 10 am and arriving just before or after lunch. I miss the long naps I usually have after long thesis editing hours. I miss going down to Vito Cruz LRT Station. I just miss everything in school.

- I have been ranting on how work life can be such a routine. You wake up at the same time every morning, leave home, and when you arrive, have dinner, shower and sleep. And the cycle goes on and on. Thanks to my aunt who calls me if she's around makati. She takes me to dinner and have coffee and walk around before going home.

- Dad pities me every time mom tells him of my experiences in commuting. Lrt broke down the other day, and then there was a huge fire in Pasay the next, and heavy downpour... Sometimes I just want to stop and cry, really. I feel like a lost little girl in a bustling mob. But when I think of the children in the mountains who walk for hours just to go to school, I feel inspired.

- Speaking of inspiration, why is not having a boyfriend such a big deal in the work environment? I dont get the point of asking "may boyfriend ka na?- wala?-baket". My golly. Go get a life. Mr. prince charming will come at the right time!

- Will leave on Wednesday for Cebu business trip. We will be having a small dinner with the press, a presscon of some sort and meetings with trade partners mall tour et al... I will be away for almost a week, 5 days to be exact.

- After three months, I went to the salon, had my hair cut and eyebrows threaded. It feels so good to be pampered and prettified- using my own hard-earned moolah.

- I need to earn more moolah. Sure, I have received two paychecks, err payslips, but I do get my weekly allowance from there, for my transpo and lunch, and for my shopping needs. I swear it's fulfilling to shop using your own money. Like one time, I went to kamiseta, I paid in cash and didnt bother to scratch the card. Ma, be proud.

- I love walking around salcedo village. Hmmm. Might buy a condo in..... 10 years time. Hahaha!

- Oh future talks. I will never give up on my NYC dreams.

Ciao. Have a great weekend!