Me & My Independent Self

I just love the word "independent". It makes me hum the lyrics of "I'm Every Woman" while crossing the pedestrian. It makes me walk high even if I can't get myself to wear a 3-inch pumps. It makes me feel like I'm wearing a trench coat over an RL dress and an LV carry all despite the humidity that the tropics offer.

But today, I am indeed every woman. I am so proud of myself. I have never felt so independent, so grown up. I felt every inch a woman.

The day started early. I know it was going to be a toxic one. I know I cannot do it alone. Medical and physical exam, nbi clearance, ss number. Imagine labyrinth like queues and the sweltering heat. But I survived. I managed to do everything alone.

(Well except that my brother dropped me off at the medical plaza where I got my medical exam, and then he went to office and spent his lunch break with me. How sweet was that. I lurvvve my brothers even if sometimes they are too lazy to fix their mess.)

Yes, I will be working. Those things you've read above are requirements for my pre-employment. I will start on Tuesday. I'll be working in a small-medium company with a very modest boss and a warm and friendly working environment. I am excited, but also scared. God help me and my independent self.

It's my first step towards what people call the real life. And my real life starts on Tuesday.


Dexter said...

Wow! And I didn't even know you already had a job. Hahaha! Congratulations, Jacq! God bless you.:D

Paburger ka naman! Burger! Burger! Burger! :P

Jacqueline said...

wow and somebody's reading pa pala my dead blog :) thank you dex! though i really dont know if i made the right decision. oh wellll... :) Ingat lagi :) diet ako walang burger hahaha :))

jp said...

Naks naman, Jackie, may trabaho ka na... Commarts-related ba 'yan? :-P

At oo, mahirap kumuha ng mga pre-employment requirements. NBI Clearance pa nga lang eh suko na me (hehehe...)

Good luck. The world awaits your entry.

Henrik said...

As I heard from Ariane... congratulations! :D

Jacqueline said...

@ john pangan
yes it is very commarts related :) i handle public relations work and events production :)

@ niko!!!
thank you!! :)

see you guys on 18 :)