An Update!

Woah. Last entry was written january 28.

A lot has happened. Thesis done. A hundred and sixty two units of load done. Last course card day of my life is done. Done done done. As of now, everyone's waiting for graduation day on june 21st. I'm excited. I'm nervous. Sort of mixed emotions right here huh.

I have been waiting all my life for this graduation day and I'm nervous as hell. I'm nervous because I dont know where to go after. Or I'm afraid I have nowhere to go. Thank God for three companies who have emailed and called me for exams and interviews. I hope I get in so I can be free of worries.

I recently had a "career talk" (or, career talk thru ym) with my mentor Ms. Mel. And I guess she's really the best person to turn to when you need advice on just about anything. And now apart from thesis, I heed her advice on my future career. Funny but I have thought of compensation, rather than the experience that I'll get.

And these are the things that keep me awake for the past nights. Wondering what would I choose between these companies but again in some instances, I stop, and remember that I'm still on the exam and interview phase.

I so miss blogging about non sense.

Three months of absence in the blogging world is too much.

I'll make it up. And try to come up with posts different from my multiply. :)

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Dexter said...

welcome back Jacq! *hugs* :)