Untitled Kuno

Last night I prayed to the stars
with clenched fists
ruptured heart
and broken soul...
I whispered silent prayers
and prayed and prayed until I have lulled myself to sleep...

Ang nagagawa nga naman ng kapaguran.

Pampanga shoots are over. One subject down, two to go.

And I just finished my report on Investigative Journ. I think I yawned fifty times while reading the 29-page article.

Docufilm tomorrow! I'm excited with the freebie! Hmmm... last week Sir Doy gave turones... Ano kaya ang freebie of the day bukas??? Char, Joy, Kaymee, Les Sy, Malia at Kor, huwag na kayong mag tataas ng kamay ha. Give chance to others! Hehehe =)

I heard Ms. Mel suffered a heat stroke last Friday... Sana okay ka na ngayon Ms. Mel! :)

How scattered naman my thoughts.

Mag cha-chinese new year na!!! Bring on the ang pao!

...and the stars have fallen
darkness amid the vast midnight sky
and the prayers answered
through a whispered lullaby