A Diary in the Past

It's been awhile!

I'm running out of ideas and concepts to develop into a story. I cant no longer wring my brain for it became dry and dull after reading such scholarly journals for thesis. And yet tonight, would again be one of those sleepless nights, with the aroma of coffee reaching my nostrils and caffeine filling my body (and palpitations thereafter).

Since stories should have a connection with the storyteller, I heed the advice of Sir Doy, "search your memory archive". And so I did. Diaries are the best memory keepers. And I remembered this pink diary with a bear cover I kept during my elementary days. I decided to keep it even if I always throw junks inside my drawer.

Surprisingly, the heart lock is still intact, and the key is still inside the pink pouch in my drawer. I opened the diary and as I flip through the pages, dried red rose petals fell off. I guess this was the first rose I have ever received so I placed it there.

I skimmed and read the entries which were written way back 1999. I smiled and laughed as those memories came back to life. And I thought, the way I write before and the way I write now, has not changed much. And although each entry is seemingly incoherent, they entail different emotions, and up until now, I can still feel those emotions on love (yeah!), friendship and fear. I'm also amazed on my "present participle tense" knowledge at the age of eight. And my Subject Very Agreement! I owe it to my English teachers, Mrs. Mercado, Mrs. Gemzon, and I wouldnt forget Ms. Calamaza.

And I think I'm left with something to ponder on and develop into a story. I just hope it works, just like how my story on Manliklik did.

On a lighter note, three more weeks of school! Three more weeks guys! Let's see.

-Two more Segment Videos.
-A Thesis Research Paper.
-Jornpra Reflection Paper 5.
-Jornpra Visit to Civil Society Org.
-Jornpra Final Paper.
-Litelec Final Paper.
-Litelec Visit to Community Theater.
-Litelec to watch Insiang. (Super thanks Jason!!!)
-Wrifilm Final Screenplay
-Society Talk Back (done!)
-Media Speakers Series (Direk Carlitos Siguion Reyna on Monday!!!)
-That's all.
-Want more?
-Bring it on.

Manliklik, I need you more than ever. Bring Bioman with you, ha?