Worst Day

Yesterday must have been the worst day of my life. And so the story begins.

I woke up early, with head throbbing in pain and with my conscience talking to me. I
felt so useless because the night before I'm lying in a soft comfy bed with chills and fever, thinking that my vidprod groupmates were working their butts off to finish
editing our final video project. I offered to help but then going home at 12 midnight
did make me worry. Joy said that I have helped them more than enough, but it was just
the preprod book. I really want to cry out of exasperation because I thought our editor would finish it just in time. Thank goodness, thank God, when I reached Dhi's place where they were editing from 7pm to 7am (groupmates had an emergency
overnight at Dhi's, no toothbrush, no extra clothes, no nothing), they were already
polishing it off. Gahd. I'm really sorry groupmates.

Ate Melai lent a hand by lay-outing our poster. She did a great job. I
went back to school to print the poster and the DVD label. And of course, to
get my Genders course card. Genders class is one of the highlights of today's term
because I enrolled in that subject alone, challenged myself to gain new friends and yes, to accomplish what have supposed to be a group project, alone, well not much, since a groupmate did help. I got my course card and felt really satisfied with the result, I even thanked Ms. Jeane, she's one of the nicest earthling, I swear. So I was in a hurry, running from Andrew Building to get that good course card, to Miguel Building to capture the other final project for another subject. Mang Norman and I are really chums-chums. He lent me in an instant the mini dv player, and the other day, he allowed me to borrow the white board for our telepro set.

After capturing, I ran to Torre Lorenzo to have the poster printed. I had it printed in less than 15 minutes. It was already 10:15 in the morning, 11:00am is the deadline for our project. I prayed and prayed. Got a sidecar and hurried to my groupmates. They were ready. The rain started to pour. We ran and rode a jeepney to school. By 10:45 we were already in school, waiting for Mang Ric to open the Television Studio where we would have our final video project viewing. But alas, it was already
11:30 and our teacher hasnt arrived. The door opened, and it was Sir Doy. Oh Sir Doy,
you and my Genders grade were the only reason for smiling. Sir asked how was our
production the day before because I was the producer. I said it was good. Sir Doy has
this really distinct and cute way of joking. :)

Sir Doy (to Mang Ric, in his usual malambing tone): Anong oras daw magproproduce yung group mamaya?
Mang Ric: 6 o'clock daw po sir
Sir Doy: 6 ng gabi..?
Mang Ric: Opo sir
Sir Doy: Oo naman, alangan naman 6 ng umaga diba

Kaymee and i burst into laughter. I never thought it would be the last subtle laughter I would hear this day.

Sir Doy: Anong ginagawa niyo dito?
classmates in chorus: Ah sir, hinihintay po si *insert name of prof* viewing po
kasi ng finals.. Ah sir, mga isang oras na po kaming naghihintay
Sir Doy: Ganun? (with iling iling)

Cots texted Miss. She was in Vito Cruz already. After 15 mins no Miss showed up. She
showed up after another 15 minutes. We were already having our own viewing when she
arrived. She gave a sheet for attendance. And then the uber highlight started.

Miss: Paki pass na yung video compilation niyo. Kahit huwag na tayo mag viewing
Classmates handing in their video compilation
Miss: Ano to? Bakit Ganito to? Bakit ganito ang label? Ayusin niyo naman!
(her face all wrinkled. me fighting back my tears ang turning to Dhi's shoulder)
Miss: Hindi ganito ung pinag- usapan natin diba?

Classmates: Miss hindi niyo naman po sinabi na---
Miss: Mga bakla kayo, next time kasi ipa-clarify niyo pag hindi niyo naintindihan. Hindi lang ito nag-aaply sa klase pati sa totoong mundo.

(me holding back my inis-ness)

Miss: Ulitin niyo to. Hanggang 4pm nandito ako, mag papanel ako. MGa 6 o 9 nasa
SDA ako.

(me, in tears, still in Dhi's shoulders. miss notices me, and classmates' expression)

Miss: O bakit ka umiiyak? O bakit ganyan expression nyo? Hindi ko kayo prinepressure, kaya nga binibigyan ko kayo ng oras para gawin yan. Alam ko ung nararamdaman nyo

Im really on the verge of answering my teacher, if not for the lessons i learned from the good ol GMRC - good manners and right conduct - days. i want to defend my classmates and my groupmates who made an effin effort to finish everything just to find out that we f*cked up just like that?! Hello naghirap kami diyan! Dadating ka late pa?! You didnt even bother posting an announcement that you will be arriving an hour late, and that you didnt even bother posting some reminders before we submit our projects!

Talk about unduly professionalism! I am not expecting all teachers to be the likes of
Ms. Diaz, Sir Doy, Sir Gary or even Sir Groyon. But the heck, among the new teachers
that we have, Miss Mel have pulled it off. She deserves to be called mini- Ms. Diaz. I have always this mini dream of becoming a teacher, and if I'll become one someday, I will assure my students that I'll be guiding them all throughout. Ano ba naman yung
magpost lang ng "some reminders for the final video project" diba?

The story doesnt end there. Yes we were able to submit the entire thing at around 8pm, with my wallet crying in pain. I dont even have twenty bucks to pay a side car from the lrt station to my house. I texted mom and told her Im penniless and I need 20 bucks. Goodness gracious, she called ranting with a high-pitched tone that I should have yada yada yada and blah blah blah. I put down the phone, wanting to break down in tears. IF SHE ONLY KNEW WHAT I HAVE GONE THROUGH THE ENTIRE DAY, SHE WOULDNT HAVE THE NERVE TO TALK TO ME LIKE THAT ON THE PHONE. I was able to go home, with my LRT card, and the money my mother sent to our security guard. I immediately went upstairs, with my heart filled with raging emotions. I put down my one-ton heavy bag, went to the room, and started breaking into tears. I cant hold them any longer, with my head throbbing in pain, and warm tears running down my cheeks. Why are folks like that?! Sleeping in the wee hours and waking up early, all those efforts go unnoticed. I hate it. Sana man lang diba, maintindihan nila at maunawaan iyong mga bagay bagay na talagang nagpapahirap sa buhay mo. Lahat naman kasi ng hirap na to ginagawa natin hindi para sa atin diba? Ginagawa natin ito para sa kanila, para mapasaya sila. Afterall, sila ang dahilan kung bakit nating gustong mag-aral ng mabuti. We want them to be proud of us. And yet sadly, it gets unnoticed.

This morning, I want to cry again. I woke up with my stomach aching. I asked manang to make me a cup of coffee. I drank and wait for myself to fall asleep again.
What have I done to deserve these bodily pains and anger?

I went out with my aunt and cousin earlier, I told them that if only my body has tear
ducts, it'll be crying til kingdom come. Well, the only thing that made things extra
better today is me having a decent pedicure (after a month of not having one) and seeing my grade for my Concept class, and of course, a social life back to normal. Hello Glorietta and Greenbelt!

Realization: You cant expect everyone to be professional. But they can try to be one.

I need peace of mind. Tomorrow is a book-marathon day.

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