First Week

So what makes my week interesting? Not much though. The first week of the second term is by far the happiest I have encountered. I have good subjects! Well I planned on dropping Segment Production, but heck, imma just go with the flow. There's Wrifilm and Society, fun classes :) Litelec is okay. The discussions were not that engaging, but I constantly make an effort to participate in class. I hope that as we go further, ms malou would shed some light and bridge the connection of the origin of theater, oedipus & poetics, with the course drama and politics.

We had jornpra earlier. It was like being in a maze. There's lots of points to ponder. And the professor, she's good. She knows a lot (duh) to the extent that she's already contradicting herself, and she's an investigative journalist. I hope my classmates' expectations wouldnt just be limited to field trips. Grrr. Sorry if I find fieldtrips gibberish. Im not a fieldtrip-person.

Anyhooo, my thesismates and I are already planning on our thesis. Our deepest gratitude to dadaprofae for helping us out! I will be starting with the readings related to our proposed topic, and I have also started reading (a chapter a day) making documentaries by isabel kenny. It's hard to absorb every single word and idea of these books. By the end of the term, my brain will just.. poof! explode into pieces.


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