Busy Thoughts

Sorry for the unorganized flow of thoughts.

What an inexpressible delight. I just finished Harry Potter Book 7 The Deathly Hallows. And I must say, I am so deeply in love with Rowling. I can't wait for her Whodunit novel! Too bad, I did not take the rowling litelec class. Arghhh. Oh, we will be attending a "discussion" about HP on the 29th! I cannot wait. I'll be going with my girls, my thesismates!

I swear I will have to save moolah to buy this collection in Amazon.com

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Lately, I have been too attached to the song Wake Me Up When September Ends. Kasi naman, when September Ends, eh birthday ko na. I'll be one year older. And people expect you to be more mature when you come of age. It's pressuring that way. Anyway, I wont let pressure hit me, not until i turn 20! Well what better thing to do than make a birthday wishlist. But I'm afraid this list will just remain as wishes as I am really running out of moolah. I went shopping yesterday. Shirts, blouses, and a pair of denim. I was about to buy a bag, but I might go home emptyhanded so I have to let it go. I am so dying to have a pair of black pumps. And that Grendha sandals. Arghhh. I will make a wishlist, I just have to think what to put on the list!

Give me a second.

See, how unorganized my thoughts are?!

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