Restless, Literally

We were supposed to have a long weekend, thanks to National Heroes Day. But then the long weekend became like a three days of class for me. It was really really mind breaking. Thanks but no thanks.

Last Saturday we had our Concept Defense, and praise God it went well. We got a really good grade for our paper. YM Confes are now proven effective. "The Drop-Dead Gorgeous Group" Kaymee, Ariane and me came to class clad in full regalia of death costumes with kuntodo props (aww no pictures!), Ariane as death eater in Gryffindor cloak, Kaymee as the death eater's victim, and me as the prettified dead version of Kaymee who credited the embalsamador who dolled her up. Keber at ginawan talaga namin ng skit na related sa aming "pre-thesis" topic. Hmm. We're thinking of switching to a new, light and more fun topic. Go figure.

After the defense, we have to run and have a quick lunch for our Vidprod shoot. The original shoot itinerary says that we have to start shooting by 2pm. But because the Concept defense was 2 hours delayed..... you get the story. We started shooting around 5pm. Heavy traffic surprised us when we were near Sucat. The shoot lasted for eight hours. After the gruelling experience, we all get to rest and wake up the following day with aching bodies.

Sunday we were capturing the videos and compiling our pre production papers. Monday we were already sequencing the shots ready to put them in the time line. Everything's so stressful, but you know what makes it stressfree? The company of my forever friends and the best groupmates in the universe, Dhi Kaymee and Joy. special thanks to Jino for starring in our movie, and for Sudoy! Thank you Sudoy for accompanying us in our Quiapo shoot last Friday. I hope you had a glimpse on your Vidprod class in the future. I will volunteer myself to be Jino and Sudoy's fotocam subject! Haha. :)

My finals doesn't just end there. I stayed up late last night to study for my Histciv Exam, do my Perform fact sheet, and Telepro paper works. Aww life. Everything will be over by Friday. Go me!

It's just pretty amazing how time flies. I'll be having my second to the last term next term, hopefully, God-willing. And earlier I just witnessed a live thesis defense, I cant picture myself standing before a panel and defending. Awww.

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