On a gloomy weather

The Oracio Imperate, which the Catholic Church has been reciting, is proven effective today. Miguel hallways are all wet. And 2nd floor Miguel has never looked so gloomy. And surprise surprise, I, for the nth time, slipped on the wet stairs, with my butt bumping and jumping like crazy. Yeah, it hurts. A LOT. At least, 2 girls helped me. Unlike the one which happened last year, weeks before my 18th birthday, those stupid bastards didnt even bother giving me a hand. Thank God I was wearing my sneaks, Im dead if Im wearing the wedge.

Anyway, we had Chicken Mcdo for lunch a while ago. Dhi's craving for it. As usual we were talking about the most non sense and silliest things in life. I always feel at ease with them. Even if we have tons of things to do. Wait, let me just enumerate. For the fun of it.

1. Genders shoot for final project
2. Infommercial shoot
3. Concept for Vidprod final project
4. Concept final project, paper proposal
5. Histciv Paper

Mary too is so busy nowadays. Quite unusual hehe. She is preoccupied with her mind boggling pillow bag. I swear, it's really cool and cute. Imagine sleeping during a major subject class with a pillow. Hmmm. Great idea. Should be invented before we had Intprint. Everyone went home early today, except for Mary and Dhi. They have this focus group discussion, which I found really interesting when Mary did it to us.

And it's highly unusual that at this time, I'm writing in this blog. We should be having our Vidprod class today but Miss Lai gave us a free cut. How cool is that?! I spent my entire Saturday editing my video for talk of the town, and fingers crossed, a 3.0 will be okay.

It's fun to walk in the rain! With umbrella, of course. While on my way home, I was just alone in the street, walking. I was humming until I reach my place. I was thinking of the things I have yet to accomplish, and I was thinking of making a cup of hazelnut coffee (which Im sipping right now). Good thing was, I did not even think of throwing myself to bed. I know Im smart, I have papers to do. Booohooo.

So as I am enjoying this cup of coffee, may your day be good as well, not gloomy! ;) Yehey! My blog is alive!!! You know, it 's nice to write, once in a while.

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