Restless, Literally

We were supposed to have a long weekend, thanks to National Heroes Day. But then the long weekend became like a three days of class for me. It was really really mind breaking. Thanks but no thanks.

Last Saturday we had our Concept Defense, and praise God it went well. We got a really good grade for our paper. YM Confes are now proven effective. "The Drop-Dead Gorgeous Group" Kaymee, Ariane and me came to class clad in full regalia of death costumes with kuntodo props (aww no pictures!), Ariane as death eater in Gryffindor cloak, Kaymee as the death eater's victim, and me as the prettified dead version of Kaymee who credited the embalsamador who dolled her up. Keber at ginawan talaga namin ng skit na related sa aming "pre-thesis" topic. Hmm. We're thinking of switching to a new, light and more fun topic. Go figure.

After the defense, we have to run and have a quick lunch for our Vidprod shoot. The original shoot itinerary says that we have to start shooting by 2pm. But because the Concept defense was 2 hours delayed..... you get the story. We started shooting around 5pm. Heavy traffic surprised us when we were near Sucat. The shoot lasted for eight hours. After the gruelling experience, we all get to rest and wake up the following day with aching bodies.

Sunday we were capturing the videos and compiling our pre production papers. Monday we were already sequencing the shots ready to put them in the time line. Everything's so stressful, but you know what makes it stressfree? The company of my forever friends and the best groupmates in the universe, Dhi Kaymee and Joy. special thanks to Jino for starring in our movie, and for Sudoy! Thank you Sudoy for accompanying us in our Quiapo shoot last Friday. I hope you had a glimpse on your Vidprod class in the future. I will volunteer myself to be Jino and Sudoy's fotocam subject! Haha. :)

My finals doesn't just end there. I stayed up late last night to study for my Histciv Exam, do my Perform fact sheet, and Telepro paper works. Aww life. Everything will be over by Friday. Go me!

It's just pretty amazing how time flies. I'll be having my second to the last term next term, hopefully, God-willing. And earlier I just witnessed a live thesis defense, I cant picture myself standing before a panel and defending. Awww.

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I'm stuck at home, with tons of things to do, but heck I do not know where to start. Things are really getting out of hand. Can I just slack off, even for a moment?! Argggh. Im done with my Concept stuff, Genders and Vidprod are next. Ayt. Bring it on! Journal entry and gazillion preprod papers. I love life. When will my dream be born if life's as tremendously toxic as this?...

On a lighter note, I found this really beautiful line written by my professor in her blog... "It's fascinating how something so unexpected can change a person's life for all eternity." Behind this line is one experience of a lifetime that made her the person she is right now. I will look up to her all the days of my life.

By the way, this is the rendered version of my top-bottom photoessay for Concept class. =) Took me several random tutorials to get that effect.

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egay, prolonging the agony

written last night pero since walang internet connection ngayon ko lang ipopost!

These are the days when you wish that the rain would finally stop pouring. These are the days when you wish to get over all the things you need to do. These are the days when you wish that everything's finally over and all you're longing for is a well deserved vacation. It seems like I'm taking a break for God knows when. I've been sleeping and eating since classes were suspended. However, I have always been hoping to be in the mood to write my concept final project proposal. So Lord please help me be in the mood.

This helps though. Writing an entry for no reason at all. I'm still left with a gazillion things to do. But I'm pretty sure they won't stop me from sleeping and filling my stomach with all junk foods our cupboard has. Let me see.

1. Concept Final Project Proposal with powerpoint and trailer
2. Genders Phenomenology (Never thought a word like this exists)
3. Vidprod Final Project plus Pre production book
4. Perform Editing Final Video
5. Post the top-bottom photo essay. Havent took a worm's eye view of my subject so please stop raining.

There you go. Better start step by step, baby steps. I appreciate more my works if done with baby steps. Just like my auteur review. Hayyy life. Konting araw nalang pero hell day pa rin! Makisabay pa ang weather. Keber talaga.

written today. hay nako, keber kung keber ang bagyo. tuloy devastated ang DLSU First Term Schedule. Kumusta naman? Nag email si kuya voc thru dlsu announce! Hay talagang they are prolonging the agony. cry cry cry.

From the Office of the Chancellor
De La Salle University - Manila

In view of the lost class days brought about by Typhoon Egay, please
be informed of the revised academic calendar for Term 1, SY 2007-08,
as follows:

21 Aug (Tue)-Regular class day (to follow a Monday schedule)
22 Aug (Wed)-Regular class day (to follow a Wednesday schedule)
23 Aug (Thu)-Regular class day (to follow a Thursday schedule)
24 Aug (Fri)-Regular class day (to follow a Friday schedule)

27 Aug (Mon)-Holiday (No classes)
28 Aug (Tue)-Final Exam Week (Day 1)
29 Aug (Wed)-Final Exam Week (Day 2)
30 Aug (Thu)-Final Exam Week (Day 3)
31 Aug (Fri)-Final Exam Week (Day 4)
01 Sept(Sat)-Final Exam Week (Day 5)

04 Sept(Tue)-Course Card Distribution Day (Undergraduate and Graduate)

a long day

So I sat here, promising to make use of my time wisely. Well, I did. As a matter of fact, I already burned my infommercial video. Mom wont still buy me a DVD Writer. Thanks to Ate Melai and Dhi, I can edit and burn my videos at my own pace.

And so I sat here, waiting for my sleeping pattern to be on the right track. These days, I've been sleeping at three in the morning, when I can think of nothing else to do but to edit and edit and edit videos. This has been a very long day. We had our concept consultation early this morning with Ms. Mel, and it was very enriching. She has this knack in coming up with these out of this world ideas! Really good. Acted as Dhi's talent in the tv studio, Worked up our concept-proposal-making schedules, co-facied for lasare2 make up class. And I almost forgot, I have to make a synopsis for vidprod finals. Really, everything's wearing me out. Vitamic C please. I cant complain. Not now. Not ever.

And so I sat here, keying words that come right off my head. Do you know Barbara Gonzales? Oh I just love her. Saturdays arent complete without me reading her column. It's always light and easy to read. She talks and writes in the first person (because according to her, it makes the readers connect to her) and she writes about her life, her "love life", her mother. I can imagine her life, so peaceful. It seems so simple. Uncomplicated. How I wish one day, I'd wake up and live such a life. It may be solitary, but at least I'd find solace in my own world.

And so I sat here, trying to be awake, when the truth is, I'm really feeling sleepy. Tomorrow, when I go to mass, I promise to release everything and let the eucharist enter my heart. Tomorrow will be another day again.

And so, goodbye!

heavy downpour

Classes are suspended today! Mom said that the downpour last night was really heavy. I didnt really care because I spent my time editing my "Genders Video". Happy happy but not much. I'm excited to watch the musical programs we produced last Wednesday. Sir Doy would be 99% calling for an alternative class.

Things I'm planning to do today:
1. sleep
2. shoot for my infommercial
3. sleep
4. sleep
5. sleep

Feels so nice to snuggle under my sheets. Warm and comfy.

Ciao for now!

On a gloomy weather

The Oracio Imperate, which the Catholic Church has been reciting, is proven effective today. Miguel hallways are all wet. And 2nd floor Miguel has never looked so gloomy. And surprise surprise, I, for the nth time, slipped on the wet stairs, with my butt bumping and jumping like crazy. Yeah, it hurts. A LOT. At least, 2 girls helped me. Unlike the one which happened last year, weeks before my 18th birthday, those stupid bastards didnt even bother giving me a hand. Thank God I was wearing my sneaks, Im dead if Im wearing the wedge.

Anyway, we had Chicken Mcdo for lunch a while ago. Dhi's craving for it. As usual we were talking about the most non sense and silliest things in life. I always feel at ease with them. Even if we have tons of things to do. Wait, let me just enumerate. For the fun of it.

1. Genders shoot for final project
2. Infommercial shoot
3. Concept for Vidprod final project
4. Concept final project, paper proposal
5. Histciv Paper

Mary too is so busy nowadays. Quite unusual hehe. She is preoccupied with her mind boggling pillow bag. I swear, it's really cool and cute. Imagine sleeping during a major subject class with a pillow. Hmmm. Great idea. Should be invented before we had Intprint. Everyone went home early today, except for Mary and Dhi. They have this focus group discussion, which I found really interesting when Mary did it to us.

And it's highly unusual that at this time, I'm writing in this blog. We should be having our Vidprod class today but Miss Lai gave us a free cut. How cool is that?! I spent my entire Saturday editing my video for talk of the town, and fingers crossed, a 3.0 will be okay.

It's fun to walk in the rain! With umbrella, of course. While on my way home, I was just alone in the street, walking. I was humming until I reach my place. I was thinking of the things I have yet to accomplish, and I was thinking of making a cup of hazelnut coffee (which Im sipping right now). Good thing was, I did not even think of throwing myself to bed. I know Im smart, I have papers to do. Booohooo.

So as I am enjoying this cup of coffee, may your day be good as well, not gloomy! ;) Yehey! My blog is alive!!! You know, it 's nice to write, once in a while.

When I cant think of something sensible

Wrote this at around 1.30 last night...

I cant put myself to sleep. I reckon this is because of my 5-hour power nap earlier. Or maybe, too much thoughts rummaging my head. No, I'm actually dreaming. Again and again I find myself drowning in a sea of lifeless dreams, with no one, nothing, to anchor me.

Dreaming is one of the things I love to do, followed by imagining. Both I think are synonymous. Today, and I think these past few days, I've been just dreaming of going to places-- conquering the world is my favorite way of putting it. 'Wow,' my ego echoed to my ear. I'm dreaming way past a thesis to be done, or even a project proposal to be written.

In any way that I may have singled them out, at least I have had a great time seeing myself this time, in New York (the other day, in Africa-- me, doing some charity work with the natives hehe how imaginative of me). I saw me, the eccentric me, in an unfamiliar label of trench coat and in a hot pink pair of Jimmy Choo stilletoes, crossing the streets of Manhattan.

According to the dream, Im carrying several shopping bags on both my arms. Im heading back to my pad, such a cosmopolitan-ish one. The moment I entered my pad, I brushed the shopping bags away, removed my Jimmy Choos and slumped into a lemon-colored love seat, and almost instantaneously, I fell asleep. Tired from work, I suppose.

Heck, I typed the word "work"? Oh, so back to reality. A far-flung dream at this very moment. Thank goodness I always have the chance to dream. Now Im ready to sleep. With my journal and my pillow, to anchor me back to reality.

Good night...

*** no time to write sensible things... preoccupied with majors, again, freakin' majors. ***

*** im back ***