of palabok and garlic bread

date: June 2

Hoomay. I am so in love with the stage set and costumes of Pinoy Pop Super Star! I'm drooling over those uber pretty fairy wings and dresses that the contestants wore. The only absurd prop is the microphone; it's too big, with all the flowers and butterflies surrounding it... the mic seems to block the singers' faces. Still, I fell in love with the pixie concept. Regine's dress was also fabulous. When can I hire a designer of my own to make me all the impossible and unthinkable dresses?! Rajo Laurel, if you happen to read my blog, I'd be the happiest girl on earth if you make me a special pretty pink dress with frills and ruffles and glitters! Speaking of dresses, geometric shapes and crazy patterns are so in right now! They're really pretty too.

I scheduled my Saturday (which is today) for co-facilitating Orient2. I enjoyed the CLA class. I hope they enjoyed too, the evaluation is quite good. Even my apprentice Danna got good evals! Congrats "Dan" :) I had a good laugh during the ice breaker that I initiated. I called the game "Give me one". Oh I won't spoil it. It's a game for walang magawa sa buhay. Some modules are really dragging, I can't even keep myself awake half of the time. And for the "market place" part, we had an auction and buy 1 take 1 with a consequence. This was the best part. Butt spell and Itaktak Mo dance number. This was really a proof that desperate times call for desperate measures. Co-facilitating is fun yet tedious. Tiring but fulfilling; if you see your class smile and laugh. It fills me with much joy. And the fact that occs rewards you with yum yum foods is enough to cover the pamasahe expenses. I didn't know palabok would go well with garlic bread! It's heaven!

Anyway, I have a lot of readings to chew in a bit. And have a mini video to upload for vidprod. I will be getting my new baby (camcorder!-- asa ako sa macbook) this monday! Thanks pappiii and mamiiiita! :) Till then readers! (weeee... umabot na ng 250 ang stat ko!)

Do you have a story to tell?

date: June 1

(June na!!! grabe ang bilis ano?!)

Shucks. I'm not inspired to write. But then the blank notepad screen is telling me to write a decent update so let me at least try.

A lot has happened this week. And there is this one particular thing that I can't even bite or chew or swallow.

I have come to know someone a month or two ago. Not the very-know-super-know kind of thing. Just the usual, 'know-know'. Fact is, I'm judged and misjudged (and a little accused) by this someone of something I don't even think I can do or I can say. Anyway, it's not big a deal. As long as other people know be better than you do, I'm done with it. As what Dr. Sheperd said, Life is not always about 'you'. I do not know you; you do not know me as well.

And on the lighter note, major classes are fun and professors are dooper cool. I'm afraid though of video production class, I don't know if I'll be able to survive it or edit video clips properly. All I know is that I still have to learn the basics! Good luck to me. Television production is so much love. It's a tedious job to be the technical director! I'm afraid with the video switcher. I get nervous everytime I touch it. Still, I need the "drive" and "motivation" capsule and tons of poten-cee to stay alive for this whole term. Also, Lord Vinci will be watching over us for the concept and video classes.

Have I mentioned that I'm no longer in the Liturgical Committee of lspo? I'm re-assigned to Orient2, but will still do some liturgy works. I guess Tita A is so attached to me, she won't let me go, and yeah boy, we'll be team mates in Orient2 together with Bjoris and Raffy the Tbag! haha sorry Raff, kamukha mo promise.

I'd like to share this line from one of our concept readings, it says "To be a person is to have a story to tell"- Isak Dinesen

And this is my story-- err, stories, of the week. Now, tell me yours.