Jumble bee!

date: May 24

Jumbled thoughts 1: We love to make things complicated. Why is it that the simpler things are, the harder they get? It's really funny how one can easily make a big deal out of something. Does that make a person astute in every sense of the word? Does it make a genius out of him? To complicate every single shallow matter?

Jumbled thoughts 2: How I wish our lives could be a fairytale, or maybe a "fairly" fairytale would do. Sure we have fair share of bad experiences and unfortunate days, but they arise only because we opted to end our day the way it shouldn't be... we end up feeling miserable that bad luck stepped on us, but we never pushed ourselves to effort and make our day end with a sheepish grin painted on our lips...

Wala lang. It's just nice to pour out things that haven't really gotten my attention. Oo nga pala. If all relationships are as practical and as passive (a little) as Dr. Burke and Dr. Yang's, hay, the world would be the nicest place for the most cynical people *raises hand*. They are not touchy nor expressive with what they feel. They keep it inside, but you can still feel the love they have for each other, and that's where the kilig factor sets in! I can't wait for the Season 4 of Grey's Anatomy!!! Too bad Dr. Addison Montgomery, my super dooper idol, wouldnt be around on the next season. I always get the feeling of looking into the future everytime I see Addison. I just love her feisty-angsty character, but still a little bit soft inside...

Tiring day indeed. Left my wallet at LSPO, clap clap for me! Concept class was super funny! We have a vivacious and hilarious prof, ms. mel! For my histciv, Mr. Bascara did not show up, we had Sir Escalante. Perform is also a fun class, but I think we'll be required to have a lot of theatrical performances so pakapalan talaga ng muks.

Ayun lang. Update again soon, habang di pa busy-busyhan ang lola :) Sorry, my thoughts were messed up. haha. jumbled bees!

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