Jumble bee!

date: May 24

Jumbled thoughts 1: We love to make things complicated. Why is it that the simpler things are, the harder they get? It's really funny how one can easily make a big deal out of something. Does that make a person astute in every sense of the word? Does it make a genius out of him? To complicate every single shallow matter?

Jumbled thoughts 2: How I wish our lives could be a fairytale, or maybe a "fairly" fairytale would do. Sure we have fair share of bad experiences and unfortunate days, but they arise only because we opted to end our day the way it shouldn't be... we end up feeling miserable that bad luck stepped on us, but we never pushed ourselves to effort and make our day end with a sheepish grin painted on our lips...

Wala lang. It's just nice to pour out things that haven't really gotten my attention. Oo nga pala. If all relationships are as practical and as passive (a little) as Dr. Burke and Dr. Yang's, hay, the world would be the nicest place for the most cynical people *raises hand*. They are not touchy nor expressive with what they feel. They keep it inside, but you can still feel the love they have for each other, and that's where the kilig factor sets in! I can't wait for the Season 4 of Grey's Anatomy!!! Too bad Dr. Addison Montgomery, my super dooper idol, wouldnt be around on the next season. I always get the feeling of looking into the future everytime I see Addison. I just love her feisty-angsty character, but still a little bit soft inside...

Tiring day indeed. Left my wallet at LSPO, clap clap for me! Concept class was super funny! We have a vivacious and hilarious prof, ms. mel! For my histciv, Mr. Bascara did not show up, we had Sir Escalante. Perform is also a fun class, but I think we'll be required to have a lot of theatrical performances so pakapalan talaga ng muks.

Ayun lang. Update again soon, habang di pa busy-busyhan ang lola :) Sorry, my thoughts were messed up. haha. jumbled bees!

same old brand new

date: may 23

First school day, first school term year 2007-2008. Entered my first class, Genders, before lunch time. I was so nervous because I only know two persons in the class and we're not that close. I'm surprised that Ms. Jeane was going to be our prof, I thought she's only teaching Religion. Ms. Jeane was our facilitator when we had our Saliksik Retreat 2 years ago. I think it will be super fun and exciting. We will be learning more of feminism, sexuality, sexual identity among others.

Second and last class of the day was Television Production class. Super missed Sir Doy del Mundo. We really enjoyed using all the fancy gadgets and technical stuff at the television studio! Won't spoil other information because our class was the first to have the taste of the sweet studio!

Tomorrow will be a hellish day... See my sched below. *rolls eyes*

Concept--- Kuya Peter said thesis will be discussed here. *cringe*

Bye for now. :)


date: May 22

I haven't updated my blog! Hehe. Too lazy and too exhausted to even think and write for something that is note-worthy. Random words in bullet form.

* LPEP was way too tiring. Day 1 with GMG, Day 2 with LSPO.

* PA job, I sometimes feel oh-so useless.

* Series of training with LSPO was super fun.

* I will miss kuya aldrin.

* Everyday lunch comprised of rice + ulam + dessert + C2 or H20.

* Sugar level 'upped' because of C2!

* Went gaga over monica when we had our 'bonding' moments :) gahhd i miss my f. i wonder why i can't seem to contact monnette.

* I will always and forever love cyma.

* Team building at Lipa last Saturday and Sunday. Though last year was more fun, i still had a blast.

* Directing is fun, you don't get to act. Rather, you instruct them what to do.

* Following instructions and asking MORE questions are hella right thing to do.

* Went to RP yesterday. Bought some school stuff and drooled over pancake house's spaghetti.

* I totally need some psychological and emotional pick me upper.

* I don't know, I think I'm crazy. I want something but after awhile I don't want it anymore.

* Pasukan na bukas! And I'm still in my summer beachy-bitchy mode, and my skin hasn't cleared up :( Poor me. That's the effect of soaking too much in water under the scorching heat of the sun.

* I'm still trying to memorize my schedule for this term. And am trying to figure out what time would I attend to my residency hour for gmg and lspo.

* I hope vidprod won't kill me and make me look like a stressed-old-oily-biatch-slash-monster-with-pinkcheeks-thanks-to-bodyshop's lip and cheek tint- kind of thing just what fotocam did to me.

* Genders. Aww. No mr. lim please.

* Histciv. Go go go with mr.bascara.

* Let me see if I get my sched ryt

1030-1130 Genders
1250-350 Vidprod

940-1110 Concept
1120-1250 Histciv

1030-1130 Genders
230-530 Telepro

940-1110 Concept
1120-1250 Histciv
100-400 Perform

1030-1130 Genders

* Mother saw my sched. Mukhang papayat nanaman yata ako because I got no lunch break for Thursday daw. Aww concerned si madir.

* Major subjects- Vidprod, Concept, Perform, Telepro

* Minor subjects- Histciv, Genders

* Good luck.

* One more year Lord. One more year. Help me. Help me.

* My mouse is killing me. It double clicks all the time.

* Pray for a good first day high!

The thing with pink phones

Oh my. I just can't get enough of pink phones. I'm eyeing on a new one lately. My current phone needs to retire.

This is my current one.

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And these two are the ones who are topping my options. They look really pretty. The Samsung is just like my old one, but it has this femme fatale-ish twist, with all its swirls and lovely pink sheen. The z610 is also cute, but I can't take self photos with it, the clamshell should always be open. Camera usability wise, it has a 2mp resolution. Motorola is also nice but it's not me-friendly! My brother bought a Razor and I just don't get the hang of it. Please help me decide :)

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Disheartened but happy!

First and foremost, Happy happy birthday Jonathan Jeffrey Cuyegkeng! Shemay! Ang tanda (*echoes* tanda... tanda... tanda... tanda...) mo na! Ano sabi mo? Mukha ka pa ring 18? Asa ka! Haha.

Jana, Belated happy birthday! Saka na ang gift.

Ariane! Advance Happy Birthday! Hehe

Hay. I hate this day. It started well, heaving eaten a hearty breakfast of corned beef and banana actually made my day. There also goes the two processions, one from the Roman Catholic Church (which is always bonggacious) and the other from the Aglipayan Church (which is always well-attended), wherein I saw my Ninang Challie, my only ninang who i call "ninang". I haven't seen her for almost 3 years, but gawd she's still gorgeous. We managed to wave and smile at each other since she was part of the on-going procession-Flores de Mayo. These processions usually signal the start of Fiesta here in Ballesteros (I still remember how mad I am when I was just crowned 2nd princess in our Flores de Mayo. You can't blame me, I'm only 5 then. But luck came, and I was later crowed the queen and won the title Miss Little in our Town, year 94 yata yun haha.)

During this day, I am slowly feeling disheartened. I find my monthly cramps the culprit and also my headache, but I think I have to stop putting my blame on them with because they hit me regularly...

Don't get me wrong but I am so enjoying my stay here. I love my room, which is my sanctuary, and this is what I miss the most whenever I take my vacation; my high-pressure shower and tub which never fails to rejuvenate me at the end of the day. Pero ewan. Ang lungkot. Kasi naman iniwan akong mag-isa. Oh well. Lagi naman akong tine-take advantage! Hmp. Pero ok lang, bibilhan na naman ako ng vidcam for vidprod! haha.

I heard my folks and sibs had a great time last night, and all my relatives too. They had a small get together party for the 3rd year death anniv of my Uncle. In Chinese, 3rd year Anniv kind of means that you're no longer in grief, you can now wear happy colors, something like that. Last night, everyone's wearing red daw according to my mom. Typical Chinese. They had lunch at the temple, and dinner at night. Sarap daw ng foods, catered by Edwin. Alyanna's so sweet, she was looking for me pa. Hay sana I was there.

Anyway, enough of feeling sad and lonely. I have something to be proud and happy today. Manang Pei San's kids, my cousin in ma's side, graduated valedictorian (nina-- kindergarten) and first honors (chico-- grade 1). Waaah. Im so proud of them. They just migrated to Kuwait, and they adjusted so well, they topped their classes. Ang galing. I'm so proud. They have the Dy's genes! Hehe. Manang Pei San is a pediatrician and a nurse. Galing noh? They really must have gotten their intelligence from their mom's side :)

And just out of boredom I played Adobe Photoshop and I came up with this (see below).

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For the love of meatballs

Okay. Aside from the awful peeling of my skin due to sun burn, im having a pretty bad headache and cramps. So to ease the pain, I just want to rant.

I was mumbling about the advantages of internet earlier to our tindera. As if she care about the things I said. Haha. Nonetheless, I still have a lot of reasons to praise the internet geek-- err, what's his name again? Sir Mariano mentioned it during one of our Prinpro Class-- Thank goodness internet was really invented. At least, I have a reason to smile despite the hot and toasty air here in Cagayan. I have the Friendster account which still amazes me on how people all over the world can be "friends" hehe. Reading profiles can be the most blah thing to do, but I guess it helps you get to know a person more. And oh, with multiply account, the joy and convenient way of shopping has constantly fascinated me. Like this morning, seeing newly uploaded mineral make-ups from razi & some friend's multiply just made my day. New stuff to try on, new colors and techniques to experiment!

Nyay, being home alone is terribly sad. An entire day is spent talking to myself, if not having nonsensical conversations with our kasambahays. Yet again, dad left me for his long awaited trip to Manila. For sure at this time, while typing away in this dang keyboard, he's having a great time doing his self acclaimed oh-so perfect breast strokes in the cool waters of ymca.

Yesterday was indeed a busy day here in our store. Albeit the fact that everyone's coming in to buy several concrete materials, I still had the time to edit this long-time blog of mine and create an entry. It just makes me happy, being able to write once again, with thoughts freely tossing and pouring in my mind, and just having the lax of time putting them into words!

Right now I'm craving for a kiddie spaghetti. I just had meatballs this lunch, and I cant wait to twirl spaghetti and stuck a meatball in my fork this merienda time. The sweet spaghetti sauce, like the ones we had during our kiddie 7 year old-parties yum yum. It makes me feel like a kid all over again. Let me add Hizon's mocha cake to my craving. OMG.

I have to stop typing but I cant. My fingers are so enjoying this new laptop... Anyhoo, back to work. Back to browsing multiply accounts! Haha ;)