Did i just say summer is boring?

Just to make my summer a little worthwhile, I decided to keep this blog alive again. Afterall, this is/was my very first blog. It became idle because I've been really trying to juggle things ever since I started taking my major subjects. Instead of spending time writing an entry, I thought it would be better to do other stuff to keep my grades up to survive the struggle-full life of a Comm Arts Major.

Summer is just so boring. But I'm really thankful even if it comes only once a year. I get to hoard books from bookshops, read them in the middle of the night; download tons of songs for my ipod and listen to them up until the wee hours of the morning; eat super nutritious meals without worrying about calories! Saying goodbye to SPS Crispy Chicken Crispers and Sinangag Express' Tapsilog is not hard when your eyes meet the best ginisang sitaw, tortang talong, and dinengdeng. No more greasy and fastfood foods galore!

What makes this summer great is that I had the chance to spend time with my long lost childhood BFF. It's like aeons ago when I last saw her. So now that the opportunity came, we spent the day in my room sharing college stories, but we're mostly reminiscing our childhood days, all the kalokohans we did. And, Great minds really do think alike. We're taking same courses, although she's a year younger than me. Yes, she kept me company during the trip to Pagudpud. It was super dooper fun, even if my back had the worst case of sun burn... Blue waters, white sand... just the two best things in the whole wide world.

Did i just say summer is boring?

I'm taking it back. Hehe.

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