papers, exams, and chestnuts!

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire... Jack Frost nipping on your nose... Yuletide carols being sung by a choir... And folks dressed up like Eskimos...
(still humming The Christmas Song...)

I finally had a feel of Christmas after finishing:
-my relstwo final paper
-introre research proposal
-inprint oral history
-introfi film notes. ooops, not. we still have a one-on-one interview with sir doy which means we have to review the films all over again, thanks to that id 104 commarts major bitch who made us suffer the consequences. tip: girl, next time be careful on what you post online! you may consider it as "swapping" or "sharing" your knowledge but for some professionals, it's stealing an intellectual property. plus... you never know who's reading your blog... you might think you're the female version of einstein, but Einstein didn't jeopardize our lives as comm arts majors! what you gave us was a double jeopardy!

After a week and a half of doing our introre reasearch proposal, which means a week and a half of bonding with jaja, we submitted it before the deadline last thursday (uttering prayers and patching our paper with the sign of the cross before putting it inside miss diaz' pigeon hole). The pending ones are philo paper, rels2 orthodox church (i didnt know we have one in the phils) integration paper, broadcasting term paper, and review for intorfi and inbroad final exams. That's still a whole lot of thing to do. But anyhow, on Thursday, I'm off to neverland, with tinkerbell and peter pan---the love of my life. Hay. I still have to imagine the grades that will be written in my course card, as what I have mentioned, it's a tragic mise en scene.

Every time I glance at our big chinese calendar and see the date "19", my heart is instantaneously pounding. Im afraid of my introre grade, it's not yet stable, not until we get hold of the results of our research proposals. Oh Dear God, have mercy. I would want to enjoy the rest of my Christmas time in Cagayan savouring the Christmas air while biting few pieces of my favorite chestnuts without solely worrying on my grade.

Just few more days. Few more days. And hello again to another set of major subjects!... For now, let me eat and binge over a bowl of freshly roasted chestnuts and think about the papers im going to write and exams to review.

Good luck! God bless us all!

Advance Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Do your shopping now (be sure to have a shopping list), for the sale will soon be out of sight!

*oh... i think i'll be getting that lacoste purse i've been eyeing since forever... a christmas gift for my self, just before i see my course card... heehee!