a toxic week that was

I feel so numb, so dizzy. This week has left me a lot of thoughts to ponder on, but it seems that I dont even have time to think about small things in life, tidbits of things that make life's essence incomparable to anything in the world.

There were nights this week when I would prefer gazing at the vast sky, and admire those scintillating stars and galaxies. But just the mere thought of having to read and study piles of papers for our quizzes, makes me want to faint and fall asleep in a snap. No more time to relax, to read oh-so marvelous books, to watch any soap opera, or even to have a long luxurious bath... This entire week, as what I have told my close friends, I would want to just sit down, no reading, just talk and have fun, or just doze off.

Good thing there were still some light moments this week, moments that made me smile and enjoy the company of my friends and my beloved relatives.Last monday we had a mini surprise for Lauren and Jaja.

(devouring the coffee crunch cake we bought for them) 18 chocolates are for jaja, while 19 lollipops are for Lauren. We love you Ja and Lau.

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(coffee crunch cake, split into two please...)

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Also, my Auntie Emy who resides in US went home last Monday. I visited her at my Auntie Ruth's place last Tuesday, after class. We spent the entire day just sharing stories, bonding. She handed me a set of jewelry for my birthday, and the lip gloss I so wanted to have when I saw it in the net. I love it when she comes over, not because of the pasalubongs, but just having her around, talking and spending quality time.

And last wednesday, October 18, was the birthday of caresse, the girl who has prime savoir faire on nail art! There was a party at the Yuchengco Lobby, (yeah boy, LR19 owns Yuchengco! hehe) Caresse brought a humongous bilao of pancit, and another bilao of tuna sashimi, sushi, and Californian Maki. Of course, our favorite Strawberry Cake was also present! I enjoyed your bday celebration Caresse! Labshuuu!

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(the celebrant!)

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It was also the birthday of my aunt, Auntie Ruth! After my 1030-1130 class, Mary and I hurried to Holland Tulips RP to buy a bouquet for my aunt. And we met up with my mom, and rushed to school because it was Joy's first hosting stint (Joy was soooo pretty!!!) Since every MW my class ends at 530, I have to meet my cousin, Achie Jenny at Makati so we could go together at the resto, Hong Kong Chef... That's along Diosdado Macapagal. Great Chinese food! I also printed the mosaic I made long ago for my aunt. Wrapped in a pink paper, with a note that says, Happy 18th birthday Auntie Ruth, she was laughing tremendously, and was surprised at the mosaic picture.

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(pretty girls! with Auntie Ruth, feeling debutante raw siya hehehe)

Thursday, was a so-so day. I attended the scriptreading. The sript was very well-written by Ms. Isabel Enriquez-Kenny, a student of Sir Doy. Mom and Auntie Emy did their shopping at Duty Free. Everyone's busy with the NOTA: Etno Lasalyano...

Friday, the most toxic I guess. Jaja and I went to Manila Times. We were done pretty early so we decided to have our lunch at Chef d Angelo, Rp. At long last, Im done with my Philorl report. The next thing I know, I was running back and forth to Sj hall, then to TYA for the gala show of NOTA. I covered the event, using Dhi's D-SLR. Damn it was heavy. The matinee show started at 7pm. Then we stayed till 9. I slept over at Kaymee's home... super chikahan over our depression and stress, which resulted to asking her silly dumb questions and then I fall asleep first.

I woke up early because of our Orient2... We're all dressed in corporate attire, suit and skirt and pumps! hotnesssss hehehe.

The Orient2 class ended at 3pm, I went home immediately. Showered and went to the parish for my church service. Yesterday was the debut of my dihiya, James! We had our dinner at Don Henricos, ultimate bonding with ahia & dihiya!!! ;) Happy 21st birthday again to my brother!

And so I'm having my rest day!!!
Praying that whatever happens in our midterms... HE will guide us...

Everyone seems so afraid to fail, I am too... We wouldnt want to put ourselves down by not working hard and not achieving what we want in the future, right?
Have a blessed Sunday everyone.

thank you...

The fairy princess (feel na feel pa rin) wishes to thank everyone who celebrated with her last friday, september 29, 2006.

I really would want to cry when MILENYO came last Thursday, instead, I prayed a lot... a lot... of Memorare. I had a nap at around 2pm. When i woke up at 3, the rain was gone.

Thank you thank you. Despite the "overwhelmingly good" weather and electricity state these past four days, you were there to witness my evolution (yak!) Hahaha parang chimpanzee.

Bonosoc,. you guys really surprised me! Ang galing sumingit sa program ha! Hehe

Heartfelt thanks to Ms. Jaja Samaniego, Ms. Kaymee Santos and Ms. Dhi Prado... Ms. Kizia Beredo and Mr. Martin Dimalanta...and to my dancers!!! you rock!!! and Kuya Jofel!!!

my F's who were super super pretty that night!
Monica sa pagbuking epal ka!
Monnette na super touch ako sa speech mo!
Mahal ko kayo... labas tayo minsan.

LSPO family! andaming wala ;(

family ko!!! wahhhh mahal na mahal ko kayo!
Auntie Ruth ang gandahhhhhhhhhhh mohhhhh (tulo-laway hehe)
Alyanna.............. cute cute cute cute fairy
Yro.................. gwapooooooooo
Regine............... wowowowowowow (ayan ate na talaga ako!)
mom and papa......... you look so royalÉ

*crushababe of the night: jaja samaniego** lahat ng pinsan ko crush ka haha

i have a lot to thank pa...baka makatulog na kayo pag tinayp ko lahat

basta thank you sa inyong lahat. taos pusong pasasalamat!


love always, jackie!