Parsimony: Simpler is better

We were once the frodhies who conquered the corridors of third floor Miguel, grabbing a bite of the expensive turon in between classes to satisfy our hunger, or worse, a cup of Nissin's Yakisoba and bringing ito to class when the prof's not yet around... talk about the idiosyncrasy of sharing hehe ;)

Sept 11, 5 years after the 9/11 attack, we had the first feel of becoming Communication Arts Majors with the squeaky clean halls of second floor Miguel welcoming us. What's lacking though is a tarpaulin saying "Hail to the new communication arts majors!"

There we go, excited to meet our professors. Note: introduction to film and introduction to broadcasting class = 3 hours each. Fun, isn't it?

For Introduction to film and broadcasting, we have Sir Doy del Mundo, director of Pepot Artista, and screenplay writer. Sir Doy has this fatherly image, like an overprotective dad to her one and only daughter. He's cute and very charming (at his age) ;)

For Introduction to Research (for Production) we have Dr. Diaz. Miss Diaz is WOW. She's intimidating. She has this natural flair of being a witty comedienne. Sophisticated with a hint of glamour.

Introduction to Print Media, Mr. Mariano. A great story teller, I must say.

Our first week was pretty stressful but tolerable. We were bombarded with a lot (A LOT) of readings. Applying the notion of parsimony, we should keep everything simple... work hard but take it easy!

Good luck and God bless us all in the succeeding weeks!

*excited for my birthday! ;)

how it feels to be lonely

So i missed 2 big celebrations. My brother's graduation dinner, and alyanna'sbirthday dinner. wow. such a loser jackie. hmmmp. I'm with them in spirit though.

For 10 days i am alone. Alone in our store, in charge of the kaha and the whole business we have there, and of course, alone in my room. But anyhow, i learned the art of reflecting. Just after reading the newspaper for the day, i kinda learned to stop and think about what's going on here on earth. and also think about how my dad feels and what he's thinking if he's alone in the room.

Being alone may mean being lonely, but then it gives you a new thought, a refreshing learning, far from the idea that you're like stranded in an island. I may have felt that i'm at the end of the world, and have learned how it feels to be lonely, but i also realized a whole lot of things. i realized the value of a family, of respect, of being loved, of being wanted, and for some reasons, of being adored (haha! in connection with this, i have one story i'd like to share in a few days hahaha!)

and... right now... I just realized that tomorrow is September 11. First day of 2nd year 2nd term.First day of the "major" term! Good luck to us... Just dont forget to ask for guidance whatever we may encounterin the next 3 months :)