cast adrift

I never thought it would lead to a situation like this. It's breaking my heart, my soul shattered into pieces.

Let me find myself, let me gather up my thoughts, let me search my own peace of mind.

I was hurt, you became unreasonable. I did not felt loved nor wanted, nor supported.

But then I know it's just temporary. SoonI'll have it back. I dont know when. I dont know when the shattered pieces will be put together. I dont know when my wounded heart would be free of pain.

When everything seems oh so perfect, that very moment is taken away from you. I was cast adrift in an obscure state of damnation.

Someday... you will realize, everything is worth it. Every thing. You just can't tell. I'll prove.

Everything shall be back to normal. In God's will. In God's time.

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