happiness in stress

Things can really go out of hand. True enough. this week has been one of the most kakaloka and kakahassle week! So many projects, papers and expenses (ubos allowance!). but i am enjoying every minute of stress!

this week should be our midterms week i, but strange enough, some of my profs had transferred it next week. how cool can that get? 3 major exams in a week! good thing im already done with that freaking graded recitation in filipi2 or else im freaking dead. i have to review for three exams tonight and tomorrow night

i've been sleeping around at the wee hours of the morning lately because of our papers and projects. thanks to my oil glands, they are not procreating bacterias that'll invade my skin.

im loving literature! (or is it because i have found someone - a lit pro- to explain every detail of a literary piece to me? mrs. cases. thank you very much!) im a little unlucky with my litera prof (but she's good!) she just seem to be so-so laaaazy that she was absent this whole week! nonetheless, i have managed to read the whole oedipus rex (it's a page turner, trust me - just read the "play" version written in modern english and you'll agree with me!) and answer individually that exercise she left for us (supposedly, it's a pair work, but since ate sheena and ate mona paired up... im left with noone...)

i have also started planning my debut, the place has already been reserved, the date and the day is finally ok. at first i was so disappointed and in dismay because i cant seem to find a venue that'll suit my parents' taste. but God is so good, He gave me this place in Intramuros. This debut preparation is so stressing, so i really am very grateful that my mom is with me right now! I have to plan things ahead because we'll have our major subjects this september, and i might be busy na then. we'll have food tasting this sunday courtesy of our caterer.. my cousin, achie jen , will go with me :D

tom. will be a great day, i swear!

have a great weekend everyone! God bless you!

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