when rainy days take over

Oh how i love rainy days. Cup of hot coffee over a pile of handouts, hugging a fluffy pillow while finishing Kinsella's Can You Keep A Secret, random ideas andvisualizations on my birthday... Rainy Days cant get any better. They never bore me.(However, the 2 day-suspension of classes may be a torture, especially if it callsfor make-up classes.)

Oh how 'bout a sidecar trip to Divisoria on a stormy tuesday afternoon? Albeit the oddly-stalwart wind that turns all umbrellas upside down, mom and did not have second thoughts in going to Divisoria to buy some crafsty materials. The sad (?)part is that we went home in less than a minute after reaching Divisoria. What a waste of money! We ended up doing some groceries and cooking a yummy cream of mushroom soup.

And regarding that Intreco subject i want to ditch, well (fingers-crossed) i hopei did well on our previous exam. I'd rather die than fail it. I discussed myanswers with Joy, and strangely, our answers did matched for the first time. This calls for a celebration. Hehe. Just joking. I spent my entire gloomy weekend and another 2 rainy days in reviewing for this subject.

Rainy days, when will you take over again? If you'll do it, just do it now (and reserve some in our majors' just in case it gets too stressful that we needa rainyday-classes-suspended-kind-of-breaks) I dont drink coffee if it's not raining. We dont cook mushroom soup when the sun is at its peak... So go ahead and take over our classes... But,warn the Deped and Pagasa so they wont suspend the class halfway...

hahay... i'm so tired and sleepy. SLA Commissioning ended at 8, went home at 8:30... another workshop for gmg tomorrow at 9, an intreco conference at 1, and a filipi2 paperSSS due next week. and im waiting for our ym to download. hahay

Love is a matter of fact

The last time I sat in front of the tv (in an indian seat position) was when kris aquino accused joey marquez, the latter pointing a gun to the head of the former.But last Sunday, I grabbed the remote control and change the channel to the Buzz. Kris and James Yap may be too old for kilig moments, but heck, James just made me blush upon saying how he loves Kris so much.

So I guess my fairy queen Kris Aquino (hey im the fairy princess), did have a happy ending after all. She has found love that is true and happiness that (i hope) is everlasting. I assume, in a year or two, a little fairy would be born unto them and rule over their fairy kingdom. Hay. Just see how love is really a matter of fact.

Sorry about the kitsch-yness of this post. I know Kris and James maybe a "yuck" to you, but I just love Kris... so much. If only I could have all her gowns and jewelries, and the fame that she has right now. Go ahead jackie, dream till your eyes drop and bleed! But anyway, if i can't be kris for a day, i'd try being kris' PA for a day, i bet it'll be a hell lot of fun! Hehe, kidding. I know I'll have my time. And when it comes, I'm sure the fairies will work for its magic to make every single detail on that kachoovahan perfect!

Now, academics, in the context of love. Online enrollment is up on monday up until next week. Major subjects, we all dread you. I heard from my upper classmenfriends from Plaridel and GMG that YOU, major subjects would really take away our fun and youthful life. Does that mean saying goodbye to malls and weekend gimiks? I can't do that! But since I'm talking about academics in the context of love, well, maybe, we could somehow learn to love you, major subjects. But how could you love your major subjects if you cant tell yourself to love your minor ones? Our Filipi2 acts like a one-big-major subject. Our prof is just so demanding. And our Intreco. Fudge. I want to ditch this subject!!! Sige na nga, just be patient and learn the art of loving each subject that will go on our way.

Good luck to all of us. God knows how we all worked hard to be on the majors' list. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that the LIA-COM students wont eat up all the available slots for the major subjects. And let's pray that we'll go through the whole process smoothly. Let's all give our truest love to all our major subjects! [love. is a matter of :fact: hehe] Walang iwanan guys! :D

happiness in stress

Things can really go out of hand. True enough. this week has been one of the most kakaloka and kakahassle week! So many projects, papers and expenses (ubos allowance!). but i am enjoying every minute of stress!

this week should be our midterms week i, but strange enough, some of my profs had transferred it next week. how cool can that get? 3 major exams in a week! good thing im already done with that freaking graded recitation in filipi2 or else im freaking dead. i have to review for three exams tonight and tomorrow night

i've been sleeping around at the wee hours of the morning lately because of our papers and projects. thanks to my oil glands, they are not procreating bacterias that'll invade my skin.

im loving literature! (or is it because i have found someone - a lit pro- to explain every detail of a literary piece to me? mrs. cases. thank you very much!) im a little unlucky with my litera prof (but she's good!) she just seem to be so-so laaaazy that she was absent this whole week! nonetheless, i have managed to read the whole oedipus rex (it's a page turner, trust me - just read the "play" version written in modern english and you'll agree with me!) and answer individually that exercise she left for us (supposedly, it's a pair work, but since ate sheena and ate mona paired up... im left with noone...)

i have also started planning my debut, the place has already been reserved, the date and the day is finally ok. at first i was so disappointed and in dismay because i cant seem to find a venue that'll suit my parents' taste. but God is so good, He gave me this place in Intramuros. This debut preparation is so stressing, so i really am very grateful that my mom is with me right now! I have to plan things ahead because we'll have our major subjects this september, and i might be busy na then. we'll have food tasting this sunday courtesy of our caterer.. my cousin, achie jen , will go with me :D

tom. will be a great day, i swear!

have a great weekend everyone! God bless you!