For now, Let's enjoy and be happy!

Okay. So now everyone's busy asking about the what's, if's, and how's of majoring. And I just couldn't believe that I'm already a sophomore and just a few more months, I'll be taking my majors. Everything seems so fast. Everything happens in just a snap of my fingers! Like right now, I'm chatting online with Kuya Peter, asking him a lot of stuff about comm arts. We're all dreading our majors... pero sana mapagtagumpayan natin!

We're now on our week 2 of the school year 2006-2007, and I can say that all's well and good! I'm enjoying every bit of walking and running from Miguel to Andrew Building (imagine, using the stairs instead of the elevator to go down from the 17th floor to the lobby, enjoy!) I'm enjoying my Filipi2 class, even if I always end up starving. I'm enjoying my Litera 2 class kahit na our first reading selection is not my kind of read (crime and investigation). And I'm enjoying writing scripts! Thank you Clarence for including my last line... "sarap maging Lasalyano, sarap maging Pilipino! ..." during the CAO culminating activity... Naisip ko lang, oo tama, enjoy muna ngayon... Next term, patayan na to, majors na.

Good thing we're not yet bombarded with a lot of assignments, only reading stuff. But our Intreco prof seem to be very excited for the term to end. He already gave us a project to be submitted I think on the end of the term. Term paper nanaman. Kagroup ko sila Jason, Joy and Sudoy. We're thinking of choosing India's Movie Industry as our topic. Masaya naman ang mga profs ko. Relstwo? Next term ka na.

At, At last, I already got my copy of our yearbook. (Sir Judes, if you're reading this, tag ka naman sa tagboard hehehe). Sana my batchmates liked it. The crew worked really really hard para mabigay a year after graduation, and yes we did it!

So how was your week?

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