bliss and bliss

i just cant get enough of long weekend vacations! the ilocos trip was way more fun than what i expected! and up to now, i still have this hang over from our vacation.

it's a girls' bonding moment. the first day was spent eating, bumming around, sleeping, biking, and eating again. the second day, is the highlight--- our uncle (i label him as the coolest uncle in the world) drove us to the sand dunes and the roughest roads using the pathfinder car. We were then seated at the back, the uncovered part, standing, helding our hands up high, like riding roller coaster (which i have never ever done in my whole life)! it feels really great to be standing at the back of a car, with the driver only in control of everything (wether he wants to throw and dump you by making a sudden stop) but what you have to watch out is that your hair will be gritty and oily after the ride! well it's all worth the fun! our last day... hmmmm we just ate and ate, went to buy the famous pasuquin bread, and then after a few hours we have to kiss each other goodbye!

I think I know how my cousin felt when we we're about to leave. It's the same feeling that I always feel when I have to leave for Manila. It's tough to be away from our family and study here in Manila... i think we would both share the same feeling of homesickness...

we arrived last tuesday, at the break of dawn, around 4 am, and the three of us, my cousins regine and rozette, still have to go to class at 8 am. what's great is that i fell asleep in the middle of our philper class haha. wednesday, thursday, and friday are pure toxic days! but yeah i have to take a rest and since tomorrow is father's day... i'd like to greet all our fathers A HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! We should thank our dad for sending us to school and giving us the best things in life (our whims?! hehe)

Congratulations to ate jen jen! she graduated yesterday (bs legal management) and is now taking her law proper at san carlos cebu. She treated us for dinner last thursday, and it did serve as our reunion!

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

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