in no mood

I'm in no mood to blog, but heck, i'm coming up with an entry!

My hosting job last summer (our town's fiesta) was hella fun... From prettifying to glam-dressing! Sure i had a super great time! I'll be posting few pictures hehee. Watch out for it.

So... what's keeping me busy right at this moment is the LPEP 2k6! Yey... i'm a frosh no more! My cuz, Regine will have hers on wednesday & thursday. I hope she's excited too, like what I felt a year ago! And... yes. the LSPO has great dancers and singers. You may somehow include me in the singing part, but not on the dancing, i'm pleading... haha here's why my fellow animators laugh at me...

Tita Amie: Jackie, bakit di ka sumali sa sayaw sa LPEP?
Jackie: Eh naku, tita amie, di po ako marunong tsaka mukha akong stick pag sumayaw
Tita Amie: Ha, eh di naman sayaw yun, puro palakpak nga lang yun

Hahay, Thanks Tita Amie! What an encouragement! Hehehehe

Btw, I'll be attending my aunt's friend's wedding. And guess guess... I'm one of the secondary sponsors! The gown is so pretty, pink and yellow, like cotton candy... The wedding will be on the 11th...

Will just keep you posted!

See, I'm now happy despite everything (a lot has happened! will open it up next time... ready your tears!)

God bless you everyone!

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jeniperr said...

Wow, buti nagenjoy ka. Hehehhe. Totoo ba na maraming gwapo sa frosh?? Hahahaha. Baka sumali ako ng LAMB next year. ;)