one week plus three days

SLA Summer Training
It's three days, two nights, at Darasa Fiesta Resort in Batangas. I thought it would be a training for the co-facilitating the graduates' retreats, but no, it's like an extra challenge cum amazing race. And yes, I would say, this is the best summer ever (though how I wish I also had Jenn's chance of going out of the country).

Our team's name was Batasan 5+1. I have no idea where our coordinators got the name (the others were Ultramania Stampede, Rescue St. Bernard, and Shabu Changee).

And here's our team's cheer, in the tune of Voltes 5:
Batasan 5+1
Si Nero ang papa diyan
Jackie Selle Kat Maj at Jill
Hot at sexy yan
Si Machong Jo... Si Machong Jo...
Siya ang panlaban!

And here's some of the challenges

1. The first one is actually the most difficult. There were thirteen questions and trivias about our coordinators and the members of our training team, and we have to identify who's who. We got 5 out of 13. We're the highest and we were given an extra 30 seconds for the next challenge.

2. Kuya Brix is waiting at the pool. We have to cross the pool, without him, getting wet. Sounds easy? Not much. That's only the first part. After which, a water container (those placed in the water dispenser with hot/cold thing on it) full of holes with a pingpong ball inside was handed to us. We have to remove the pingpong ball inside by filling the container with water (from the pool). But how will we fill it if it's full of holes?! For 15-20 minutes, all our tiny fingers and toes were stuck in the holes, while someone in the group pours water in the container, using tabo. After our fingers and toes swell and bled, we won the seond round. Next challenge.

3. I dont actually remember the point of doing this challenge. All the members of the group were asked to lie down at the pool side, and we would roll over our bodies on top of each member. I swear, it did hurt because we're all heavy! After doing this, we went to Kuya Ric, for the next challenge. At this point, our group's on the verge of winning hehe.

4. Kuya Ric gave us an egg. We have to form a circle, or any formation, with our heads down. The egg was placed on the center of the circle, on top of our heads. We have to walk a few meters, and the egg should not fall. Once it falls, we have to surrender any of our valuables. The egg fell on the first try, but we did it on the second.

5. We're still on the first place. This is the last challenge. Tita Amie is selling a banana worth 7.50. We have to dive in the pool to find 50 cents, while the others need to get the 7 pesos, covered in a basin filled with flour. After having the money, we went to Tita Amie, got the banana, and the instructions were pretty simple, since it was Tita Amie who planned the whole thing. The banana has to be peeled by not using the hands. Then, it has to be rolled in a plate filled with catsup, and sliced to 6 pieces using the fork. The finale--- we have to devour it. Yum.

Those were the challenges. We also had group sharing, the search for Mr./Ms. LSPO 2006, and cultural show in which the groups performed various songs, skit, and dances.

It's really a bonding experience! It's super tiring but the exhaustion we got was all worth it.

pictures :D

My first week as an AB-Comm Arts sophomore
It's normal for everyone not to get excited for the first day of school, especially if you're from La Salle. We still cant get over with the heat and fun of summer! So come Sunday, May 21, I had a haircut at H, and had dinner with Aunt Brim, Alyanna, and Achie Jen. That Macadamia Ice Cream rocks!

So first day of school. First class was BioArts, (8:10-9:10), our prof was absent, but that's okay, rejoice! Second class, Relstwo (9:20-10:20). Don, from lspo, was my classmate. The prof entered and I heard Don murmured "THAT'S DR. PUNO". I have only one thing on my mind at that time... "Go Jackie, Drop that relstwo subject"... Enough said. My third and last class, is Intreco (10:30-11:30), it's Prof. Taningco. He's wearing pink that day, so he caught my attention. Pretty strict but that's okay, I heard he's a good prof.

Come Tuesday and I woke up at 4:30 to adjust my schedule. I missed my first class Philper. But heck, I wasnt able to adjust because the section I chose was closed already. I entered my Artcomp class. There's Joy, Dhi, Kaymee, Rachael, and Kim. Mr. Narvaez looks okay! Last class is Filipi2. I'm happy that the Bonosocs (except for cuyeg) and Jenn are my classmates. We have Dr. Jo Mangahis. She's extremely nice, though she made us memorize everyone's names, but sure that's a great start! :D

Wednesday, now I'm sure on what class to take and to replace Rels2. I got Litera2 at Bro. Andrew Building. Even if my sched's quite ruined, I think it's better than having Dr. Puno, and having a 1.5 in my course card. We had our first class discussion in Intreco. Our prof's good. Shucks, I miss Ms. Contreras! Bioarts Lab is okay. Our prof is Dr. Ples. He's cool and funny!

Thursday, I was so excited to go to class because it's my first time to meet my Philper prof, and of course my Litera2 prof. Ms. Ramos is my Philper prof, she looks like Ms. Leonardo, my high school AP teacher. We had a group activity and s little discussion about our assets and liabilities as a person. I'm really looking forward to meeting my Litera2 prof. But surprisingly, I found no one in the room, so I hurried to the Litera Dept and talked to Ate Sharon, the secretary. She told me they have an alternative class. Thank you very much. I think I'm already absent for 2 meetings!

Never did I realize that I only have one class on Fridays, and that's Intreco. I was talking to my mom on the phone when I realized that all y Friday class starts at 10:30 and ends at 11:30. Hay.
That's my first week in school plus 3 days training!

Just a little segue...
About my previous post, I bet you did not understand it. I read it several times and neither do I. hahaha

Here's a little hint. Tuesday, after mass, Sister Pinky came to me and we had a short conversation. And the rest--- I ought to keep to myself. And that conversation with her bothers me... till now. Have an idea on what's it all about? Please dont post it on the comment/s area or on my tagboard!!! Please! Just ym me hehehe. It's our little secret! :D I talked to Ms. Krainz about it and she laughed! I also told her about dropping relstwo because I got Dr. Puno! :S

Again, thank you for all your prayers. My dad's doing fine right now and I hope he'll be in good condition.

Enjoy your weekend fellow sophs!!! No more PE and CWTS! Rejoice!

... rejoice because it's a gift...

It's freaking me out!!!

I don't know where to start. I don't even know if I should be telling you this. Haha. Whatever. I think I'm insane, or I'm just bothered. Well, some of my friends knew about this.

But should I really be afraid? It's a matter of spirituality and giftedness. Okay. Interpret it the way you want to. Sorry if it's so unclear. Basta. I just need to let this all out. Ang labo noh. It's a long story. Shucks. I cant concentrate!!!

The first three days of school... definitely unexplainable. Waking up at 4 am just to be at school by 5:30, to be the first on queue for the adjustment, is far worse than what I have thought of. Oh well. At least I've ran away from that terror prof. I'll be posting what I've been to these past few days, my sched, my prof etc. For now, I just need to take a lot of deep breaths, sleep, prayers, and words of wisdom! OMG!


The entire week for me was a blast! It may be too tiring, going to school everyday at 7 in the morning, but it's fun. You get to bond with new people, share thoughts, and life experiences. I really do wanna push myself to go to GMG prods but I'm really shy to work with people I still don't know. And with Toni asking me to do the video thing, it freaked me out. Toni ended up doing it herself. I was kind-a embarrassed because I didnt get some of her instructions and her cues. Oh well. That's part of everything. I have to learn that this term!

And speaking of this brand new term, I'm excited in my new sched! It's less stressful. But this time, I would like to thank the Yearbook Committee for sharing with me your last year's summer. Summer is supposed to be fun, but because we have to work, it became stressful. So now, we have the fruit of our labor! Mise En Scene Yearbook... here we come! (I already so the dummy copy!) I do hope that my dear batchmates would appreciate our efforts. The team worked the entire summer, and my very first term break was also taken away from me because of this yearbook.

Now let's talk of my weekend. It's the best. I swear. In my entire life, I haven't had a SUPERB overnight stay in a hotel with close friends. But i experienced it with the bonosoc! Kim's debut was so great. The venue,coordination... everything! Kim is so so beautiful that night! I cant stop my tears from rolling down my cheeks (shucks my make up! haha!) when her bestfriends and her parents did their speeches. Kaymee's telling me to stop crying and she couldnt imagine me on my birthday, crying all night. What more on that big day? Wala lang. I'm really emotional. Ang babaw ng luha. I really had a blast, and I guess everyone did!

Yesterday, I went to CKSC to see the dummy copy of the yearbook, and to drop by Mrs. Cases and lend her my Literature notes and papers. We talked for about 2 hours. We talked about everything and anything you could think of. But the most memorable part of our conversation was that topic about my Dad. He's lucky because a lot of people pray for him everyday. And I thank Ninang Del for always including my Dad's name and our family in the mass' intentions. And also my friends, for their sound advice/s. And to Kuya Ric, who always makes me feel better, and to Miss Lou, thank you for your prayers! Thank you very much.

My week was just great. From Kim's debut party to my chit chat with Ninang Del... cant ask for more. God really pours so many blessings, people to love and to care about... but sometimes... he gives trials to try us hehe

How was your week?

Belated Happy Mother's Day to all our mommas! We love yah much!

...God puts us in the darkness to show us that Jesus is in the light...

in no mood

I'm in no mood to blog, but heck, i'm coming up with an entry!

My hosting job last summer (our town's fiesta) was hella fun... From prettifying to glam-dressing! Sure i had a super great time! I'll be posting few pictures hehee. Watch out for it.

So... what's keeping me busy right at this moment is the LPEP 2k6! Yey... i'm a frosh no more! My cuz, Regine will have hers on wednesday & thursday. I hope she's excited too, like what I felt a year ago! And... yes. the LSPO has great dancers and singers. You may somehow include me in the singing part, but not on the dancing, i'm pleading... haha here's why my fellow animators laugh at me...

Tita Amie: Jackie, bakit di ka sumali sa sayaw sa LPEP?
Jackie: Eh naku, tita amie, di po ako marunong tsaka mukha akong stick pag sumayaw
Tita Amie: Ha, eh di naman sayaw yun, puro palakpak nga lang yun

Hahay, Thanks Tita Amie! What an encouragement! Hehehehe

Btw, I'll be attending my aunt's friend's wedding. And guess guess... I'm one of the secondary sponsors! The gown is so pretty, pink and yellow, like cotton candy... The wedding will be on the 11th...

Will just keep you posted!

See, I'm now happy despite everything (a lot has happened! will open it up next time... ready your tears!)

God bless you everyone!