sad yet happy?

I don't know if I have to be happy or I have to be sad because two weeks from now school's over. Well, it can be happy because I'll be spending the rest of my short vacation in Cagayan, which means having quality bonding time with dad, but what makes me sad is the fact that my whole family wouldn't be complete again, my eldest brother have work, and I guess 2 to 3 weeks of quality time with my family isn't enough to replace months and months of not being together. But still, complete or not, Im looking forward to that short vacation I'll be spending with my family members.

This week is pretty tough (grabbing my datebook). I passed a total of four papers in four subjects, and a written and oral report in filipi. Thank God I'm still alive and kicking because tomorrow will surely be a fun-filled and tiring day. Read: Subic Outing! We'll be having an outing in Subic Ocean Adventure and that Jungle Survival Camp for our InerSci subject.

And to my beloved Bonosoc, what we're going through is just a test. If we're really there for each other, we wouldnt let anything or even anyone ruin this wonderful friendship of ours! Cliche as it may be but whatever happens, happens for a reason. I'm sure (and I do pray) that our friendship will stand the test of time. Though I dont hang out with you that often, I believe my heart is still stringed and attached to the BEST BARKADA called BONOSOC. I love you guys!
Just a realization. Knowledge on subject verb agreement is really a must, especially if you're commentating on the 12:10 mass, diba kuya jofel? hehehe indefinite pronoun = singular form of the verb hehehe.

So now, I have to keep this post a short one. I have to study for my Litera Long Exam and Inersci Practical Test, and finish my Litera Term Paper halfway, which will be submitted on April 3!

"What people say you cannot do, you try and find that you can."-Henry David Thoreou
A blessed weekend guys!

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