kitsch, campy and everything in between

".. im proud of you. just trying your best is already worth all our sacrifices.." - dad

What I can only give you, mom and dad, is just a piece of paper that certifies that all my hardwork in studying have paid off. But what you give me, is everything, everything that I have right now. Every single thing that I do, is for the both of you...

Good thing I joined our Inersci Subic Outing last Sunday. It was super fun! (And the fact that we're not be having finals... double the fun!) Yes, I did get intimidated with those gals in the other section, wearing skimpy bikinies and yeah, yeah, they have great bods to show! So while Toni, Yan Yan, and Mark were having fun under the sun and soaking up in the clear calm water of Camayan Beach, there I was, watching over their bags and making an outline for my Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah paper. Many thanks monthly period. Many thanks. YOU DID NOT SPOIL my trip!!! I repeat, YOU DID NOT SPOIL my trip. Okay, enough with that. Things come when you least expect them. (I'll be uploading our 40 something pictures in my multiply this weekend!)

Thank God I'm almost done with my Litera Term Paper. I only have to conceptualize my conclusion. After this term paper, I should be doing my Genpsyc Novel Analysis.Yesterday, after class, I met up with my mom at Robinson's because I need a pair of rubbershoes and jeans badly. Yeyness. Mom bought me my first pair of pink chuck taylor! And, I almost forgot, I received this prank call from my alleged-guardian angel. One word to describe. Freaky. We shared some ghost stories last UBREAK, but unfortunately, because of Wey, Cuyeg, and Nico, all supposedly horrific stories turned comedy. Thanks guys. hehe

Litera Class is always always fun. We again had a new level of higher learning from the eye of heaven a.k.a. Miss Sangil. So... what's with the words campy and kitsch?

According to the eye of heaven, Campy, is the fake-fake, not the original-fake. Whatever she meant by that, I dont want to reiterate because I dont understand it! Haha. Anyway, she gave an example. The movie "Darna" is original, the movie "Super B" (Rufa Mae Quinto) is the original-fake, the musical Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah is campy, the fake-fake.

On the other hand, the word kitsch is almost synonymous with jologs (only, those who arent kitsch pronounce jologs j-logs). Examples of kitsch are the use of imitation LV bags, displaying wedding souvenirs, those "nodding" dogs (display) in the taxis. I did have my own taste of kitsch-yness earlier while I was inside the LRT. The cellphone of this lady was ringing, the ringtone?! "Dao Ming Zi... Dao Ming Zi..." So, was that kitsch? hehe.

Go and discover some kitsch!

God bless us all!

sad yet happy?

I don't know if I have to be happy or I have to be sad because two weeks from now school's over. Well, it can be happy because I'll be spending the rest of my short vacation in Cagayan, which means having quality bonding time with dad, but what makes me sad is the fact that my whole family wouldn't be complete again, my eldest brother have work, and I guess 2 to 3 weeks of quality time with my family isn't enough to replace months and months of not being together. But still, complete or not, Im looking forward to that short vacation I'll be spending with my family members.

This week is pretty tough (grabbing my datebook). I passed a total of four papers in four subjects, and a written and oral report in filipi. Thank God I'm still alive and kicking because tomorrow will surely be a fun-filled and tiring day. Read: Subic Outing! We'll be having an outing in Subic Ocean Adventure and that Jungle Survival Camp for our InerSci subject.

And to my beloved Bonosoc, what we're going through is just a test. If we're really there for each other, we wouldnt let anything or even anyone ruin this wonderful friendship of ours! Cliche as it may be but whatever happens, happens for a reason. I'm sure (and I do pray) that our friendship will stand the test of time. Though I dont hang out with you that often, I believe my heart is still stringed and attached to the BEST BARKADA called BONOSOC. I love you guys!
Just a realization. Knowledge on subject verb agreement is really a must, especially if you're commentating on the 12:10 mass, diba kuya jofel? hehehe indefinite pronoun = singular form of the verb hehehe.

So now, I have to keep this post a short one. I have to study for my Litera Long Exam and Inersci Practical Test, and finish my Litera Term Paper halfway, which will be submitted on April 3!

"What people say you cannot do, you try and find that you can."-Henry David Thoreou
A blessed weekend guys!

The best of LSPO

"What keeps her paralyzed is her inability to understand why they have always to be away with one another..."

I have been to a few organizations when I entered college, but I found the real essence of joining one in LSPO- Student Lasallian Animators. In LSPO, you don't just get to socialize with other volunteers, it's the feeling of having a family, a family that serves a community together, a family that makes you feel loved and appreciated all the more.

Image hosting by Photobucket
~Student Lasallian Animators~

Image hosting by Photobucket
~our facilitator and coordinators: ate evelyn, ate gina, kuya ric, kuya andy, and Fr. Thon~

Just last Saturday and Sunday, March 11-12, the SLA had a retreat in Guadalupe, Makati. I begged my mom to allow me. She's worried because her little girl will go to an overnight retreat. So I assured her that everything's going to be fine, transportation will be provided (as well as meals), and that our coordinators will be there to look after us. After my mom signed the waiver and after asking permission from dad, I rejoiced!

The retreat was held at the San Carlos Seminary. I never thought it was really such a nice place (though Ninang Del told me it was). Amid the hustle and bustle of the city life, lies a quiet sanctuary for those who would want to go soul-searching and meditate. Once the golden rays of the sun strike your face in the morning, it calms you down and revives your senses.

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~sun shines at its best: beauty of the morning~
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~the girls' room~
One would often have the connotation that retreats are boring and you'll just spend the day praying. Well it's not. It's a retreat with a twist. We had lots of activities and one of the activities that I enjoyed the most was the mask-making. Kuya Pau was my partner, he'll do my mask, and I'll do his. We applied petroleum jelly on our faces, wet the plaster strip (the strip used for those who have fractured their arms) and place it in our faces. After 15 minutes, the strip will eventually dry up into a cement, we can't laugh because the cement will crack. After it had hardened long enough, it can already be lifted and removed once we move our jaws and frown. The whole point of the activity was to let us feel how the "paralytic" in the Bible scripture felt. Being helpless, and dependent, yearning for other's love and care.I also enjoyed the other activity which was the taking away and bringing back an individual's freedom. The group members should do their assigned tasks to free their leader (I was one of the four leaders who were tied, blindfolded, and handcuffed.). My groupmates, japs, kuya pau, kuya ryx, and kuya jofel dug the trash can just to get the last task. Then without holding my hand, I should get back to the session hall only with my groupmates directions (left left, right, right pa konti!) So there I go, in the dark, almost creeping, gliding, just to reach the session hall.

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~my groupmates: kuya pau, kuya ryx, japs and kuya jofel-- all smiles after a tiring game~
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~last photo op~
Every activity is worth the exhaustion. We came up with several realizations that will surely help us in our emotional, social and spititual development. Everything has to come to an end. Looking forward to another SLA Retreat!

Thank you Dear God for the invitation to join LSPO, for the grace of intoducing me to a whole bunch of wonderful people!

Mom, Dad, Happy 24th Anniversary!!!
I'm always praying that you'll stay together forever.
We love you so much!

March 14, 2006 marks the 24th wedding anniversary of my mom and dad. It weakens and saddens me the most when this day comes, and yet my mom and dad are not together to celebrate their specal day.

Others may have not noticed, but I felt I was in blur that whole day. But not until the 5:30 mass ended, for I had the chance to talk to Miss Lou and tell her how I feel. I dont know why and how, but everytime I talk to her, I really really feel inspired and happy. I felt a whole lot better after talking to her. We ended up talking till 6:30, that Mang Abe (the sacristan) had locked the chapel and my bag and other stuff were still inside. I was able to get my stuff after borrowing the key from Ate Gina. The funny part was that Ms. Lou and I hadnt noticed that the chairs we've used in the prayer room have dried and dusty white paint on it, so when we entered LSPO, I was shocked to see her black blouse almost white (because of the white dust) and my jeans with white blotches!

March 14 became a great day because of Miss Lou's company. I'll never let nostalgia get in my way and make me blue. For the celebration, my mom treated me and my two brothers to dinner, and we had coffee at starbucks afterwards. It's really nice to spend time with your loved ones and have a tete-a-tete. How I wish my Dad was also there, eating and drinking frappe with us. Nonetheless, Ms. Lou assured me that my dad's in spirit!

"...sometimes it's hard, but what keeps us holding on is our goal and God being with us..."

I'll now leave you with this...

"Spend your time counting your blessings-- not airing your complaints."

Have a blessed day everyone!

p.s. At long last, I was able to deliver my speech for our Engltri class. I was really nervous at first, but when I began talking my heart out, and looking at Mary and Kaymee smiling, I felt at ease. And... Green Media Group, here I come :D

When days go lazy

I shouldnt be here typing a blog entry on this dang keyboard, I should be at the temple now, bowing and chanting to the ancestral gods (Today marks the 49th death day of my cousin's ammah-- err, lola.). I shouldnt be here typing a blog entry on this dang keyboard,I should be studying for my Inersci exam. I shouldnt be here typing a blog entry on this dang keyboard,I should be doing our Introso Report. I shouldnt be here typing a blog entry on this dang keyboard,I should be researching about defense mechanisms for my Psyc class. Lastly, I shouldnt be here typing a blog entry on this dang keyboard,I should be at my bed, hugging a pillow, reading a book and slacking off. Whew. I have a lot of things to do but heck, this day is lazy. Blame the day, not the person.

Weather is gloomy, clouds not that bright, eye of heaven not in sight. Feeling odd, feeling blue. How I wish my responsibilities are few. My gosh, just thinking about the works I have to finish within this day makes me go poetic and insane.

Just to make myself feel a little bit better, I'd like to share to you my most memorable day this week, Wednesday March 1. It was Ash Wednesday. My first Ash Wednesday in the university, my first time to witness a live imposition of ashes to people, which marks the start of Lent. And I wont forget, my first time to be a lector!

I was only informed that I'll be the lector of the 3:40 mass the day before. I was panicking because I haven't experienced reading a gospel in the church, especially in a special eucharistic celebration like Ash Wednesday. I hope I did just fine. I ended up being a lector twice, because the lector for the 5:30 mass did not show up. Ganoon pala maging lector. I'm shivering and yet I have to take few glimpses on the myriad faces in front of me. Ms. Lou was one of the lay ministers, together with Sister Pinky and Tita Amy. She helped us picked up the song sheets after the mass. Her flowery scent really feels heaven!

It's hard to lose weight. Reality 101. I'm really controlling myself not to eat meat. It's terrible but I have to do it. My aunt would be getting me as her bridesmaid on May so I have to lose weight. Good thing it's Lent. Mom would usually serve fish and vegetables during this season.

Get back to work, you lazy day, or you'll finish nothing.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

*I didnt post anything about our current state of affairs because I guess you, fellow bloggers, are so fed up with the issue. Let us just pray that our country, and the rest, gets back in shape soon!