Time to rejoice? Not very fast...

After spraying a few spritz of my favorite Bath and Body Works scent, I headed off to school because I need to be in the speech lab extra early, I'll be delivering my speech for Engltri (I have long been preparing for this, I even asked Mrs. Cases' help for my speech outline.) My mom nonetheless assured me that we have class, right after Martin have texted me.

When I reached Carriedo Station, few couple of people have already been texting me that the DepEd and CHED have already announced that classes are officially suspended in all year levels. So I was thinking, should I rejoice?! Wearing my sassy hot pink blouse for my corporate attire, I went down the stairs of the Central Terminal station. Walking swiftly with my 2-inch stilletos amid the rush of the people going up and down; my sweat is little by little tickling down from my well-brushed hair to my chin. I tried my best not to look exhausted when I took the LRT again way home.

Tsk tsk. That's what you get from the lousy government we have. Late announcements! Our military officials' worldy desire of taking over the government is on the racks again. Palibhasa, it's People Power's anniversary. Want another People Power? Don't you ever get tired of rallying in the streets?! How can these people be so greedy and selfish? Ambitious too, if I may add. Would someone cleanse their ill hearts? Why don't they just go to Leyte and reach out to our fellow countrymen in need? The only thing they have in mind is wanting to have the power... to rule, maybe... (Oh... Mr. Lacson, if you've only won last election...) If I only have the money, I would grab the phone right now and book a flight to Leyte for everyone on earth! But heck, that seems impossible. For now, the only thing I can do for them is to include them in my prayers. As what Ninang Del texted me the other day, we really have to clung to Him these days, more than ever, and if time comes, I'll be the one covering those kind of news. I replied then, "Madami pa po akong bigas na babayuhin..."

While typing this entry, I'm taking few glances of my Maui Caramacs (short for Chocolate COvered Caramel and Macadia Nuts, yum!), thinking, would I remove its box and take a bite? Oops... calorie-counter... Unfortunately, my id (it's a term for "ego" just what I have learned in my General Psych clasS) is bugging me, telling me to take a just a few bite, assuring me that it wouldnt hurt. Okay my dear id, here I go. Shucks, I really have an obsession over caramel. The box of Caramacs is given to me by my Auntie Reggie who just arrived from Hawaii. Also with the chocolates is a cute Guess bag, and a keychain too with my name on it. She promised me that cute Bag a year ago, last May I think... and see, she did remember it! Auntie Reggie is the "new" wife of my dad's cousin, Uncle Celin since his wife had died couple of years ago. And from then, she's really winning our hearts, my heart particularly; but of course, I think she still couldnt replace ever lovable Auntie Mely, my Uncle's first wife who died of heart attack.

I'm reading the book "A Contract with an Angel" right now, written by Andrew Greeley, or should I say Father Andrew Greeley. It's written really well. But I guess it couldnt beat the way Memoirs of a Geisha was written, so intricate and captivating.

Monica!!! When will we watch? Texted you last night, nareceive mo ba? :)

Enjoy our vacation guys, no NSTP tomorrow! Yes, it's time to rejoice :) Oops. Not very fast. Keep in mind our brothers and sisters who have perished during the recent tragedies, in Leyte, and in other parts of the world. .. Have a nice day!

Not a bad week afterall

To the most influential woman in my life
To the woman whom I have first learned how to love and the value of love
To the woman who helped the Heavenly Father in giving me the breath of life
To the woman who's always there for me and my siblings; to cook, and yes, sometimes to clean, when our maid's nowhere to be found... :D

Happy birthday mOm!!!

I love you so much!

Days seem so fast. (yeah. Mom's 47 hehehe) I cant imagine it's Friday once again, time to refresh my memory and keep you updated with tiny bits of my daily life.

After swimming class, Kaymee and I had a nearly traumatic experience in the locker room, a Locker Disaster! Nica, whom we handed over the key of our locker, went home earlier than usual, so she also took home our key. So there we go, panicking (take note: in our bathing suits) and startled. We were afraid to ask for the life guard's help because once they destroy the lock, we'll be accounted for our first minor offense. But we got no choice. We ended up writing a letter of permission to ransack our locker. The lifeguard told us to bring the letter to the DO. Are they silly? What's on their mind? They want Kaymee and I to parade on campus with our bathing suits on? So because of the fear of having a minor offense, Kaymee thought of a plan, with the help of our girls PE mates. Go figure what happened next (Clue: Kaymee has a future in the crime world, she can be put behind the bars someday!).

Moving on, I thought this woulld be the worst Valentine Day in my life. I was wrong! My ahia (eldest brother) went home with a long-stem yellow rose at his hand, and a blackforest cake on the other! He really know how to make me happy! So while watching Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition (Go Zanjoe!), we took huge bites of the scrumptious cake!

Moving on again, Dhi, Kaymee, Joy, Mary and I planned some sort of budget plan because we often end up going home empty-handed. We would pursue this plan of eating lunch at Dhi's dorm, each one bringing either a viand or drink; Dhi's job is to cook rice! And then, at least once a week, we would reward ourselves with yummy desserts or a tasty breakfast at Mcdo. I'm also keeping an eye over the weight loss program which was shown in EWTN, called as Light Weigh. I hope I'll be able to have a copy soon!

This week turned out to be a great one, despite our report in Filipi1 (in which we're triggered with hard-to-answer- questions by one of the groups, what the--!). Part of it was that I finally had the chance to hear again Fr. Mon's and Fr. Rudsen's (He's a good-looking!) inspiring homily, in the 12:10 and 5:30 mass a while ago. I am always moved with their homilies. I also did quite a good job in my Litera1 midterm exam; the results was handed over to us earlier, and I'm so happy with it. I told my mom it's my birthday gift to her! :)

Tomorrow will be a busy day. The C2 class will be up to 1 pm and a show at UP theatre follows at 2:45.

I now end this post. Thank you for dropping by!

Don't forget to thank God for His bounteous blessings!!! God bless!!! Have a great weekend everyone!

love is in the air

February--- a month most awaited by lovey-dovies who want to show to the world their love for each other. Every corner, after blinking an eye, there's red or pink roses here, a heart-shaped balloon there, and sometimes, if you're a lucky one, a box of red ribbon blackforest cake waiting to be spooned-off. Sometimes, rather than feeling love and affection, those singled-out just seem to get contented with the suppressing feeling of melancholy. Shucks, is this part of the bitterness I share with the singles? (Jill? Sara?)

Enough with bitterness.

I guess this love-month is not only made for couples (for heaven's sake!)! I deem it's more of showing your love and care to those people who have touched your life, those people who have loved you and accepted the fact that you are who you are, that despite the rudeness you might have shown to them, these people are still there, willing to give you a piece of themselves. Thank God, these people still exists.

Some of us may end up not having a stem of rose, or a sweet-senti card; but believe me, the feeling is greater if you just put the word "love" into action. In the end, it's the best thing to love, even if you're not loved in return.

"...there are in the end three things that last: faith, hope, and love; and the greatest of these is LOVE..."


**To my F Monica, I'm so happy you finally found HIM. As what I have told you, Nic's indeed heaven sent! I will always always pray for your relationship! Hope we'll see each other soon (with Monnette too) when Memoirs premieres... Monnette!!! Sama kayo ni Royce ah... Miss you much!!!