papers, exams, and chestnuts!

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire... Jack Frost nipping on your nose... Yuletide carols being sung by a choir... And folks dressed up like Eskimos...
(still humming The Christmas Song...)

I finally had a feel of Christmas after finishing:
-my relstwo final paper
-introre research proposal
-inprint oral history
-introfi film notes. ooops, not. we still have a one-on-one interview with sir doy which means we have to review the films all over again, thanks to that id 104 commarts major bitch who made us suffer the consequences. tip: girl, next time be careful on what you post online! you may consider it as "swapping" or "sharing" your knowledge but for some professionals, it's stealing an intellectual property. plus... you never know who's reading your blog... you might think you're the female version of einstein, but Einstein didn't jeopardize our lives as comm arts majors! what you gave us was a double jeopardy!

After a week and a half of doing our introre reasearch proposal, which means a week and a half of bonding with jaja, we submitted it before the deadline last thursday (uttering prayers and patching our paper with the sign of the cross before putting it inside miss diaz' pigeon hole). The pending ones are philo paper, rels2 orthodox church (i didnt know we have one in the phils) integration paper, broadcasting term paper, and review for intorfi and inbroad final exams. That's still a whole lot of thing to do. But anyhow, on Thursday, I'm off to neverland, with tinkerbell and peter pan---the love of my life. Hay. I still have to imagine the grades that will be written in my course card, as what I have mentioned, it's a tragic mise en scene.

Every time I glance at our big chinese calendar and see the date "19", my heart is instantaneously pounding. Im afraid of my introre grade, it's not yet stable, not until we get hold of the results of our research proposals. Oh Dear God, have mercy. I would want to enjoy the rest of my Christmas time in Cagayan savouring the Christmas air while biting few pieces of my favorite chestnuts without solely worrying on my grade.

Just few more days. Few more days. And hello again to another set of major subjects!... For now, let me eat and binge over a bowl of freshly roasted chestnuts and think about the papers im going to write and exams to review.

Good luck! God bless us all!

Advance Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Do your shopping now (be sure to have a shopping list), for the sale will soon be out of sight!

*oh... i think i'll be getting that lacoste purse i've been eyeing since forever... a christmas gift for my self, just before i see my course card... heehee!

a toxic week that was

I feel so numb, so dizzy. This week has left me a lot of thoughts to ponder on, but it seems that I dont even have time to think about small things in life, tidbits of things that make life's essence incomparable to anything in the world.

There were nights this week when I would prefer gazing at the vast sky, and admire those scintillating stars and galaxies. But just the mere thought of having to read and study piles of papers for our quizzes, makes me want to faint and fall asleep in a snap. No more time to relax, to read oh-so marvelous books, to watch any soap opera, or even to have a long luxurious bath... This entire week, as what I have told my close friends, I would want to just sit down, no reading, just talk and have fun, or just doze off.

Good thing there were still some light moments this week, moments that made me smile and enjoy the company of my friends and my beloved relatives.Last monday we had a mini surprise for Lauren and Jaja.

(devouring the coffee crunch cake we bought for them) 18 chocolates are for jaja, while 19 lollipops are for Lauren. We love you Ja and Lau.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(coffee crunch cake, split into two please...)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Also, my Auntie Emy who resides in US went home last Monday. I visited her at my Auntie Ruth's place last Tuesday, after class. We spent the entire day just sharing stories, bonding. She handed me a set of jewelry for my birthday, and the lip gloss I so wanted to have when I saw it in the net. I love it when she comes over, not because of the pasalubongs, but just having her around, talking and spending quality time.

And last wednesday, October 18, was the birthday of caresse, the girl who has prime savoir faire on nail art! There was a party at the Yuchengco Lobby, (yeah boy, LR19 owns Yuchengco! hehe) Caresse brought a humongous bilao of pancit, and another bilao of tuna sashimi, sushi, and Californian Maki. Of course, our favorite Strawberry Cake was also present! I enjoyed your bday celebration Caresse! Labshuuu!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(the celebrant!)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

It was also the birthday of my aunt, Auntie Ruth! After my 1030-1130 class, Mary and I hurried to Holland Tulips RP to buy a bouquet for my aunt. And we met up with my mom, and rushed to school because it was Joy's first hosting stint (Joy was soooo pretty!!!) Since every MW my class ends at 530, I have to meet my cousin, Achie Jenny at Makati so we could go together at the resto, Hong Kong Chef... That's along Diosdado Macapagal. Great Chinese food! I also printed the mosaic I made long ago for my aunt. Wrapped in a pink paper, with a note that says, Happy 18th birthday Auntie Ruth, she was laughing tremendously, and was surprised at the mosaic picture.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(pretty girls! with Auntie Ruth, feeling debutante raw siya hehehe)

Thursday, was a so-so day. I attended the scriptreading. The sript was very well-written by Ms. Isabel Enriquez-Kenny, a student of Sir Doy. Mom and Auntie Emy did their shopping at Duty Free. Everyone's busy with the NOTA: Etno Lasalyano...

Friday, the most toxic I guess. Jaja and I went to Manila Times. We were done pretty early so we decided to have our lunch at Chef d Angelo, Rp. At long last, Im done with my Philorl report. The next thing I know, I was running back and forth to Sj hall, then to TYA for the gala show of NOTA. I covered the event, using Dhi's D-SLR. Damn it was heavy. The matinee show started at 7pm. Then we stayed till 9. I slept over at Kaymee's home... super chikahan over our depression and stress, which resulted to asking her silly dumb questions and then I fall asleep first.

I woke up early because of our Orient2... We're all dressed in corporate attire, suit and skirt and pumps! hotnesssss hehehe.

The Orient2 class ended at 3pm, I went home immediately. Showered and went to the parish for my church service. Yesterday was the debut of my dihiya, James! We had our dinner at Don Henricos, ultimate bonding with ahia & dihiya!!! ;) Happy 21st birthday again to my brother!

And so I'm having my rest day!!!
Praying that whatever happens in our midterms... HE will guide us...

Everyone seems so afraid to fail, I am too... We wouldnt want to put ourselves down by not working hard and not achieving what we want in the future, right?
Have a blessed Sunday everyone.

thank you...

The fairy princess (feel na feel pa rin) wishes to thank everyone who celebrated with her last friday, september 29, 2006.

I really would want to cry when MILENYO came last Thursday, instead, I prayed a lot... a lot... of Memorare. I had a nap at around 2pm. When i woke up at 3, the rain was gone.

Thank you thank you. Despite the "overwhelmingly good" weather and electricity state these past four days, you were there to witness my evolution (yak!) Hahaha parang chimpanzee.

Bonosoc,. you guys really surprised me! Ang galing sumingit sa program ha! Hehe

Heartfelt thanks to Ms. Jaja Samaniego, Ms. Kaymee Santos and Ms. Dhi Prado... Ms. Kizia Beredo and Mr. Martin Dimalanta...and to my dancers!!! you rock!!! and Kuya Jofel!!!

my F's who were super super pretty that night!
Monica sa pagbuking epal ka!
Monnette na super touch ako sa speech mo!
Mahal ko kayo... labas tayo minsan.

LSPO family! andaming wala ;(

family ko!!! wahhhh mahal na mahal ko kayo!
Auntie Ruth ang gandahhhhhhhhhhh mohhhhh (tulo-laway hehe)
Alyanna.............. cute cute cute cute fairy
Yro.................. gwapooooooooo
Regine............... wowowowowowow (ayan ate na talaga ako!)
mom and papa......... you look so royalÉ

*crushababe of the night: jaja samaniego** lahat ng pinsan ko crush ka haha

i have a lot to thank pa...baka makatulog na kayo pag tinayp ko lahat

basta thank you sa inyong lahat. taos pusong pasasalamat!


love always, jackie!

Parsimony: Simpler is better

We were once the frodhies who conquered the corridors of third floor Miguel, grabbing a bite of the expensive turon in between classes to satisfy our hunger, or worse, a cup of Nissin's Yakisoba and bringing ito to class when the prof's not yet around... talk about the idiosyncrasy of sharing hehe ;)

Sept 11, 5 years after the 9/11 attack, we had the first feel of becoming Communication Arts Majors with the squeaky clean halls of second floor Miguel welcoming us. What's lacking though is a tarpaulin saying "Hail to the new communication arts majors!"

There we go, excited to meet our professors. Note: introduction to film and introduction to broadcasting class = 3 hours each. Fun, isn't it?

For Introduction to film and broadcasting, we have Sir Doy del Mundo, director of Pepot Artista, and screenplay writer. Sir Doy has this fatherly image, like an overprotective dad to her one and only daughter. He's cute and very charming (at his age) ;)

For Introduction to Research (for Production) we have Dr. Diaz. Miss Diaz is WOW. She's intimidating. She has this natural flair of being a witty comedienne. Sophisticated with a hint of glamour.

Introduction to Print Media, Mr. Mariano. A great story teller, I must say.

Our first week was pretty stressful but tolerable. We were bombarded with a lot (A LOT) of readings. Applying the notion of parsimony, we should keep everything simple... work hard but take it easy!

Good luck and God bless us all in the succeeding weeks!

*excited for my birthday! ;)

how it feels to be lonely

So i missed 2 big celebrations. My brother's graduation dinner, and alyanna'sbirthday dinner. wow. such a loser jackie. hmmmp. I'm with them in spirit though.

For 10 days i am alone. Alone in our store, in charge of the kaha and the whole business we have there, and of course, alone in my room. But anyhow, i learned the art of reflecting. Just after reading the newspaper for the day, i kinda learned to stop and think about what's going on here on earth. and also think about how my dad feels and what he's thinking if he's alone in the room.

Being alone may mean being lonely, but then it gives you a new thought, a refreshing learning, far from the idea that you're like stranded in an island. I may have felt that i'm at the end of the world, and have learned how it feels to be lonely, but i also realized a whole lot of things. i realized the value of a family, of respect, of being loved, of being wanted, and for some reasons, of being adored (haha! in connection with this, i have one story i'd like to share in a few days hahaha!)

and... right now... I just realized that tomorrow is September 11. First day of 2nd year 2nd term.First day of the "major" term! Good luck to us... Just dont forget to ask for guidance whatever we may encounterin the next 3 months :)

God is so good

Thank You, I'm over with it.

I love you Papa God.

Whenever He gives you huge problems, He will make a way to help you out.

Smile is painted again all over my face, with an indelible ink!

I'll be going home (to Cagayan) on Friday, and I'll be distributing my invites when I come back.

Have a great term break Lasalyanos!


cast adrift

I never thought it would lead to a situation like this. It's breaking my heart, my soul shattered into pieces.

Let me find myself, let me gather up my thoughts, let me search my own peace of mind.

I was hurt, you became unreasonable. I did not felt loved nor wanted, nor supported.

But then I know it's just temporary. SoonI'll have it back. I dont know when. I dont know when the shattered pieces will be put together. I dont know when my wounded heart would be free of pain.

When everything seems oh so perfect, that very moment is taken away from you. I was cast adrift in an obscure state of damnation.

Someday... you will realize, everything is worth it. Every thing. You just can't tell. I'll prove.

Everything shall be back to normal. In God's will. In God's time.

when rainy days take over

Oh how i love rainy days. Cup of hot coffee over a pile of handouts, hugging a fluffy pillow while finishing Kinsella's Can You Keep A Secret, random ideas andvisualizations on my birthday... Rainy Days cant get any better. They never bore me.(However, the 2 day-suspension of classes may be a torture, especially if it callsfor make-up classes.)

Oh how 'bout a sidecar trip to Divisoria on a stormy tuesday afternoon? Albeit the oddly-stalwart wind that turns all umbrellas upside down, mom and did not have second thoughts in going to Divisoria to buy some crafsty materials. The sad (?)part is that we went home in less than a minute after reaching Divisoria. What a waste of money! We ended up doing some groceries and cooking a yummy cream of mushroom soup.

And regarding that Intreco subject i want to ditch, well (fingers-crossed) i hopei did well on our previous exam. I'd rather die than fail it. I discussed myanswers with Joy, and strangely, our answers did matched for the first time. This calls for a celebration. Hehe. Just joking. I spent my entire gloomy weekend and another 2 rainy days in reviewing for this subject.

Rainy days, when will you take over again? If you'll do it, just do it now (and reserve some in our majors' just in case it gets too stressful that we needa rainyday-classes-suspended-kind-of-breaks) I dont drink coffee if it's not raining. We dont cook mushroom soup when the sun is at its peak... So go ahead and take over our classes... But,warn the Deped and Pagasa so they wont suspend the class halfway...

hahay... i'm so tired and sleepy. SLA Commissioning ended at 8, went home at 8:30... another workshop for gmg tomorrow at 9, an intreco conference at 1, and a filipi2 paperSSS due next week. and im waiting for our ym to download. hahay

Love is a matter of fact

The last time I sat in front of the tv (in an indian seat position) was when kris aquino accused joey marquez, the latter pointing a gun to the head of the former.But last Sunday, I grabbed the remote control and change the channel to the Buzz. Kris and James Yap may be too old for kilig moments, but heck, James just made me blush upon saying how he loves Kris so much.

So I guess my fairy queen Kris Aquino (hey im the fairy princess), did have a happy ending after all. She has found love that is true and happiness that (i hope) is everlasting. I assume, in a year or two, a little fairy would be born unto them and rule over their fairy kingdom. Hay. Just see how love is really a matter of fact.

Sorry about the kitsch-yness of this post. I know Kris and James maybe a "yuck" to you, but I just love Kris... so much. If only I could have all her gowns and jewelries, and the fame that she has right now. Go ahead jackie, dream till your eyes drop and bleed! But anyway, if i can't be kris for a day, i'd try being kris' PA for a day, i bet it'll be a hell lot of fun! Hehe, kidding. I know I'll have my time. And when it comes, I'm sure the fairies will work for its magic to make every single detail on that kachoovahan perfect!

Now, academics, in the context of love. Online enrollment is up on monday up until next week. Major subjects, we all dread you. I heard from my upper classmenfriends from Plaridel and GMG that YOU, major subjects would really take away our fun and youthful life. Does that mean saying goodbye to malls and weekend gimiks? I can't do that! But since I'm talking about academics in the context of love, well, maybe, we could somehow learn to love you, major subjects. But how could you love your major subjects if you cant tell yourself to love your minor ones? Our Filipi2 acts like a one-big-major subject. Our prof is just so demanding. And our Intreco. Fudge. I want to ditch this subject!!! Sige na nga, just be patient and learn the art of loving each subject that will go on our way.

Good luck to all of us. God knows how we all worked hard to be on the majors' list. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that the LIA-COM students wont eat up all the available slots for the major subjects. And let's pray that we'll go through the whole process smoothly. Let's all give our truest love to all our major subjects! [love. is a matter of :fact: hehe] Walang iwanan guys! :D

happiness in stress

Things can really go out of hand. True enough. this week has been one of the most kakaloka and kakahassle week! So many projects, papers and expenses (ubos allowance!). but i am enjoying every minute of stress!

this week should be our midterms week i, but strange enough, some of my profs had transferred it next week. how cool can that get? 3 major exams in a week! good thing im already done with that freaking graded recitation in filipi2 or else im freaking dead. i have to review for three exams tonight and tomorrow night

i've been sleeping around at the wee hours of the morning lately because of our papers and projects. thanks to my oil glands, they are not procreating bacterias that'll invade my skin.

im loving literature! (or is it because i have found someone - a lit pro- to explain every detail of a literary piece to me? mrs. cases. thank you very much!) im a little unlucky with my litera prof (but she's good!) she just seem to be so-so laaaazy that she was absent this whole week! nonetheless, i have managed to read the whole oedipus rex (it's a page turner, trust me - just read the "play" version written in modern english and you'll agree with me!) and answer individually that exercise she left for us (supposedly, it's a pair work, but since ate sheena and ate mona paired up... im left with noone...)

i have also started planning my debut, the place has already been reserved, the date and the day is finally ok. at first i was so disappointed and in dismay because i cant seem to find a venue that'll suit my parents' taste. but God is so good, He gave me this place in Intramuros. This debut preparation is so stressing, so i really am very grateful that my mom is with me right now! I have to plan things ahead because we'll have our major subjects this september, and i might be busy na then. we'll have food tasting this sunday courtesy of our caterer.. my cousin, achie jen , will go with me :D

tom. will be a great day, i swear!

have a great weekend everyone! God bless you!

bliss and bliss

i just cant get enough of long weekend vacations! the ilocos trip was way more fun than what i expected! and up to now, i still have this hang over from our vacation.

it's a girls' bonding moment. the first day was spent eating, bumming around, sleeping, biking, and eating again. the second day, is the highlight--- our uncle (i label him as the coolest uncle in the world) drove us to the sand dunes and the roughest roads using the pathfinder car. We were then seated at the back, the uncovered part, standing, helding our hands up high, like riding roller coaster (which i have never ever done in my whole life)! it feels really great to be standing at the back of a car, with the driver only in control of everything (wether he wants to throw and dump you by making a sudden stop) but what you have to watch out is that your hair will be gritty and oily after the ride! well it's all worth the fun! our last day... hmmmm we just ate and ate, went to buy the famous pasuquin bread, and then after a few hours we have to kiss each other goodbye!

I think I know how my cousin felt when we we're about to leave. It's the same feeling that I always feel when I have to leave for Manila. It's tough to be away from our family and study here in Manila... i think we would both share the same feeling of homesickness...

we arrived last tuesday, at the break of dawn, around 4 am, and the three of us, my cousins regine and rozette, still have to go to class at 8 am. what's great is that i fell asleep in the middle of our philper class haha. wednesday, thursday, and friday are pure toxic days! but yeah i have to take a rest and since tomorrow is father's day... i'd like to greet all our fathers A HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! We should thank our dad for sending us to school and giving us the best things in life (our whims?! hehe)

Congratulations to ate jen jen! she graduated yesterday (bs legal management) and is now taking her law proper at san carlos cebu. She treated us for dinner last thursday, and it did serve as our reunion!

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

random blahs and rants

* this is a hell week.

* but thank God i'm done with it.

* i hate pldt to death! i slept at my cousin's house, used their internet, and slept at 2:30 in the morning.

* i love cheesecake etc's choco dome cake!

* mary is the best! thank you for the old spag treat! happy 18th birthday!

* mom is already here! pre debut preparation on the go!

* the communication department is giving all of communication majors a big crap! come on miss diaz and sir doy, defend the rights of those who haven't taken litera1 and engltri

* i'm loving miss dina roma and literature! though she's not-that like miss sangil, i still like her

* my cousin, regine, and i are planning to change our eye colors a week or two from now

* reg and i will go to laoag tonight! this calls for an ultimate bonding session

* siomai are eaten best when shared with someone

* position paper, like that we had in filipi2, are accomplished well if done with a good friend---kaymee, and an ambush interview cum lecture from an expert professor--- miss krainz (thanks to "coincidence" for letting us meet miss krainz at the library, instant position paper outline! love you much)

* first time jeepney rides are fun, especially when you're alone

* threading hurts like hell but it feels good. haha weird!

* thank you auntie yollie for the trip to laoag... owe you a lot!

* this week may seem like a topsyturvy... but damn it's great after knowing that you're through and done with it! and especially if you know you'll be having a 3-day vacation!

* so... thank you for stopping by! God bless us all!

* pahabol: ipagdiriwang nanaman natin ang pambansang araw ng kasarinlan/kalayaan. ang tanong... nagagamit ba natin ang kasarinlang ito? bwahahaha

For now, Let's enjoy and be happy!

Okay. So now everyone's busy asking about the what's, if's, and how's of majoring. And I just couldn't believe that I'm already a sophomore and just a few more months, I'll be taking my majors. Everything seems so fast. Everything happens in just a snap of my fingers! Like right now, I'm chatting online with Kuya Peter, asking him a lot of stuff about comm arts. We're all dreading our majors... pero sana mapagtagumpayan natin!

We're now on our week 2 of the school year 2006-2007, and I can say that all's well and good! I'm enjoying every bit of walking and running from Miguel to Andrew Building (imagine, using the stairs instead of the elevator to go down from the 17th floor to the lobby, enjoy!) I'm enjoying my Filipi2 class, even if I always end up starving. I'm enjoying my Litera 2 class kahit na our first reading selection is not my kind of read (crime and investigation). And I'm enjoying writing scripts! Thank you Clarence for including my last line... "sarap maging Lasalyano, sarap maging Pilipino! ..." during the CAO culminating activity... Naisip ko lang, oo tama, enjoy muna ngayon... Next term, patayan na to, majors na.

Good thing we're not yet bombarded with a lot of assignments, only reading stuff. But our Intreco prof seem to be very excited for the term to end. He already gave us a project to be submitted I think on the end of the term. Term paper nanaman. Kagroup ko sila Jason, Joy and Sudoy. We're thinking of choosing India's Movie Industry as our topic. Masaya naman ang mga profs ko. Relstwo? Next term ka na.

At, At last, I already got my copy of our yearbook. (Sir Judes, if you're reading this, tag ka naman sa tagboard hehehe). Sana my batchmates liked it. The crew worked really really hard para mabigay a year after graduation, and yes we did it!

So how was your week?

one week plus three days

SLA Summer Training
It's three days, two nights, at Darasa Fiesta Resort in Batangas. I thought it would be a training for the co-facilitating the graduates' retreats, but no, it's like an extra challenge cum amazing race. And yes, I would say, this is the best summer ever (though how I wish I also had Jenn's chance of going out of the country).

Our team's name was Batasan 5+1. I have no idea where our coordinators got the name (the others were Ultramania Stampede, Rescue St. Bernard, and Shabu Changee).

And here's our team's cheer, in the tune of Voltes 5:
Batasan 5+1
Si Nero ang papa diyan
Jackie Selle Kat Maj at Jill
Hot at sexy yan
Si Machong Jo... Si Machong Jo...
Siya ang panlaban!

And here's some of the challenges

1. The first one is actually the most difficult. There were thirteen questions and trivias about our coordinators and the members of our training team, and we have to identify who's who. We got 5 out of 13. We're the highest and we were given an extra 30 seconds for the next challenge.

2. Kuya Brix is waiting at the pool. We have to cross the pool, without him, getting wet. Sounds easy? Not much. That's only the first part. After which, a water container (those placed in the water dispenser with hot/cold thing on it) full of holes with a pingpong ball inside was handed to us. We have to remove the pingpong ball inside by filling the container with water (from the pool). But how will we fill it if it's full of holes?! For 15-20 minutes, all our tiny fingers and toes were stuck in the holes, while someone in the group pours water in the container, using tabo. After our fingers and toes swell and bled, we won the seond round. Next challenge.

3. I dont actually remember the point of doing this challenge. All the members of the group were asked to lie down at the pool side, and we would roll over our bodies on top of each member. I swear, it did hurt because we're all heavy! After doing this, we went to Kuya Ric, for the next challenge. At this point, our group's on the verge of winning hehe.

4. Kuya Ric gave us an egg. We have to form a circle, or any formation, with our heads down. The egg was placed on the center of the circle, on top of our heads. We have to walk a few meters, and the egg should not fall. Once it falls, we have to surrender any of our valuables. The egg fell on the first try, but we did it on the second.

5. We're still on the first place. This is the last challenge. Tita Amie is selling a banana worth 7.50. We have to dive in the pool to find 50 cents, while the others need to get the 7 pesos, covered in a basin filled with flour. After having the money, we went to Tita Amie, got the banana, and the instructions were pretty simple, since it was Tita Amie who planned the whole thing. The banana has to be peeled by not using the hands. Then, it has to be rolled in a plate filled with catsup, and sliced to 6 pieces using the fork. The finale--- we have to devour it. Yum.

Those were the challenges. We also had group sharing, the search for Mr./Ms. LSPO 2006, and cultural show in which the groups performed various songs, skit, and dances.

It's really a bonding experience! It's super tiring but the exhaustion we got was all worth it.

pictures :D

My first week as an AB-Comm Arts sophomore
It's normal for everyone not to get excited for the first day of school, especially if you're from La Salle. We still cant get over with the heat and fun of summer! So come Sunday, May 21, I had a haircut at H, and had dinner with Aunt Brim, Alyanna, and Achie Jen. That Macadamia Ice Cream rocks!

So first day of school. First class was BioArts, (8:10-9:10), our prof was absent, but that's okay, rejoice! Second class, Relstwo (9:20-10:20). Don, from lspo, was my classmate. The prof entered and I heard Don murmured "THAT'S DR. PUNO". I have only one thing on my mind at that time... "Go Jackie, Drop that relstwo subject"... Enough said. My third and last class, is Intreco (10:30-11:30), it's Prof. Taningco. He's wearing pink that day, so he caught my attention. Pretty strict but that's okay, I heard he's a good prof.

Come Tuesday and I woke up at 4:30 to adjust my schedule. I missed my first class Philper. But heck, I wasnt able to adjust because the section I chose was closed already. I entered my Artcomp class. There's Joy, Dhi, Kaymee, Rachael, and Kim. Mr. Narvaez looks okay! Last class is Filipi2. I'm happy that the Bonosocs (except for cuyeg) and Jenn are my classmates. We have Dr. Jo Mangahis. She's extremely nice, though she made us memorize everyone's names, but sure that's a great start! :D

Wednesday, now I'm sure on what class to take and to replace Rels2. I got Litera2 at Bro. Andrew Building. Even if my sched's quite ruined, I think it's better than having Dr. Puno, and having a 1.5 in my course card. We had our first class discussion in Intreco. Our prof's good. Shucks, I miss Ms. Contreras! Bioarts Lab is okay. Our prof is Dr. Ples. He's cool and funny!

Thursday, I was so excited to go to class because it's my first time to meet my Philper prof, and of course my Litera2 prof. Ms. Ramos is my Philper prof, she looks like Ms. Leonardo, my high school AP teacher. We had a group activity and s little discussion about our assets and liabilities as a person. I'm really looking forward to meeting my Litera2 prof. But surprisingly, I found no one in the room, so I hurried to the Litera Dept and talked to Ate Sharon, the secretary. She told me they have an alternative class. Thank you very much. I think I'm already absent for 2 meetings!

Never did I realize that I only have one class on Fridays, and that's Intreco. I was talking to my mom on the phone when I realized that all y Friday class starts at 10:30 and ends at 11:30. Hay.
That's my first week in school plus 3 days training!

Just a little segue...
About my previous post, I bet you did not understand it. I read it several times and neither do I. hahaha

Here's a little hint. Tuesday, after mass, Sister Pinky came to me and we had a short conversation. And the rest--- I ought to keep to myself. And that conversation with her bothers me... till now. Have an idea on what's it all about? Please dont post it on the comment/s area or on my tagboard!!! Please! Just ym me hehehe. It's our little secret! :D I talked to Ms. Krainz about it and she laughed! I also told her about dropping relstwo because I got Dr. Puno! :S

Again, thank you for all your prayers. My dad's doing fine right now and I hope he'll be in good condition.

Enjoy your weekend fellow sophs!!! No more PE and CWTS! Rejoice!

... rejoice because it's a gift...

It's freaking me out!!!

I don't know where to start. I don't even know if I should be telling you this. Haha. Whatever. I think I'm insane, or I'm just bothered. Well, some of my friends knew about this.

But should I really be afraid? It's a matter of spirituality and giftedness. Okay. Interpret it the way you want to. Sorry if it's so unclear. Basta. I just need to let this all out. Ang labo noh. It's a long story. Shucks. I cant concentrate!!!

The first three days of school... definitely unexplainable. Waking up at 4 am just to be at school by 5:30, to be the first on queue for the adjustment, is far worse than what I have thought of. Oh well. At least I've ran away from that terror prof. I'll be posting what I've been to these past few days, my sched, my prof etc. For now, I just need to take a lot of deep breaths, sleep, prayers, and words of wisdom! OMG!


The entire week for me was a blast! It may be too tiring, going to school everyday at 7 in the morning, but it's fun. You get to bond with new people, share thoughts, and life experiences. I really do wanna push myself to go to GMG prods but I'm really shy to work with people I still don't know. And with Toni asking me to do the video thing, it freaked me out. Toni ended up doing it herself. I was kind-a embarrassed because I didnt get some of her instructions and her cues. Oh well. That's part of everything. I have to learn that this term!

And speaking of this brand new term, I'm excited in my new sched! It's less stressful. But this time, I would like to thank the Yearbook Committee for sharing with me your last year's summer. Summer is supposed to be fun, but because we have to work, it became stressful. So now, we have the fruit of our labor! Mise En Scene Yearbook... here we come! (I already so the dummy copy!) I do hope that my dear batchmates would appreciate our efforts. The team worked the entire summer, and my very first term break was also taken away from me because of this yearbook.

Now let's talk of my weekend. It's the best. I swear. In my entire life, I haven't had a SUPERB overnight stay in a hotel with close friends. But i experienced it with the bonosoc! Kim's debut was so great. The venue,coordination... everything! Kim is so so beautiful that night! I cant stop my tears from rolling down my cheeks (shucks my make up! haha!) when her bestfriends and her parents did their speeches. Kaymee's telling me to stop crying and she couldnt imagine me on my birthday, crying all night. What more on that big day? Wala lang. I'm really emotional. Ang babaw ng luha. I really had a blast, and I guess everyone did!

Yesterday, I went to CKSC to see the dummy copy of the yearbook, and to drop by Mrs. Cases and lend her my Literature notes and papers. We talked for about 2 hours. We talked about everything and anything you could think of. But the most memorable part of our conversation was that topic about my Dad. He's lucky because a lot of people pray for him everyday. And I thank Ninang Del for always including my Dad's name and our family in the mass' intentions. And also my friends, for their sound advice/s. And to Kuya Ric, who always makes me feel better, and to Miss Lou, thank you for your prayers! Thank you very much.

My week was just great. From Kim's debut party to my chit chat with Ninang Del... cant ask for more. God really pours so many blessings, people to love and to care about... but sometimes... he gives trials to try us hehe

How was your week?

Belated Happy Mother's Day to all our mommas! We love yah much!

...God puts us in the darkness to show us that Jesus is in the light...

in no mood

I'm in no mood to blog, but heck, i'm coming up with an entry!

My hosting job last summer (our town's fiesta) was hella fun... From prettifying to glam-dressing! Sure i had a super great time! I'll be posting few pictures hehee. Watch out for it.

So... what's keeping me busy right at this moment is the LPEP 2k6! Yey... i'm a frosh no more! My cuz, Regine will have hers on wednesday & thursday. I hope she's excited too, like what I felt a year ago! And... yes. the LSPO has great dancers and singers. You may somehow include me in the singing part, but not on the dancing, i'm pleading... haha here's why my fellow animators laugh at me...

Tita Amie: Jackie, bakit di ka sumali sa sayaw sa LPEP?
Jackie: Eh naku, tita amie, di po ako marunong tsaka mukha akong stick pag sumayaw
Tita Amie: Ha, eh di naman sayaw yun, puro palakpak nga lang yun

Hahay, Thanks Tita Amie! What an encouragement! Hehehehe

Btw, I'll be attending my aunt's friend's wedding. And guess guess... I'm one of the secondary sponsors! The gown is so pretty, pink and yellow, like cotton candy... The wedding will be on the 11th...

Will just keep you posted!

See, I'm now happy despite everything (a lot has happened! will open it up next time... ready your tears!)

God bless you everyone!

A leap of faith

A month or two ago, I had this friend who seemed to know how to foretell the future. I guess what he once had said is now coming true, "...There will come a time that your faith will be tested, Jackie..."

I guess that time has came (or will still come in the future). I remember posting in my last entry that I'll be home by Sunday night. But I rescheduled it tomorrow night. Why?

Well I didnt mention here why I'm in Manila (heck, I did, that was the gown and pageant part) but also part of the reason why me and my dad came here was for his check-up. He has this thing in his right leg and on his tummy. I dont know the scientific term, but it basically looks like a huge pimple without the pus, and its red all over. Me and my mom are terrified because it's already weeks and they still haven't healed thoroughly. My dad keeps on assuring us that it'll heal by itself. But the heck, he seems to forget that he's a diabetic and those wouldn't heal in a snap of our two fingers.

So here we are. Last Friday he had his check-up. I asked him how it was, he told me that it was the blood, the blood is dirty-- or something like that. Okay, the doctor prescribed a lot of medications that caused him an arm and a leg, if you know what I mean. Saturday came and he's all quiet. Yeah I know something's bothering him. I went out last night with my aunt (his sister) and it was from her that I have learned why he looked so preoccupied. He worried too much by what his doctor had said. According to the doctor he needs further check-up because one of his kidneys might not be functioning well now (a really possible effect of diabetes). But then my ever-encouraging aunt told her not to worry and to ask for a second opinion from another doctor, on which I'll be accompanying him tomorrow (if he won't refuse my plea, he just refused it last night). He's very silent right now. Me and my brothers ate out, and he just wanted us to buy him something to eat.

Maybe he's upset. Maybe he wants to be alone. Maybe what's keeping him sad is the fact that his something's wrong with his health. Maybe he's worried on our future. Maybe he fears of something... Maybe... Full of maybe's...

If this is really a test of faith, well, in this time, I can't help but cling more to Him... ask Him to heal my Dad and take away his sadness, his worries, his fears, adhere to the fact that whatever happens is His will... and whatever His will is, will make me stronger as a person, and as a daughter. I know that His loving presence, through the company of my friends and people close to my heart, will carry me from the fears that are yet to come.

For now, I'll take the leap of faith.

Hey, dad.... don't be saddened by what you hear from your doctor (you know, they sometimes claim to know everything). We still have my debut to think about, and if that day comes, we will all be happy! Especially now I have thought of a theme! Hehehe... Cheer up! We're here for you!

Feels like heaven

The cheerful sound of birds chirping. The clean and crisp scent of the breeze that fills the room. The rays of the sun that kiss my cheek. The soft and comfy feel of the blanket... The hushes of the leaves blown by the wind... A warm and cozy home... All of these... releases me from the stress and anxiety that college life brings. Soothing and relaxing. Unwinding in your own sanctuary feels a lot like heaven. always reminds me of a beautiful life far from what one has yet to dream. A simple life that has to be well-lived.

So how's everybody??? Hope you're all having a hell lot of fun this summah!!!

Awww. I missed Kim's invitation for her debut. Bet it's not just an artsy-craftsy king of invite, si Kim pa! :D Heard Kim distributed it last Monday.

April 17 was course card day. Thank God. The Good Lord answered my prayers again. After computing all my grades (of course I'd like to thank Kaymee, Toni, and Niko for texting my grades), I was about to hug our saleslady at our store. I made it to the 1st honors Dean's List. Hahay, Ms. Teo, maraming salamat kahit pinasama mo ang loob ko at binigyan mo ako ng 2.5 sa subject na di ko alam kung magagamit ko sa buhay ko (sige nga, maisasabuhay ko ba ang mga pinag-aralan natin sa mga uri ng bato? Pagpumunta ba ako ng beach kailangan ko pang i-identify kung anong bato ung nasa buhangin???) O siya, tama na sa pagtataray. At least, ngayon lubos ko pang minahal ang Diyosa ng Literatura na si Ms. Sangil dahil sa grade na binigay niya! Hail to the eye of heaven! Knowing that all my efforts are worth it, truly feels like heaven.

I thought my whole summer vacation would just be a waste. But to my horror, the beauty pageant coordinator of our town went to our house, and asked me to be one of the two hosts for the Ms. Ballesteros 2006 (our town's name). Since they were eyeing me a year ago pa, I cant put them down na. My prom dress last year doesnt fit me already, so i have to look for a new one. And that's my purpose why I'm back here in Manila. I just bought a dress earlier, it's matte gold and burgundy. Quite simple. Nothing fancy. Too bad the gown I borrowed from Monnette wont fit me also. Yeah I'm fatter now. 100% fatter. [If my cousin, Ahia Jethro, would read this post, he'll be making fun of me and say "Mas maganda ka nga pag malaman ka eh" just to make me feel better] Well, just mere seeing my old pictures during our prom last year tells me that I'm bigger, and fatter now. The tube top of my F's gown is too tight, but the skirt is perfect. I hope it'll fit me next week. I'm dieting now as in todo diet. Good luck Jackie!

We went to Saud Beach, Pagudpud last Good Friday. But my mom did not allow me to swim. Hahay KJ. My dad's Double KJ. He did not go with us. But oh well, that's fine. The place is damn nice! A heaven here on earth. I should have took a dip on the clear blue water.

Speaking of debut, my aunt called me last night. She had the function room of the Robinsons Tower reserved for my 18th birthday. According to my aunt, the function room is beside a pool! It was also the same room where Alyanna had her baptismal party. Sana everything would work out well on my birthday. Sa bagay, it's still months away.

I'll go back to Cagayan on Sunday... Hopefully I'm thinner by then. Wish me luck!

Have a happy summahhhh everyone!!!

summer lovin

After the grueling finals week, it's now time to rest and catch up some sleep! I did not actually rest this whole day because i had an u.b.e. with mary, joy, kaymee and dhi! The whole day was spent walking around glorietta, some shopping, and a lot of eating! Cheesecakes are definitely the best, expecially if you're given the chance to avail a 20% discount!

Yes this is a hell week for all the Lasallians. I just submitted my Litera paper last Monday and I bet all students of Miss Frances Sangil worked really really hard for this. The final exam on Introso was not that bad, ut because our proctor was late, many of us didnt finish the word search part! Genpsyc's exam was nevertheless an average-type of exam. A typical Sir Galang type of exam, I must say. And for our PE, our group (Joanne, Sara, Nica, Jill, Mae, Pat, Kaymee and I) garnered the first place hehehe. Maybe our charming and stunning smiles mad us won hehehe! What made my week bad is my grade in Inersci Lab. Oh well. That's fine, it's only a one-unit course.

I can now see my mom packing all the groceries and clothes we'll be bringing to Cagayan! I'm excited to go home. Sleep in my own room and leave the feeling of nostalgia. I'll be in the homiest home on Friday! A friend of mine lent me several books which I'll be reading for summer. I hope the books are really great for summer read! Yehey! Now I can feel the summer heat!!!

Summer lovin' had me a blast! Summer lovin' happened so fast!

Have a great summer vacation everyone!!!

God bless us all!!!

kitsch, campy and everything in between

".. im proud of you. just trying your best is already worth all our sacrifices.." - dad

What I can only give you, mom and dad, is just a piece of paper that certifies that all my hardwork in studying have paid off. But what you give me, is everything, everything that I have right now. Every single thing that I do, is for the both of you...

Good thing I joined our Inersci Subic Outing last Sunday. It was super fun! (And the fact that we're not be having finals... double the fun!) Yes, I did get intimidated with those gals in the other section, wearing skimpy bikinies and yeah, yeah, they have great bods to show! So while Toni, Yan Yan, and Mark were having fun under the sun and soaking up in the clear calm water of Camayan Beach, there I was, watching over their bags and making an outline for my Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah paper. Many thanks monthly period. Many thanks. YOU DID NOT SPOIL my trip!!! I repeat, YOU DID NOT SPOIL my trip. Okay, enough with that. Things come when you least expect them. (I'll be uploading our 40 something pictures in my multiply this weekend!)

Thank God I'm almost done with my Litera Term Paper. I only have to conceptualize my conclusion. After this term paper, I should be doing my Genpsyc Novel Analysis.Yesterday, after class, I met up with my mom at Robinson's because I need a pair of rubbershoes and jeans badly. Yeyness. Mom bought me my first pair of pink chuck taylor! And, I almost forgot, I received this prank call from my alleged-guardian angel. One word to describe. Freaky. We shared some ghost stories last UBREAK, but unfortunately, because of Wey, Cuyeg, and Nico, all supposedly horrific stories turned comedy. Thanks guys. hehe

Litera Class is always always fun. We again had a new level of higher learning from the eye of heaven a.k.a. Miss Sangil. So... what's with the words campy and kitsch?

According to the eye of heaven, Campy, is the fake-fake, not the original-fake. Whatever she meant by that, I dont want to reiterate because I dont understand it! Haha. Anyway, she gave an example. The movie "Darna" is original, the movie "Super B" (Rufa Mae Quinto) is the original-fake, the musical Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah is campy, the fake-fake.

On the other hand, the word kitsch is almost synonymous with jologs (only, those who arent kitsch pronounce jologs j-logs). Examples of kitsch are the use of imitation LV bags, displaying wedding souvenirs, those "nodding" dogs (display) in the taxis. I did have my own taste of kitsch-yness earlier while I was inside the LRT. The cellphone of this lady was ringing, the ringtone?! "Dao Ming Zi... Dao Ming Zi..." So, was that kitsch? hehe.

Go and discover some kitsch!

God bless us all!

sad yet happy?

I don't know if I have to be happy or I have to be sad because two weeks from now school's over. Well, it can be happy because I'll be spending the rest of my short vacation in Cagayan, which means having quality bonding time with dad, but what makes me sad is the fact that my whole family wouldn't be complete again, my eldest brother have work, and I guess 2 to 3 weeks of quality time with my family isn't enough to replace months and months of not being together. But still, complete or not, Im looking forward to that short vacation I'll be spending with my family members.

This week is pretty tough (grabbing my datebook). I passed a total of four papers in four subjects, and a written and oral report in filipi. Thank God I'm still alive and kicking because tomorrow will surely be a fun-filled and tiring day. Read: Subic Outing! We'll be having an outing in Subic Ocean Adventure and that Jungle Survival Camp for our InerSci subject.

And to my beloved Bonosoc, what we're going through is just a test. If we're really there for each other, we wouldnt let anything or even anyone ruin this wonderful friendship of ours! Cliche as it may be but whatever happens, happens for a reason. I'm sure (and I do pray) that our friendship will stand the test of time. Though I dont hang out with you that often, I believe my heart is still stringed and attached to the BEST BARKADA called BONOSOC. I love you guys!
Just a realization. Knowledge on subject verb agreement is really a must, especially if you're commentating on the 12:10 mass, diba kuya jofel? hehehe indefinite pronoun = singular form of the verb hehehe.

So now, I have to keep this post a short one. I have to study for my Litera Long Exam and Inersci Practical Test, and finish my Litera Term Paper halfway, which will be submitted on April 3!

"What people say you cannot do, you try and find that you can."-Henry David Thoreou
A blessed weekend guys!

The best of LSPO

"What keeps her paralyzed is her inability to understand why they have always to be away with one another..."

I have been to a few organizations when I entered college, but I found the real essence of joining one in LSPO- Student Lasallian Animators. In LSPO, you don't just get to socialize with other volunteers, it's the feeling of having a family, a family that serves a community together, a family that makes you feel loved and appreciated all the more.

Image hosting by Photobucket
~Student Lasallian Animators~

Image hosting by Photobucket
~our facilitator and coordinators: ate evelyn, ate gina, kuya ric, kuya andy, and Fr. Thon~

Just last Saturday and Sunday, March 11-12, the SLA had a retreat in Guadalupe, Makati. I begged my mom to allow me. She's worried because her little girl will go to an overnight retreat. So I assured her that everything's going to be fine, transportation will be provided (as well as meals), and that our coordinators will be there to look after us. After my mom signed the waiver and after asking permission from dad, I rejoiced!

The retreat was held at the San Carlos Seminary. I never thought it was really such a nice place (though Ninang Del told me it was). Amid the hustle and bustle of the city life, lies a quiet sanctuary for those who would want to go soul-searching and meditate. Once the golden rays of the sun strike your face in the morning, it calms you down and revives your senses.

Image hosting by Photobucket
~sun shines at its best: beauty of the morning~
Image hosting by Photobucket
~the girls' room~
One would often have the connotation that retreats are boring and you'll just spend the day praying. Well it's not. It's a retreat with a twist. We had lots of activities and one of the activities that I enjoyed the most was the mask-making. Kuya Pau was my partner, he'll do my mask, and I'll do his. We applied petroleum jelly on our faces, wet the plaster strip (the strip used for those who have fractured their arms) and place it in our faces. After 15 minutes, the strip will eventually dry up into a cement, we can't laugh because the cement will crack. After it had hardened long enough, it can already be lifted and removed once we move our jaws and frown. The whole point of the activity was to let us feel how the "paralytic" in the Bible scripture felt. Being helpless, and dependent, yearning for other's love and care.I also enjoyed the other activity which was the taking away and bringing back an individual's freedom. The group members should do their assigned tasks to free their leader (I was one of the four leaders who were tied, blindfolded, and handcuffed.). My groupmates, japs, kuya pau, kuya ryx, and kuya jofel dug the trash can just to get the last task. Then without holding my hand, I should get back to the session hall only with my groupmates directions (left left, right, right pa konti!) So there I go, in the dark, almost creeping, gliding, just to reach the session hall.

Image hosting by Photobucket
~my groupmates: kuya pau, kuya ryx, japs and kuya jofel-- all smiles after a tiring game~
Image hosting by Photobucket
~last photo op~
Every activity is worth the exhaustion. We came up with several realizations that will surely help us in our emotional, social and spititual development. Everything has to come to an end. Looking forward to another SLA Retreat!

Thank you Dear God for the invitation to join LSPO, for the grace of intoducing me to a whole bunch of wonderful people!

Mom, Dad, Happy 24th Anniversary!!!
I'm always praying that you'll stay together forever.
We love you so much!

March 14, 2006 marks the 24th wedding anniversary of my mom and dad. It weakens and saddens me the most when this day comes, and yet my mom and dad are not together to celebrate their specal day.

Others may have not noticed, but I felt I was in blur that whole day. But not until the 5:30 mass ended, for I had the chance to talk to Miss Lou and tell her how I feel. I dont know why and how, but everytime I talk to her, I really really feel inspired and happy. I felt a whole lot better after talking to her. We ended up talking till 6:30, that Mang Abe (the sacristan) had locked the chapel and my bag and other stuff were still inside. I was able to get my stuff after borrowing the key from Ate Gina. The funny part was that Ms. Lou and I hadnt noticed that the chairs we've used in the prayer room have dried and dusty white paint on it, so when we entered LSPO, I was shocked to see her black blouse almost white (because of the white dust) and my jeans with white blotches!

March 14 became a great day because of Miss Lou's company. I'll never let nostalgia get in my way and make me blue. For the celebration, my mom treated me and my two brothers to dinner, and we had coffee at starbucks afterwards. It's really nice to spend time with your loved ones and have a tete-a-tete. How I wish my Dad was also there, eating and drinking frappe with us. Nonetheless, Ms. Lou assured me that my dad's in spirit!

"...sometimes it's hard, but what keeps us holding on is our goal and God being with us..."

I'll now leave you with this...

"Spend your time counting your blessings-- not airing your complaints."

Have a blessed day everyone!

p.s. At long last, I was able to deliver my speech for our Engltri class. I was really nervous at first, but when I began talking my heart out, and looking at Mary and Kaymee smiling, I felt at ease. And... Green Media Group, here I come :D

When days go lazy

I shouldnt be here typing a blog entry on this dang keyboard, I should be at the temple now, bowing and chanting to the ancestral gods (Today marks the 49th death day of my cousin's ammah-- err, lola.). I shouldnt be here typing a blog entry on this dang keyboard,I should be studying for my Inersci exam. I shouldnt be here typing a blog entry on this dang keyboard,I should be doing our Introso Report. I shouldnt be here typing a blog entry on this dang keyboard,I should be researching about defense mechanisms for my Psyc class. Lastly, I shouldnt be here typing a blog entry on this dang keyboard,I should be at my bed, hugging a pillow, reading a book and slacking off. Whew. I have a lot of things to do but heck, this day is lazy. Blame the day, not the person.

Weather is gloomy, clouds not that bright, eye of heaven not in sight. Feeling odd, feeling blue. How I wish my responsibilities are few. My gosh, just thinking about the works I have to finish within this day makes me go poetic and insane.

Just to make myself feel a little bit better, I'd like to share to you my most memorable day this week, Wednesday March 1. It was Ash Wednesday. My first Ash Wednesday in the university, my first time to witness a live imposition of ashes to people, which marks the start of Lent. And I wont forget, my first time to be a lector!

I was only informed that I'll be the lector of the 3:40 mass the day before. I was panicking because I haven't experienced reading a gospel in the church, especially in a special eucharistic celebration like Ash Wednesday. I hope I did just fine. I ended up being a lector twice, because the lector for the 5:30 mass did not show up. Ganoon pala maging lector. I'm shivering and yet I have to take few glimpses on the myriad faces in front of me. Ms. Lou was one of the lay ministers, together with Sister Pinky and Tita Amy. She helped us picked up the song sheets after the mass. Her flowery scent really feels heaven!

It's hard to lose weight. Reality 101. I'm really controlling myself not to eat meat. It's terrible but I have to do it. My aunt would be getting me as her bridesmaid on May so I have to lose weight. Good thing it's Lent. Mom would usually serve fish and vegetables during this season.

Get back to work, you lazy day, or you'll finish nothing.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

*I didnt post anything about our current state of affairs because I guess you, fellow bloggers, are so fed up with the issue. Let us just pray that our country, and the rest, gets back in shape soon!

Time to rejoice? Not very fast...

After spraying a few spritz of my favorite Bath and Body Works scent, I headed off to school because I need to be in the speech lab extra early, I'll be delivering my speech for Engltri (I have long been preparing for this, I even asked Mrs. Cases' help for my speech outline.) My mom nonetheless assured me that we have class, right after Martin have texted me.

When I reached Carriedo Station, few couple of people have already been texting me that the DepEd and CHED have already announced that classes are officially suspended in all year levels. So I was thinking, should I rejoice?! Wearing my sassy hot pink blouse for my corporate attire, I went down the stairs of the Central Terminal station. Walking swiftly with my 2-inch stilletos amid the rush of the people going up and down; my sweat is little by little tickling down from my well-brushed hair to my chin. I tried my best not to look exhausted when I took the LRT again way home.

Tsk tsk. That's what you get from the lousy government we have. Late announcements! Our military officials' worldy desire of taking over the government is on the racks again. Palibhasa, it's People Power's anniversary. Want another People Power? Don't you ever get tired of rallying in the streets?! How can these people be so greedy and selfish? Ambitious too, if I may add. Would someone cleanse their ill hearts? Why don't they just go to Leyte and reach out to our fellow countrymen in need? The only thing they have in mind is wanting to have the power... to rule, maybe... (Oh... Mr. Lacson, if you've only won last election...) If I only have the money, I would grab the phone right now and book a flight to Leyte for everyone on earth! But heck, that seems impossible. For now, the only thing I can do for them is to include them in my prayers. As what Ninang Del texted me the other day, we really have to clung to Him these days, more than ever, and if time comes, I'll be the one covering those kind of news. I replied then, "Madami pa po akong bigas na babayuhin..."

While typing this entry, I'm taking few glances of my Maui Caramacs (short for Chocolate COvered Caramel and Macadia Nuts, yum!), thinking, would I remove its box and take a bite? Oops... calorie-counter... Unfortunately, my id (it's a term for "ego" just what I have learned in my General Psych clasS) is bugging me, telling me to take a just a few bite, assuring me that it wouldnt hurt. Okay my dear id, here I go. Shucks, I really have an obsession over caramel. The box of Caramacs is given to me by my Auntie Reggie who just arrived from Hawaii. Also with the chocolates is a cute Guess bag, and a keychain too with my name on it. She promised me that cute Bag a year ago, last May I think... and see, she did remember it! Auntie Reggie is the "new" wife of my dad's cousin, Uncle Celin since his wife had died couple of years ago. And from then, she's really winning our hearts, my heart particularly; but of course, I think she still couldnt replace ever lovable Auntie Mely, my Uncle's first wife who died of heart attack.

I'm reading the book "A Contract with an Angel" right now, written by Andrew Greeley, or should I say Father Andrew Greeley. It's written really well. But I guess it couldnt beat the way Memoirs of a Geisha was written, so intricate and captivating.

Monica!!! When will we watch? Texted you last night, nareceive mo ba? :)

Enjoy our vacation guys, no NSTP tomorrow! Yes, it's time to rejoice :) Oops. Not very fast. Keep in mind our brothers and sisters who have perished during the recent tragedies, in Leyte, and in other parts of the world. .. Have a nice day!

Not a bad week afterall

To the most influential woman in my life
To the woman whom I have first learned how to love and the value of love
To the woman who helped the Heavenly Father in giving me the breath of life
To the woman who's always there for me and my siblings; to cook, and yes, sometimes to clean, when our maid's nowhere to be found... :D

Happy birthday mOm!!!

I love you so much!

Days seem so fast. (yeah. Mom's 47 hehehe) I cant imagine it's Friday once again, time to refresh my memory and keep you updated with tiny bits of my daily life.

After swimming class, Kaymee and I had a nearly traumatic experience in the locker room, a Locker Disaster! Nica, whom we handed over the key of our locker, went home earlier than usual, so she also took home our key. So there we go, panicking (take note: in our bathing suits) and startled. We were afraid to ask for the life guard's help because once they destroy the lock, we'll be accounted for our first minor offense. But we got no choice. We ended up writing a letter of permission to ransack our locker. The lifeguard told us to bring the letter to the DO. Are they silly? What's on their mind? They want Kaymee and I to parade on campus with our bathing suits on? So because of the fear of having a minor offense, Kaymee thought of a plan, with the help of our girls PE mates. Go figure what happened next (Clue: Kaymee has a future in the crime world, she can be put behind the bars someday!).

Moving on, I thought this woulld be the worst Valentine Day in my life. I was wrong! My ahia (eldest brother) went home with a long-stem yellow rose at his hand, and a blackforest cake on the other! He really know how to make me happy! So while watching Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition (Go Zanjoe!), we took huge bites of the scrumptious cake!

Moving on again, Dhi, Kaymee, Joy, Mary and I planned some sort of budget plan because we often end up going home empty-handed. We would pursue this plan of eating lunch at Dhi's dorm, each one bringing either a viand or drink; Dhi's job is to cook rice! And then, at least once a week, we would reward ourselves with yummy desserts or a tasty breakfast at Mcdo. I'm also keeping an eye over the weight loss program which was shown in EWTN, called as Light Weigh. I hope I'll be able to have a copy soon!

This week turned out to be a great one, despite our report in Filipi1 (in which we're triggered with hard-to-answer- questions by one of the groups, what the--!). Part of it was that I finally had the chance to hear again Fr. Mon's and Fr. Rudsen's (He's a good-looking!) inspiring homily, in the 12:10 and 5:30 mass a while ago. I am always moved with their homilies. I also did quite a good job in my Litera1 midterm exam; the results was handed over to us earlier, and I'm so happy with it. I told my mom it's my birthday gift to her! :)

Tomorrow will be a busy day. The C2 class will be up to 1 pm and a show at UP theatre follows at 2:45.

I now end this post. Thank you for dropping by!

Don't forget to thank God for His bounteous blessings!!! God bless!!! Have a great weekend everyone!

love is in the air

February--- a month most awaited by lovey-dovies who want to show to the world their love for each other. Every corner, after blinking an eye, there's red or pink roses here, a heart-shaped balloon there, and sometimes, if you're a lucky one, a box of red ribbon blackforest cake waiting to be spooned-off. Sometimes, rather than feeling love and affection, those singled-out just seem to get contented with the suppressing feeling of melancholy. Shucks, is this part of the bitterness I share with the singles? (Jill? Sara?)

Enough with bitterness.

I guess this love-month is not only made for couples (for heaven's sake!)! I deem it's more of showing your love and care to those people who have touched your life, those people who have loved you and accepted the fact that you are who you are, that despite the rudeness you might have shown to them, these people are still there, willing to give you a piece of themselves. Thank God, these people still exists.

Some of us may end up not having a stem of rose, or a sweet-senti card; but believe me, the feeling is greater if you just put the word "love" into action. In the end, it's the best thing to love, even if you're not loved in return.

"...there are in the end three things that last: faith, hope, and love; and the greatest of these is LOVE..."


**To my F Monica, I'm so happy you finally found HIM. As what I have told you, Nic's indeed heaven sent! I will always always pray for your relationship! Hope we'll see each other soon (with Monnette too) when Memoirs premieres... Monnette!!! Sama kayo ni Royce ah... Miss you much!!!

Frustrations- puzzling but inspiring

Have you ever felt so frustrated that in some circumstances you want to jump off those skyscrapers in Ayala? And to think that you have almost pushed yourself to the limits and yet nothing good (or better) has happened? Those feelings make me weary.

I felt the world was swallowing and gobbling me up while doing my super graded impromptu speech in Engltri. Putting the concepts I have learned in our speaking moments last year, I thought I could do it. Seriously, I do not know why the awareness of being watched and evaluated feels really freaked me out whereas I have done this before and I have delivered a speech in a large auditorium. I stopped for awhile in my speech because I dont know what to say, i ran out of ideas, but deep within, I knew I could say every thought that's in my mind, I even wrote an outline of it but it didnt seem to work. The moment I went back to my seat, perplexity is chewing my brain; thinking I should have said it this way, or I should have said thism, I should have pointed this out. Hay. Oh well, enough with frustrations. I will just hope and pray that I'll do better next time. There's still a lot of next time right?

I sang (together with some Ate's and Kuya's) in the Baccalaureate last Wednesday. I'm so proud of my fellow Lasallians who have made it already to the top, and will be graduating soon. The pool of faces I've seen while singing with the choir made me believe more in myself, in my capabilities; I thought, if they have made it that far, I can also do it... 9 more terms, hopefully!
We're in a tikoy haven last Thursday! The Bonosoc and Ms. Fritzie savored the different flavors of tikoy, enjoying every bite of it though it's really greasy.

Part of celebrating the University Week, there was a concert yesterday at the Central Plaza. The Pep Squad opened the concert followed by Kuya Brix's band. I was not able to watch the entire Ablaze concert because I have to run to the 5:30 mass. After the mass I hurriedly went out and get my stuff at the lspo and return at the chapel to give something to Ms. Lou... Havent talked to her for quite sometime, except that little chit chat last Wednesday. We talked for a while outside the chapel, and gosh I really love the scent she always wear. Actually, the floral scent sticked my hair and after having dinner with Ate Gina and Kuya Jofel, the scent was still there (actually it stayed up to this morning before I had my shower!) love the scent.. really. Hmm I hope I could really get her as my Relstwo teacher next term!

This day, I have really proved the saying "Teaching is not a profession, but a vocation." You really really have to be patient when teaching, especially kids. You're patience will really really be put into test. May be that is why a have a "heart" for all the teachers and professors whom I have met since elementary. They are very dedicated to their work. And that is what I need to have right now.

To end this post, our lives wouldnt really be complete without frustrations that can really be puzzling, but once we'll get over it, they can also inspire us to work more... we need not to worry!

Kong Si Fa Tzai!!!

Happy Chinese New Year... May this year of the dog barks luck, health, and prosperity to all!

A Good Friday the 13th

There are really certain things that can make us happy, without us even knowing it! We sometimes stop for a while, think and smile, and say to ourselves, yes, life couldn't be this good. (Do I sound weird? Hope not. I'm just inspired. Pretty much.)

I can't believe another week is over. Here's a recap of my week! :D

Monday- Engltri lesson had began officially, which means, hello to impromptu speeches. We were called one by one, alphabetically, to answer the question "Who am I?" I took it lightly at first because I was comparing it to Mrs. Cases' "speaking moment". But when Joy was called (her surname is Simpson), my heart started throbbing faster, I became nervous. But then I remembered that I shouldnt feel jittery at all! I have been through 4 or 6 rounds of that during high school. So when I was called, I decided not to talk about what I love or what I hate (which almost everyone had talked about); instead, I talked about my name, and what it's supposed to be (my mom wanted to name me Therese because I was born on the Feast of St. Therese 10-01), instead, I talked about my being Filipino-Chinese, the culture and tradition, and why I hate the term "Intsik". Introso and Litera1 really kills my hand. Too many notes! But that's where all my learning comes from-- trusty notes! And oh, I went home with my left eye killing me. When I arrived home, I removed my contact lenses, turns out, the left lens has a hole near the center.

Tuesday- Gazing at the stars at night calms me up, so when I learned from my Lab teacher, Ms. Jacqueline Teo (we have same name!) that we'll be having several sessions of star gazing, I cant help but get carried away. Galaxy! Stars! Here I come! We had our orientation in our P.E. Swimming class. Ms. Mascardo seems to be kind and understanding. I hope that impression would last until the end of the term. I really want to learn how to swim. AND! When I do, I promise to do it more often, exercise, and lose weight.

Wednesday- I joined the whole Student Lasallian Animators (SLA) a.k.a. LSPO VOlunteers, on their, or should I say, on our first General Assembly of the year. If there's one thing I have learned from LSPO since I started last year, it was the real essence of Volunteerism, giving service which comes from the heart. It was Ate Gina's birthday! We had a little salu-salo at the office, chocolate ice cream, bihon, sandwich, and cellos courtesy of Ate Gina! Friendship is really put into test when it's hindered by time and distance. Yet, when I coincidentally saw my F Monica at Soler St., I believe there's a time to catch up for everything. And I hope we could set a schedule for us to meet!

Thursday- Don't you just get annoyed and irritated when during a class discussion, you hear murmurs, not actually murmurs but guys' huge manly voice, laughing and telling endless tales as if there's no tomorrow?! I hate it. I loathe it. (I'm imagining Malia's irritated face right now *giggles*) So if you ask me what did I do to stop those guys from being too noisy, I just got the attention of Ms. Fritzie (FIlipi1 prof) and told her and the guys... "Maaari ko po bang paki-usapan ang aking mga kamag-aral na panatilihin ang pangkalahatang katahimikan habang ginaganap ang talakayan?" Well, I thought and conceptualized those words for around 3 minutes before hitting it. It worked for the first 15 to 20 minutes, but its effect did not last. Those guys don't seem to care.

Friday- Some believes that Friday the 13th will be a day full of bad luck. Not for me! We had the presentation of our Infommerial in Engltri, Mary's group had the best performance! Genpsyc didnt get boring this time because of the "Brain discussion", I saw the human brain, left side only though. it looked like a jampacked isaw :D!Today is the Feast of St. Jean Baptiste de La Salle. After attending the novena mass, I had lunch with Kuya Joffel, Kuya Dom, DOn, Achie Erine, Ate Gina, Kuya Andy, and Tita Amy at Java Cafe. My plate filled with bake mac nearly fell under the table, siyempre ano pa bang gagawin ni jackie kundi ang tumili. After the lunch we all searched for perfume spray because the smell of Java Cafe stuck to our clothes. Ms. Lou also texted me; she got me a datebook and was asking me to get it frontdesk of her condo. I guess she knows that I'm quite disorganized hehehe. Don accompanied me to Ms. Lou's condo while sharing our fondest childhood memories. Ate Gina also helped us practice the Gospel Songs for Sunday, the mass For The Kids. I met four new friends today, Athalea, Anne, Jo, and Japs! And oh, I found a great sister, Achie Erine :D

Have a great weekend! God be with us all!

New Year. New Hopes. New Goals.

Happy New Year Everyone!

It's a fresh start for all of us! Time to keep up to your resolutions, if you have one. Time to pull out a clean slate; put the past behind, focus on the present, for the future will bring problems of its own.
Last Wednesday, was the start of our third term. I must admit that I'm really really excited to meet my new professors and new classmates as well. I also felt extremely nervous because I still do not know that time if I have someone to be with (whom I know) in all my subjects and scheds. Fortunately, I did have companions!!! God is so good, He never let me be alone.
I met my MWF profs. Ms. Atienza for Englitri, Mr. Galang for Genpsyc, Ms. Go for Introso, and the eye-of-heaven Ms. Sangil for Litera1. Yesterday, I met my TH profs, Ms. Natividad for Inersci, and Ms. Mangonon-Punsalang for Filipi1. Here are my first impressions on them. hmmm... first impressions last, ayt?

Ms. Atienza looks very young, and she's a good dresser too! We were required to ask her one question, after introducing ourselves. The question I asked was that how long has she been teaching in La Salle. That's a boring one, I know. I should have asked her where she got that brown poncho top she was wearing that day. It's pretty cool. In this sched, I'm with Kaymee, Dhi, Mary, Joy, and Arianne!
Mr. Galang looks like a student, a serious one though. According to Kevin Navea, he looks like Jesus Christ... hmmm. I think I'll enjoy his class because he doesn't seem to be boring, for me. I'm with Toni and Kevin (I think I just mentioned him).
Ms. Go is more of a mother-figure. Reminds me of Mrs. Jueves, my THE teaher when I was in first year high school. She's really really nice, like a mom. I hope she'll not give us pamatay quizzes! I'm with my close friend Rachael Trajano, and Niko Batallones.

Ms. Sangil... eye-of-heaven... she's simply a goddess for me... two thumbs up. I'm with Sars, Sudoy, Les, Kizia, Kevin, D, Jason, Dhi, and my friend from CKSC, Kembell Lentejas.
Ms. Natividad is a simple lady. She doesnt seem to have pretenses whatsoever. Rachael told me she gives high grades!!! Wooow, and we even have a field trip either in Taal, or in a beach somewhere in Batangas! Double Wooow! Im with Sars and Jino!

Lastly, Ms. Mangonon-Punsalang (another hyphenated woman who's feminist).. a lady who surely loves to talk. She tells a lot of stories, without even batting an eyelash. Exagge but true. I even want to ask her if she still gives off oxygen because I dont think she's breathing while talking! Strange huh... I'm with the BonoSoc (except for Ale.. huhuhu) plus Kaymee, Dhi, and Joy!
Let us start the new term right, set new goals and work on it. We can always achieve everything and anything as long as we'll put our efforts in it, motivate yourselves, ask for God's guidance, and have faith in Him. For sure that formula will do wonders! Trust me. It worked for me.

Probably, that'll be it. We have started discussions on Genspyc, Introso (reading, chapter 1), and also reading for Litera1.

I hope everyone had a good 3-day start! (I had a great one! Thank God!) Have a great weekend, see you tomorrow blockmates !!! God bless us all...