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While waiting for a text message from my friend, I decided to give you guys an update on what's going on with my life.

So... where do I start?

Last Monday, which was our PE day, we're supposed to have the written Finals Exam in PE. BUT! Fortunately! We didnt have one because Sir Olarte forgot to gave us the URL link of the article we are to read for the exam.

Tuesday, always a so-so day. No one even bothered to bid Mr. Punzalan and Ms. Escalaña goodbye since we wont have class on thursday we'll not be seeing them anymore. Anyhoo, before dismissing us ,Mr. Lualhati, our intphil prof, said that "Ganyan lang talaga ang buhay, kailangan nating maghiwalay". Senti noh? Well, it hasn't been long ago when he "proclaimed" and "declared" that our block is his favorite section.

Wednesday, nothing much happened. Thursday, I went to the printing press for our yearbook, sana it'll be out early next year, or else!!!

Friday, yesterday, we got our pre-final grades in Instud. I got a sucking 2.5, which means I should take the finals to have a higher grade, say 3 or 3.5 pag swinerte. Our Instud class ended up, as usual, with jokes from Sir Marasigan. Algeb, I have no more chance of getting quatro because of my last quiz (HMP written problems suck!) but that's okay. During our Kaspil, we watched our MTV projects and my jaw almost dropped because I kept on laughing! Super benta lahat! Comm Arts Block Rules!

I volunteered to join the LSPO and am very happy to be a part of the LSPO family. The people are so warm and they really treat you as a "family" member even is you're just a newbie. I've also met new ate's and kuya's who are all makukulit and malambing.

The gang bumped into Sister Pinky few days ago, and she still says the same thing whenever she sees us, "SOLID pa rin ah!" Yes sister we're still Solid! And the other day when I saw her, she asked me how's the gifts of the Holy Spirit, I was too shy to answer so I just smiled at her.

During the homily yesterday, the priest talked about Expectations. Expectations on Christmas Day. Receiving gifts, giving gifts, and a whole lot of other expectations. Kaya if I were you, dont expect gifts from anyone hahahha (remember the old saying "It's better to give than to receive")... just GIVE LOVE ON CHRISTMAS DAY!!!

Speaking about gifts, I'll be receiving my Late birthday gift and Early Chirstmas gift from my Dad on Monday!!! A new phone!!! My dream pink kikay phone, Samsung E530 :)

I'll be leaving on the 16th and spend the Holidays with my family. I guess I'll no longer be updating my blog from that day on. But still, I'll be looking forward on your tags and comments! :)

Happy Holidays... And good luck on our Finals, and sa mga magpreprelims din! :)

*My dear readers, please pray for this special person who's really really close to my heart... She'll be having a risky operation on the 13th..

Thank you and have a blessed weekend!

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