it's not yet the end... it's just the beginning

I have never dreamed of this kind of college life, meeting a whole lot of people in all walks of life, spending precious time together through moments of pain, sorrow and happiness.

I have never imagined you people would weave a thread in my heart. In those threads, you have left wonderful stitches.

I may have encountered a lot of difficulties concerning friendship in the past (being misjudged, misunderstood), but you guys proved that life is just a maze. There's no shortcuts, rather, we have to experiences bitter things that we have to survive in the long run.

Yes, you are all blessings from God; that whatever I have gone through in the past, God never left me in those situations. Instead, he gave me an opportunity to meet new sets of friends, new bundles of friendship to nurture and treasure.

You guys made my studying here in De La Salle worthwhile. Yet, it may sound cliche, but "all good things must come to an end." But you're not just "good", you're the bestest best. We may lead different ways this upcoming semester, but Im pretty much assured that wherever we maybe, block LR 19's heart are stringed together, like that of a guitar, whose strings play a breathtaking melody, a melody that will last a lifetime.

I have made a lot of conversation with my blockmates, their thoughts, their words, have left an indelible ink in my mind and in my heart. Let me share some of their thoughts that have struck me, and also some of the unforgettable moments they've shared with me. I would want to put everything I have learned during my 8-months stay in DLSU but the space will not be enough. Here goes...

Kim- Naalala mo noong P.E. natin, nagchikahan tayo once, about our future, where will we be tomorrow, having our own family, and the fear of dying. Tapos sinabi natin na we're not afraid to die kasi lahat naman tayo doon patutungo. Wala lang... natutuwa lang ako knowing na a friend of mine is not afraid of dying. Tsaka Kim, I admire you kasi you're so close to your dad, eh kami ng papa ko minsan lang kami magsama. Whenever nagkwekwento ka about your dad, napapaisip ako parati na sana kasa-kasama ko rin siya parati.

Martin- I did not know that you're a spiritual person until we had that mini talk during the Intphil discussion. And regarding the question you've asked me "DO you believe in angels?" Well, yes I do believe in angels. And I believe that you're a real-life angel sent here by God because you make a lot of people happy with your personality.

Cuyeg- Yung mga diskusyon natin tungkol sa "Anong gusto mong gawin sa buhay?"... natutuwa ako kasi mula nung pinanganak ako, ikaw lang ung kaisa-isang lalaking nakaka-usap ko tungkol sa mga ganong bagay. You have a good heart and a great talent Cuyeg, swerte ung girl na makakahuli sa iyo... And kung *siya* na iyon, I know you'll give her a life similar to a princess.

Lauren- We have had a lot of conversation. I thank you for understanding me and my walang-kwentang problems. Sorry if I have let you hear my sobs and cries over the phone. You may have never shared your problems to me but you know naman na I'm always here for you.

Kaymee- Friends like you bring rainbows in a dull sky... Thank you for trusting me, alam mo na kung ano yun. :) And thank you for helping me out in everything.

Niko- You taught me the value of patience. Alam mo bakit? Kasi there are times when you're really really talkative so I have to be patient enough to focus on what Im doing. My Kumpil buddy! Hehehe.

Jason- Maraming salamat sa mabuti mong pakikitungo sa akin. Patawad kung ganoon na lamang ang pagtrato ko sa iyo. Hindi mo kailangang gumawa ng blog para lang mapansin kita. Sapat na ang malaman kong mayroon palang isang taong itinatangi ako sa iba.

Les- Naku isa ka pa! Heheheh Because of your pagiging madaldal, I learned to keep my mouth shut, talk less, and listen more :) Tsaka alam mo ba na you're one of the reasons why I have learned not to judge a person easily, lalo na kapag hindi mo pa sila kilala. You're a wonderful person Les.

Huey- Maraming salamat dun sa 'talk' natin sa library. Naaalala mo pa ba un? Sana oo.. Noong nag research tayo ng Kaspil, tapos nagkwekwentuhan tayo habang nag-aaral si Lauren. I believe that life's absurdity would not hinder you from achieving your dreams, yes you're facing problems of a 40-year-old man, but that should keep you going... alagaan mo shobe mo ha :)

Jaja- I enjoy every moment I spend with you.. with everything that we've shared, sa mga kinaiinisan, kinalulungkutan, pati sa pagoovernight niyo ni Sara sa bahay... Basta one thing is for sure, I did learn a lot form you girl. You may have lost someone precious to you, but indeed, God has given you more blessings. You too, have been a blessing to me.

Jill- Parang parehas tayo ng kapalaran. Only girl, bunso... Nag-alinlangan pumasok sa dlsu at gustong lumipat sa ust... Basta pag naging kayo na, mag party tayo ha! hehehehe

Ale- I've learned from your smiles that if the world would shatter, a smile will always keep us safe from harm. So if you think that you're world is splitting up right now, flash your ever sweet smile... for life should go on :)

Caresse- You've changed how I feel towards other sexes. You know what I mean. You've made me realize that people like them can prove something to the world and they never deserved "the treatment" others usually have on them.

Sara- Grabe I was not that vain before but hala, when jaja, you, and jill came into my world... wala na... mas natuto pa akong lumandi hahahaha joke lang. You really make me smile whenever you share your thoughts and stories.

Malia- My most memorable moment with you.. naku ang dami eh. Pero hinding hindi ko makakalimutan yung daldalan natin tuwing Artapre class; chinese lessons. May hindi pa tayo nagagawa! ALam mo kung ano yun? Ang pumunta sa Divisoria together at makipagtawaran in Chinese :)

And for those whom I have not mentioned, lahat naman kayo have imparted wonderful experiences and lessons to me, hindi ko nga lang mailagay lahat. Worry not, for you all have a special space in my heart.

This part contains some quotable quotes and learnings from the profs and from the people I have met this second term.

Mr. Marasigan
Sexy-ness defines how you carry yourself and not the shape of your body.

Ms. Alana Hernandez
Hindi tao ang Math kaya di dapat katakutan.
Lahat ng bagay ay mabilis basta't gagamitin ang utak para dumiskarte.

Mr. Delupio
Pagkagraduate sa college, hind na tayo dapat nakasandal sa ating mga magulang. May sarili na tayong buhay.

Mr. Lualhati
* Basta, natutunan kong hindi pala lahat ng mga magagaling sa Philosophy ay atheist *

Ms. Amy
You can always receive Him as long as you allow transformation to happen.

Sister Pinky
You have a eucharistic heart--- a heart of thanksgiving.

Kuya Ric
Why do you always have to be so nice?

Ms. Lou
If someone tells you that you're perfect, he's just giving you a bullsh*t. And of course I wont forget her helping me in receiving for the first time the Penance.

Events that made my Year 2005 one of the best years in my life
I graduated from highschool.
I entered college.
I made the biggest decision I've ever made in my entire life: choosing a course, choosing a university.
I met my block. LR 19.
I met the BonoSoc.
I got into Plaridel but eventually, I resigned.
I volunteered in the LSPO.
I received the Sacrament of Confirmation and Penance.
I had my first Religion class, Ever.
I was given the opportunity to meet wondeful people (a lot of them)!
I lost a cellphone for the first time.
I celebrated my 17th birthday without my parents.
I celebrated my birthday with our less fortunate brothers and sistersm during the NSTP C1.
I won the Quintin Yuyitung Foundation journalism award.
I had my eyebrows plucked.
I went shopping on my own.
I wore a tube gown during the prom, at first I hesitated but it looked fine.
I think I write better now.
My eye prescription reached 375.
I learned to commute on my own, lrt lang nga.
I nearly got lost on my way to school because I rode a jeepney for the first time when the lrt broke down.
I learned to put on eye shadow (courtesy of caresse I think).
I met Kris Aquino.
I got to read more books.
I grew closer to God.

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