Few more weeks and the second term will come to an end. It will be sad for the entire block because we'll now be on our own. Time to review our "adjusting" skills.

I guess it'll be a start of a new friendship to new faces. Yeah, that will be fun, but I'm gonna miss my friends, the bonobos, my beloved blockmates. Our endless kwentuhan and nonstop laugh trips will always be in my heart. No matter what, we should always keep in touch with one another.

Hay so much for the kadramahan. This week (up to next week) will be a busy one. Algeb quiz tomorrow, first draft for the Engltwo research paper is due on Tuesday, Defense Paper for Kaspil due on friday (Thank you Mr. Delupio for giving me and Malia the worst topic ever.). I'm trying my best not to cram because im my own philosophy, the more I cram, the worst is the outcome. So my most effective solution to cramming is doing the assigned tasks in advance, and yes, dont forget that SWEET SMILE :)

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