Blessings of Confirmation

A lot had happened these past few weeks, sorry my dear readers.. i didnt
keep you updated for 12 days (just to be exact) :)

Yesterday was the most special day in my 17 years of existence.I received the gift of the Holy Spirit through the Sacrament of Confirmation.

As what Bishop Tagle said in the homily, "confirmation" is being firm in your faith. It is not just being "confirmed", but also, practicing the Catholic Faith. He also mentioned something about our favorite word "WHATEVER", yes it is a trend, according to him, but it is not a sign of
FIRMNESS. (This is the time I remember our gang, when we used to think or plan on where to go or where to eat, we always say "kahit ano" or "kahit saan" so we sometimes end up eating in different places).

During Bishop Tagle's homily, I remembered Sister Pinky's discussion on The Parable of the Sower. She asked the block if to which path do we belong, I volunteered to answer then and as far as I could remember, I said that I belong to the ground with thorns. Now, being able to reflect on the true meaning of Catholicism and Christianity, I would like to say that I no longer belong to that soil full of thorns... I know I'm on my way to the "good soil"...

Just before the mass, AleLes and I picked up the flowers for the offertory at Daily Blossoms. Then we hung out for a while at the conservatory and got dressed. Hey Les, thanks for accompanying me and Ale... Love yah...

Kizia, Gino, Clarence and to our other blockates who were there to witness the event (hehehe) thank you so much for celebrating with us... and also to those who sent their "congrats" and "God bless".

I was surprised to see Sister Pinky during the mass! Our PEdance Vietnamese friend was also there (I saw her at the South Gate, it was so nice of her to congratulate me and she said that she prayed for me too). My mom, achie gracey, and Ninang Del (yes i can officially call her ninang!) were also there to witness the kumpil rite. I felt warm tears falling while I was reading Ninang Del's and my mom's letter for me.

And of course... my thank yous to my ever-inspiration Ms. Lou for what she had given me. I did not expect her to be so so nice.. but she is indeed very very nice (I think I already mentioned her in my previous entry that Ms. Lou Krainz is one of the nicest and most wonderful person Ive met on earth). In return, I promise to devote time in reading and
reflecting on it... And!!!I will do what you told me to do... "Live IT for tomorrow maybe too late..." Thank You Ms. Lou! :) Those pre-kumpil seminars were fruitful because of you and Ms. Amy :)

After the rite, we headed to the banquet held at the Garden. Sister Pinky saw me and Ale, wondering why there were only the three of us who received the Confirmation. Sister also asked us to write a reflection and email it to her... (I will.. promise!)

Before going home (or should I say, before going to the restaurant with my family and my Ninang Del) , I hugged and thanked Sister Pinky (I think I even stepped on Sister Pinky's foot hehehe), Ms. Lou Krainz, and Ms. Amy...

I was about to go when Ate Millicent from the LSPO called me, so i went to their table. She introduced me to my future ka-LSPO :) (Yes you heard it right! I will soon be joining the LSPO and im so excited).. They are so sweet (including Ms. Gina, who I thought was very mataray) that Sir --- (I forgot his name) want me to start next week :) {At eto pa, may gwapo dun sa LSPO hahaha, pati si Ninang Del nagwapuhan! hehehee}

To Niko.... myself... and Ale.... Congratulations sa atin :)

To The Almighty, Thank You for giving me the CALLING... All of these wouldnt be possible without You... I know You helped me awhile ago to make my very first online enrollment successful... You are really my Savior...

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The Sacrament of Confirmation

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Ninang Del and her one and only Kumpil inaanak

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