Few more weeks and the second term will come to an end. It will be sad for the entire block because we'll now be on our own. Time to review our "adjusting" skills.

I guess it'll be a start of a new friendship to new faces. Yeah, that will be fun, but I'm gonna miss my friends, the bonobos, my beloved blockmates. Our endless kwentuhan and nonstop laugh trips will always be in my heart. No matter what, we should always keep in touch with one another.

Hay so much for the kadramahan. This week (up to next week) will be a busy one. Algeb quiz tomorrow, first draft for the Engltwo research paper is due on Tuesday, Defense Paper for Kaspil due on friday (Thank you Mr. Delupio for giving me and Malia the worst topic ever.). I'm trying my best not to cram because im my own philosophy, the more I cram, the worst is the outcome. So my most effective solution to cramming is doing the assigned tasks in advance, and yes, dont forget that SWEET SMILE :)


"Damang dama ko na ang simoy ng Pasko. Kay sarap damhin ang malamig na hanging humahaplos sa 'king kutis. 'Pasko nanaman', madalas sabihin ng ilan. Ngunit para sa akin, ang tunay na diwa nito'y ang pagsasama-sama ng mga mag-anak upang ipagdiwang ang kapanangakan ni Hesu Kristo at ang ipinagkaloob ng ating Ama na pagmamahalan at kapayapaan."

I thought I was running late for our NSTP Community Service because I reached DLSU at around 7:15 in the morning, having in mind that the call time is 7 am. Good thing I saw Clarence while I'm on my way to Chowking to take out some food for our host family. She was wondering why I was early, she said that the call time is 8 am and there's no need to bring food because it'll only be a half day. So there I was... confused... so I just went inside the campus.

I went to the PGP chapel to say a little prayer for my Dad because it's his birthday today (Happy Birthday Pa! Distance might hinder us from loving each other... But I believe that our hearts are stringed together, forever... Thank you for all your sacrifice... I love yah!). Then it was still pretty early so I decided to sit in the benches near the ampitheater. It was so cold that the gentle breeze gave me the thought of Christmas is just around the corner! I was thinking a lot of things while sitting alone in that bench... random thoughts that made me realize a lot of things. I felt a sense of tranquility while I was seated there... Oh... Life has never been that good... being at peace even for a short time... and that No matter what, Life, is indeed beautiful!

At aroung 7.45, I went to Mcdo to munch on something. I saw Ms. Bernie Gonzalo and she asked me why there were many students considering it's a saturday. I told her that froshies have NSTP class, and we have to do a community service. Then I saw Kizia and Janna! Good thing I saw them, if not I'll be eating alone.

The jeepney ride to our Brgy. host was so fun. Imagine having a roller coaster ride in a jeep?! When we reached the brgy, we hang out with our host family for an hour and then we went to the brgy hall to present our project. We're going to do some sort of a tutoring class, Im actually excited about this. I'd love to teach lil children Math and English, but not Science. After our presentation, we went back to our jeep. Our facilitator is really nice since she allowed us to go separate ways to have our lunch and then we could go home.

As for the gang, we had our lunch at Chicken Bacolod, across Araneta Center. They planned to watch Harry Potter, I just dont know if they did watch because I went home early. And oh, what a small world we really have! I saw my childhood friends back in Ballesteros!!! We were about to enter Gateway mall when I heard someone calling "Jacq!", I glanced for a while, and there... I saw James Rivera and Ella Gabriel. We'll see each other in Cagayan on December! James and I usually see each other during Simbang Gabi's at our church :)

Oh, I forgot to tell you about yesterday.

It was my dear J-O-Y's birthday!!! Happy birthday J-O-Y!!! After finishing the three mini cakes, we ate late lunch at Wok this Way with the gang. While eating, we were watching wrestling and sharing our childhood memories related to wrestling (I told them that me and my bro had this Hulk Hogan doll, and I comb his blonde hair just like what I do with my Barbie dolls!). After having our scrumptious meals, Kaymee and I went back to school and meet Mary at Animo Canteen.

I asked Kaymee and Mary if they can accompany me to hear the Closing Mass of the Christ Week '05 which will be held at the Ampitheater, 530 pm. Im glad they went with me :) The three of us were chatting about a whole lot of things while doing a boy-hunting job at the ampi. Then, Ms. Gina from the LSPO saw me. I went to her; she asked a favor, for me to be a part of the Offertory and to get 3 more people to join in the offertory.

Mary and I immediately got up and asked the people around. We even went to the SPS bldg to ask the ladies there if they can join the offertory. They refused. When I looked at my right, I saw Ms. Lou and for the first time, I wasnt shy to approach her first... I did thank her again for everything.. She also went to the the mass...

The mass started at 530, sharp. And yes, Mary and I were able to get 3 people for the offertory. Though Mary had to go home, Kaymee stayed with me all throughout the mass.

After the mass, Kaymee and I decided to stay for awhile (because her mom was caught in traffic at alabang) and watch the KKK Concert. Before that, I again saw Ms. Lou on her way home so I approached her and we had a short conversation. I'm so glad I've met her... I really feel at ease and at peace when I talk to her or even thru text... She told me that there was still that "glow" in my face... I hope I can get her as my Relstwo teacher next year.

* Below is my Schedule for the next term

MWF 810-910 Engl3 A55 Atienza
920-1020 Genpsyc A60 Galang
1030-1130 Introso A60 Go
230-330 Litera1 A53 Sangil

T 810-1110 Lbyphyf A53 Teo
TH 1120-1220 Inersci A52 Solis
TH 100-230 Filipi1 A58 Carandang
T 300-500 PE A51 Mascardo

Thanks for dropping by! May God Bless us All!

Blessings of Confirmation

A lot had happened these past few weeks, sorry my dear readers.. i didnt
keep you updated for 12 days (just to be exact) :)

Yesterday was the most special day in my 17 years of existence.I received the gift of the Holy Spirit through the Sacrament of Confirmation.

As what Bishop Tagle said in the homily, "confirmation" is being firm in your faith. It is not just being "confirmed", but also, practicing the Catholic Faith. He also mentioned something about our favorite word "WHATEVER", yes it is a trend, according to him, but it is not a sign of
FIRMNESS. (This is the time I remember our gang, when we used to think or plan on where to go or where to eat, we always say "kahit ano" or "kahit saan" so we sometimes end up eating in different places).

During Bishop Tagle's homily, I remembered Sister Pinky's discussion on The Parable of the Sower. She asked the block if to which path do we belong, I volunteered to answer then and as far as I could remember, I said that I belong to the ground with thorns. Now, being able to reflect on the true meaning of Catholicism and Christianity, I would like to say that I no longer belong to that soil full of thorns... I know I'm on my way to the "good soil"...

Just before the mass, AleLes and I picked up the flowers for the offertory at Daily Blossoms. Then we hung out for a while at the conservatory and got dressed. Hey Les, thanks for accompanying me and Ale... Love yah...

Kizia, Gino, Clarence and to our other blockates who were there to witness the event (hehehe) thank you so much for celebrating with us... and also to those who sent their "congrats" and "God bless".

I was surprised to see Sister Pinky during the mass! Our PEdance Vietnamese friend was also there (I saw her at the South Gate, it was so nice of her to congratulate me and she said that she prayed for me too). My mom, achie gracey, and Ninang Del (yes i can officially call her ninang!) were also there to witness the kumpil rite. I felt warm tears falling while I was reading Ninang Del's and my mom's letter for me.

And of course... my thank yous to my ever-inspiration Ms. Lou for what she had given me. I did not expect her to be so so nice.. but she is indeed very very nice (I think I already mentioned her in my previous entry that Ms. Lou Krainz is one of the nicest and most wonderful person Ive met on earth). In return, I promise to devote time in reading and
reflecting on it... And!!!I will do what you told me to do... "Live IT for tomorrow maybe too late..." Thank You Ms. Lou! :) Those pre-kumpil seminars were fruitful because of you and Ms. Amy :)

After the rite, we headed to the banquet held at the Garden. Sister Pinky saw me and Ale, wondering why there were only the three of us who received the Confirmation. Sister also asked us to write a reflection and email it to her... (I will.. promise!)

Before going home (or should I say, before going to the restaurant with my family and my Ninang Del) , I hugged and thanked Sister Pinky (I think I even stepped on Sister Pinky's foot hehehe), Ms. Lou Krainz, and Ms. Amy...

I was about to go when Ate Millicent from the LSPO called me, so i went to their table. She introduced me to my future ka-LSPO :) (Yes you heard it right! I will soon be joining the LSPO and im so excited).. They are so sweet (including Ms. Gina, who I thought was very mataray) that Sir --- (I forgot his name) want me to start next week :) {At eto pa, may gwapo dun sa LSPO hahaha, pati si Ninang Del nagwapuhan! hehehee}

To Niko.... myself... and Ale.... Congratulations sa atin :)

To The Almighty, Thank You for giving me the CALLING... All of these wouldnt be possible without You... I know You helped me awhile ago to make my very first online enrollment successful... You are really my Savior...

picture picture!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The Sacrament of Confirmation

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Ninang Del and her one and only Kumpil inaanak

God's Miracles

Here's a short recap... Notice the *highlight of my day yesterday nov. 4 and today*

Nov. 3
Artsche class was cut short because of the number of absentees. We spent our Engl2 Class at the library for our research paper. And guess what, I was able to borrow books for the first time in DLSU Library! Intphil, We're 10 minutes late, but nonetheless we still entered the class. Clarence had a solo report :) job well done clarence *applause

Nov. 4
The BIG day. We're going to visit Ms. FFC. I met up with Winnie at tutuban primeblock mall at around 9:30 am, then we headed at the "sakayan ng jeep" (hmmm kanta un ah). We arrived at Ma'am FFC's place at around 10 in the morning. I was the one who knocked at their gate, with a shaking and thrilly voice, I asked the man if Ma'am was there. Whew... winnie and I were overjoyed!!! We thought that they wouldnt let us in, but aha! We're sooo lucky... We had a 2-hour conversation. We talked about anything and everything... Ma'am would always inject to our conversation the "miracle tea" she's drinking.

Speaking of miracles, it's fantabulous to know how God creates magic... miracles... God answered Ms. FFC's prayer.

Winnie handed over a book entitled "Recovery" to ma'am. To our surprise, ma'am was smiling from ears to ears. Her prayer was answered. It was months ago when she asked God for a sign; if someone will give her a book, it would mean that she'll be having a continuous recovery. With the hair on my arms rising, I said to myself, God really is Great.

To top it all off, I enjoyed the day I spent with Winnie and Ms. FFC. To winnie, thank you for the company.. I wouldnt have gone without you! :) Thanks uber. I will always pray for Ms. FFC's speedy recovery.

I woke up pretty early, around 6 I guess. I am to meet my soon-to-be ninang, Mrs. Adela Cases at CKSC. She'll be attending the parent-sponsor recollection for my Kumpil. I thought I was too early so I sat in the waiting room (I miss doing this, especially after Physics tutor, I'll sit on the waiting room while waiting for my mom). But few seconds later, Mrs. Cases went out at the main gate. We had breakfast together at Jollibee. We talked about Ms. FFC, how faith works its magic and a handful of things..

Together with my mom, We took the LRT and headed to DLSU. Mrs. Cases met her old students inside the campus. And she told me that what she loves the most about being a teacher is seeing her old students again and just reminisce everythng... We then parted ways, my mom and Mrs. Cases at the CBE room, and me at L'Hermitage.

Highlight of the day, which I also consider as God's Miracle: I had my very first confession... oops. the rest is private. (to f, i did shed a tear!)

* Thank you to my mom, ninang del (nyahaha), and to Ms. Krainz.... I'm so so so glad you are all there for me. Especially to Ms. Krainz (hmm I know she'll not be able to read this), many thanks to you... I wouldnt have done "it" without you...

Aleigna Ale... Thank you for the friendship.. ang senti ba hehehhe... I enjoyed our seminars and also our retreat because of you... hahahahha thanks sa bonding moments!

That's all for now... May God bless us all..

Last Song Syndrome LSS
"If there's one more gift, I'd ask of you Lord, it would be peace..."


Im in a blogging mood right now so puhlease bear with me...

My day started quite early since I have to go to the LSPO and meet Ms. Amy for my one on one session with her. I learned a lot of things from her. She said that part of understanding God's life is by reading The Bible; and that is my first assignment; gotta start doing that right now. She also discussed about why people take the Communion and the usual questions people would ask about the Eucharist. Our 'session' lasted for about an hour and a half, but that time was extremely worth it.Now my conscience is bugging me why did I not study in a Catholic School, I might have a better grasp of all these things if I did... oh well, that's my parents decision, nothing to argue about.

Lauren, me and Ale ate at Wendy's before our first class. Surprisingly, we need to say "HELLO" to "MR. E-VAT". The original price of my meal is 95, with Mr. E-vat, it became 104.5. If Mr. E-vat would help the economy, why not continue with it, but if all that money will only go to our corrupt official's pockets, gee, id rather starve!

Anyways, our instud class, was as usual... filled with Sir Marasigan's jokes. It's nice to hear laughter once in a while especially when you're stuck with mind-wracking lessons about World Wars. Marasigan Mantra is stuck on my head up to now!!! Here goes... "Sexy-ness defines (not the shape of your body but) how you carry yourself..."

After which, Ale, I, and Niko headed to our Pre-Kumpil Seminar. It started a lil bit late because our facilitators attended the 11.30 mass. We practiced the actual rite which will take place two weeks from now. We had a good laugh a while ago, Ms. Krainz played the role of the Bishop, and a lot of errors were committed, but that's pretty much okay.. practice lang naman hehehe. Too bad Ale and I did not volunteer to read the liturgy, we're the flower bearers instead. We even thought of volunteering to sing for the responsorial psalm, but we may end up embarrassing ourselves so forget it :)

We'll also have a retreat for the kumpil on Saturday. And my sponsor, Mrs. Cases will attend!!! yihee!!! I told her how good Ms. Krainz is, and that she'll be the one to lead the talk. I also got to talk with Ms. Krainz after the seminar because Im very much worried on how the confession will go. You know, first-timer. She talked about a whole lot of things, which really really opened up my mind. I would just quote what she said (though these arent the exact lines) "In this world, man cannot live alone, that is the reason why God is always up there for us, like the famous quote No man is an Island.." Having that conversation with Ms. Krainz lifted up my spirit... Indeed, she's really a wonderful person...

sorry for this long post!!!
enjoy the rest of the day...
May God bless us all...

need inspiration?

Just want to keep my blog kicking alive!!! :)

We already went to the cemetery yesterday and visit my angkong, lola nena, and lola nena's husband. We also went to rockwell just to "parade" alyanna... she wore a butterfly costume.. she's uber pretty, everyone's staring at her...

Since it's all souls day, i think it's time to ponder once again on the temporariness and permanence of life (as what Ricky Lo said). Here's a poem from Ms. Rio Diaz, he gave a copy to Ricky Lo and it's printed in today's copy of Phil. Star

Safely Home

I am now at home in heaven;
All's so happy, all's so bright!
There is perfect joy and beauty
In this everlasting light.

All the pain and grief are over,
Every restless tossing past;
I am now at peace forever,
Safely home in heaven at last.

Did you wonder I so calmly
Trod the Valley of the Shade?
Oh! but Jesus' love illuminated
Every dark and fearful glade.

And He came Himself to meet me
In that way so hard to tread;
And with Jesus' arm to lean on,
Could I have one doubt or dread?

Then you must not grieve so sorely,
For I love you dearly still;
Try to look beyond earth's shadows,
Pray to trust our Father's will.

There is work still waiting for you,
So you must not idle stand;
Do your work while life remaineth--
You shall rest in Jesus' land.

It's a wonderful poem that talks about life in the "other world". We must learn how to appreciate life's beauty and thank God for all the blessings He gives us... If ever an obstacle comes across our way, lets think of it as a challenge that He had given us, and He'll help us make it through..

I've finished reading Paulo Coelho's By the River Piedra I sat down and Wept... It's a heartfelt story about the magical powers of God...

I would like to share this quote to everyone who needs inspiration heheehe (an evidence that Im very much inspired to Ms. Krainz, too bad she won't be lecturing this coming Wednesday)

"Every love lies the seed of our growth. The more we love, the closer we come to spiritual experience." -Paulo Coelho