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I have never been to a VTR. And I dont like the idea either. But since my dear niece is the one who'll be go-seeing, it's fine with me.

A lot of kids lined up and waited for their turn. When it was alyanna's turn, I swear I was so excited. I even went inside the VTR room with achie jen (alyanna's mom) just to witness the whole thing.

They have a video cam connected to a TV so that the talent manager would see how the child projects. But Alyanna is too wise, she knows that the she can see herself on the TV, kaya ayun nagfocus sa TV. But she was able to smile naman and her projection was so cute. I think the commercial is for a fastfood advertisement. I hope she could get in kasi hindi naman sa panlalait, si alyanna pinakamaganda dun! hmp! proud ninang!

After the VTR, we sent alyanna to her school, sa ETON (international school sa robinson's manila) . Shw woke up early yesterday kasi excited daw siya mag school. Inside the classroom, she's really participating. And when I my cousin and I left her at the classroom, she did not cry. I find that school good kasi the teachers are really patient to the children, and may play room pa sila, puro toys, slides, swing. Alyanna dont want to go home, she just stayed at the play room after her class...

I bought myself a birthday present; the two books that I'm really dying to read... Mitch Albom's FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN; and Paulo Coelho's BY THE RIVER PIEDRA I SAT DOWN AND WEPT.

Later that day we went to greenhills and then had our dinner at My Angels Kitchen along Connecticut St.  with my auntie brim and auntie baby. The food was greattttt!!

Last thursday, I dreamt of my favorite teacher Ms. COntreras. Nagkita raw kami sa mall and I cant help but look at her, noong lumapit siya, sabi ko "ma'am gumaganda po kayo and bumabata.." tapos nag smile siya and nakipagkwentuhan. Later did I know na si Ms. Tampus din napanaginipan si Ma'am. Nagbalik daw sa sa CKSC and nagtuturo. I hope both of our dreams implies that Ms. Contreras is really doing well. I miss her so much.. the way she teaches... she's simply the best!

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pnay said...

Ms. Contreras just passed away Jan 1, 2009 7:10pm