surprise surprise, in advance!

i can't help but smile, really.

i promised my friends that I'll treat them to a food trip today but I cancelled it because my cousin, achie gracey, invited me to his son's birthday party. i havent seen her son, yro for a long time.

when i went to school this morning, everything seems so normal; nothing unusual; nothing extraordinary. everything went well actually, from my first class artsche, down to the last one, which is intphil.

i went home immediately after class since achie gracey is already waiting for me. she said that we'll go out at around 5:30 since she's still waiting for somebody to arrive. alright then, i said.

my cousin decided to take a shower while waiting for that someone. 5:30 came and my cousin looked slightly uneasy; smiling at me as if there's something funny.

then i heard a noise downstairs, it's actually giggles and laughter... of lauren. i didnt mind, and just continued watching the television.

then i heard the doorbell rang. yes. all of my friends (kim cuyeg tracy jaja sara kaymee caresse ale COR! lauren--- oops! jillie gave a video message! nico brando, kizia, martin also wrote a messege) went to our house to give me a surprise. when my cousin saw them, she immediately hid in our room. my friends we're singing the birthday song (in chinese also courtesy of caresse). they gave me a cake, PICTURES!!! and the big HELLO KITTY BANNER with all their messages written there!!! since there's no candle included in the cake, i decided to use the 6 different colored candles (i think monica gave me this one last xmas). i made a wish and we all blew the candles... then we ate the chocolate cake with caramel in the middle... so yummy... now everything's extraordinary, every moment at school awhile ago is flashing back, making me figure out how did they plan the whole thing.

i just arrived home from my nephew's birthday (yro-- he's the cutest little boy in the whole wide world) and just finished reading the messages in that big hello kitty banner. GUYS!!! thank you for the surprise... i really dont know how you talked to my cousin! ang galing galing! kinakunchaba pa talaga! this is my most special birthday ever... (umiiyak na koh)... i love you all...

*p.s. sa tuesday talaga, promise...

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