happy birthday to my idol

ms. patricia evangelista, happy happy birthday!!!

here's the letter i wrote for ms. patricia (i sent this to her through email, i hope she'll receive it)

hi ms. patricia evangelista!

happy happy happy happy birthday!!!

i'm jacqueline uy, a freshman at DLSU-main, taking up AB Communication Arts. I'm an avid reader of your weekly column "Crazed".

Ms. Pat (if you allow me to call you with that) you just dont know how much you have inspired me. I am one of those Filipinos who held their chins up high when you won in the International Public Speaking Contest. From that day on, I have started looking up to you, as a teenage "icon". As a matter of fact Ms. Pat, I used your piece during your competition in our class' individual declamation/oratorical when I was in 4th yr High School (my teacher was happy with my performance =)) I also watched and RECORDED your interview with Mr. Cito Beltran in ANC, where you showed your speech on air. I have also watched you co-host Mr. Beltran's show :) Remember the Phil Star issue 2 years ago? where tehy interviewed you and asked you about the contest in London (there's a picture of you wearing white spags and blue skirt), i cut it out, and up to now it's still on my study table. I also have the Meg issue, the one they featured you as an achiever! :)

I've joined several extemporaneous speaking contest (in Filipino) and everytime I walk my way into that center stage, jitters would usually tickle me from my foot. But then I have always thought of you, i usually ask myself, how did ms. evangelista do it? I remember you saying (in Straight Talk) that when speaking, you usually look into the audience in an "M" style, or just look at them as if you're talking to them one by one. Putting that to mind Ms Pat(and of course, imitating you), I won first place in our Dagliang Talumpatian Inter section, and won third place in inter school.

I admire you alot, your writings particularly. Everytime I read your column, there's always a feeling of amazement! hehehe and oh, you're one of the reasons why I took up Com Arts hehehe...So Ms. Pat, continue all your good deeds, continue inspiring me, and inspiring a whole lot of teenagers out there!

again, happy happy birthday! God Bless you on all your endeavors!!! Take Care always!!!

your "fan" :)
jacqueline d. uy

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