college collage!

Things are again back to normal. Endless reading of photocopied papers from cover to cover, researching certain topics, eating and chatting in between classes etcetera etcetera. Nonetheless, college still doesnt suck. It somehow gives you a sense of fulfillment (well, in a way); like being able to read an inch-thick of assigned papers.

But you know, what makes college extra special is that along the way, you meet people in all walks of life. You get to interact with them and at the end of the day, you just realize that you've helped them out in simple ways you dont even know. I'm also very happy that I have my friends who constantly cheer me up, especially when I feel awfully sick. I didnt get to play volleyball last Monday because I was not feeling well.

My friends (jill jaja sara lau ale malia) and I went to Megamall yesterday out of the blue!!! It was an adventure for me :)

Hay. I will be left alone in our house starting tomorrow up to october 3rd. My mom will be going to cagayan with my dihya. So I'll be alone here with our kasambahay and my eldest brother, whom I often see. Too bad my mom will not be here on my birthday (hmmm 1 week and 3 days to gO!!!), but as my aunt told me, it'll be fine for my mom to be a way for awhile since she's always tired when she's here. My aunt and my cousins and my friends will be there on my birthday, so I guess there's nothing to worry about. And of course, my dad needs a companion there in our house. So I'll just blurt out everything here in my blog.

Sorry I've ran out of juicy ideas to write on... My brain just broke... It got tired of reading transcriptions and writing news write ups for Plaridel. yaks yaks yaks.

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