4 Days to GO!

Last Saturday, i felt so bad when i learned that our no-class-day on CWTS is moved to Oct.8 and not on Oct.1. which means my supposed to be lakad on my birthday with the F's will be cancelled. In addition to that, I felt worst when I learned that we'll be going to a community that day to interact with the less fortunates. But hey, I shouldn't feel bad after all. It'll be a nice first-time-experience to celebrate my birthday with them; at the same time it'll be a reality check 101 for me. There are times when I feel dissatisfied with what I have yet there are those people who needed those things badly more than I do.

Ika nga ni makatang Jason Lopez, magiging espesyal pa rin ang kaarawan ko tsaka uulan daw ng regalo ang langit...

Nonetheless, I really hope that a day before my birthday, I'll meet up with pa-f's monica and monnette... miss them so much, I havent seen them for the longest time ever. Fonnette if your reading this, text me kung pwede ka sa sept. 30 ha.. Monica cancelled all her appointments after class para magsama-sama tayo :) miss you... mwah!

by the way highway, i'll have a new layout soon! watch out for it! it's ONE of my birthday gifts to my self.

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