surprise surprise, in advance!

i can't help but smile, really.

i promised my friends that I'll treat them to a food trip today but I cancelled it because my cousin, achie gracey, invited me to his son's birthday party. i havent seen her son, yro for a long time.

when i went to school this morning, everything seems so normal; nothing unusual; nothing extraordinary. everything went well actually, from my first class artsche, down to the last one, which is intphil.

i went home immediately after class since achie gracey is already waiting for me. she said that we'll go out at around 5:30 since she's still waiting for somebody to arrive. alright then, i said.

my cousin decided to take a shower while waiting for that someone. 5:30 came and my cousin looked slightly uneasy; smiling at me as if there's something funny.

then i heard a noise downstairs, it's actually giggles and laughter... of lauren. i didnt mind, and just continued watching the television.

then i heard the doorbell rang. yes. all of my friends (kim cuyeg tracy jaja sara kaymee caresse ale COR! lauren--- oops! jillie gave a video message! nico brando, kizia, martin also wrote a messege) went to our house to give me a surprise. when my cousin saw them, she immediately hid in our room. my friends we're singing the birthday song (in chinese also courtesy of caresse). they gave me a cake, PICTURES!!! and the big HELLO KITTY BANNER with all their messages written there!!! since there's no candle included in the cake, i decided to use the 6 different colored candles (i think monica gave me this one last xmas). i made a wish and we all blew the candles... then we ate the chocolate cake with caramel in the middle... so yummy... now everything's extraordinary, every moment at school awhile ago is flashing back, making me figure out how did they plan the whole thing.

i just arrived home from my nephew's birthday (yro-- he's the cutest little boy in the whole wide world) and just finished reading the messages in that big hello kitty banner. GUYS!!! thank you for the surprise... i really dont know how you talked to my cousin! ang galing galing! kinakunchaba pa talaga! this is my most special birthday ever... (umiiyak na koh)... i love you all...

*p.s. sa tuesday talaga, promise...

pinay big sister!

It's nice to know that there are those people who are very much concerned about me not having any companion in our house (except for our kasambahay, and my ahia who most often than not, arrive at the wee hours of the morning).

Yesterday, Jaja and Sara had an overnight stay in my house. We had a great time, super great time. Some sort of oa PINOY BIG SISTER hehehe LAu, if you're reading this, hahaha yan kasi ayaw mong sumama! :)

When we arrived at my house, we sat in our couch for a while and then we went down for our so called "food trip". We ate fishballs and chickenballs (near SSHS), and then drank this very unique but very delicious gulaman. I would have wanted them to taste the siomai and other dimsum but my companions are dieting! hahaha... Then we watched TV, took shower, and ate dinner! After which Lau called! We kept on passing the phone because we were replying to our text messages that time. After the almost 30-minute conversation, heads down, We studied kaspil in my room together. I'm already very sleepy but the 2 girls are still hyper that they even watched A Walk To Remember.. I can still hear them giggling and laughing while I'm already asleep... When we woke up this morning, we had our pedicure and manicure at the parlor then ate sinigang na baboy for lunch.

So that was it...
I'm home alone again... (with my ate sheryl)

4 Days to GO!

Last Saturday, i felt so bad when i learned that our no-class-day on CWTS is moved to Oct.8 and not on Oct.1. which means my supposed to be lakad on my birthday with the F's will be cancelled. In addition to that, I felt worst when I learned that we'll be going to a community that day to interact with the less fortunates. But hey, I shouldn't feel bad after all. It'll be a nice first-time-experience to celebrate my birthday with them; at the same time it'll be a reality check 101 for me. There are times when I feel dissatisfied with what I have yet there are those people who needed those things badly more than I do.

Ika nga ni makatang Jason Lopez, magiging espesyal pa rin ang kaarawan ko tsaka uulan daw ng regalo ang langit...

Nonetheless, I really hope that a day before my birthday, I'll meet up with pa-f's monica and monnette... miss them so much, I havent seen them for the longest time ever. Fonnette if your reading this, text me kung pwede ka sa sept. 30 ha.. Monica cancelled all her appointments after class para magsama-sama tayo :) miss you... mwah!

by the way highway, i'll have a new layout soon! watch out for it! it's ONE of my birthday gifts to my self.

college collage!

Things are again back to normal. Endless reading of photocopied papers from cover to cover, researching certain topics, eating and chatting in between classes etcetera etcetera. Nonetheless, college still doesnt suck. It somehow gives you a sense of fulfillment (well, in a way); like being able to read an inch-thick of assigned papers.

But you know, what makes college extra special is that along the way, you meet people in all walks of life. You get to interact with them and at the end of the day, you just realize that you've helped them out in simple ways you dont even know. I'm also very happy that I have my friends who constantly cheer me up, especially when I feel awfully sick. I didnt get to play volleyball last Monday because I was not feeling well.

My friends (jill jaja sara lau ale malia) and I went to Megamall yesterday out of the blue!!! It was an adventure for me :)

Hay. I will be left alone in our house starting tomorrow up to october 3rd. My mom will be going to cagayan with my dihya. So I'll be alone here with our kasambahay and my eldest brother, whom I often see. Too bad my mom will not be here on my birthday (hmmm 1 week and 3 days to gO!!!), but as my aunt told me, it'll be fine for my mom to be a way for awhile since she's always tired when she's here. My aunt and my cousins and my friends will be there on my birthday, so I guess there's nothing to worry about. And of course, my dad needs a companion there in our house. So I'll just blurt out everything here in my blog.

Sorry I've ran out of juicy ideas to write on... My brain just broke... It got tired of reading transcriptions and writing news write ups for Plaridel. yaks yaks yaks.

dreaded premonition

Yesterday, while on my way home, i passed by an old house. It's like one of the houses in our province--the typical old house, with those sliding huge windows. There I saw a beaming chandelier. All of a sudden , I thought, it was like the lights which can usually be seen in a funeraria-- the lights beside the coffin. I raised my neck to check if there's a wake going on; but there was none. I then imagined that house, same as my auntie herminia's (my mom's older sister), with a wake going on.

When I arrived home, my mom had a sort-of similar situation. A black butterfly was constantly following her, flying around her waist. Our maid was with my mom that time; she told my mom that the butterfly was like a bad omen. She also had in mind that someone's going to die.

Dinner came and everyone's silent. Until we received a call from my cousin Ernest John (my auntie herminia's son). Uncle Poka (his dad) had just passed away. Indeed, those mentioned above were dreaded premonitions.

It has been more than a month since my uncle was diagnosed with cancer. My aunt, who's a very patient and giving woman, took care of my uncle's needs. She would wake up in the middle of the night to check if my uncle's doing fine. One time, my uncle fell on the bed, it was my aunt who brought her up. My aunt is on her 60's, my uncle on my 70's (77 to be exact). They have four children, my achie bola, achie pei san, achie jane, achie grace, and ernest. My mom made it a point that my cousins and us would be close and bonded, regardless of our age; and yes, we're very close.

My aunt and uncle are one heck of a couple. Their marriage lasted for years; really... until death made them part.

Two of my aunts now are now widowed; first my Auntie Brim (with my Uncle Johnny) and now my Auntie Herminia (with my Uncle Poka).

I now ask for your prayers... for the repose of my beloved uncle's soul... He's now in a better place...far from harm... far from struggles...

happy birthday to my idol

ms. patricia evangelista, happy happy birthday!!!

here's the letter i wrote for ms. patricia (i sent this to her through email, i hope she'll receive it)

hi ms. patricia evangelista!

happy happy happy happy birthday!!!

i'm jacqueline uy, a freshman at DLSU-main, taking up AB Communication Arts. I'm an avid reader of your weekly column "Crazed".

Ms. Pat (if you allow me to call you with that) you just dont know how much you have inspired me. I am one of those Filipinos who held their chins up high when you won in the International Public Speaking Contest. From that day on, I have started looking up to you, as a teenage "icon". As a matter of fact Ms. Pat, I used your piece during your competition in our class' individual declamation/oratorical when I was in 4th yr High School (my teacher was happy with my performance =)) I also watched and RECORDED your interview with Mr. Cito Beltran in ANC, where you showed your speech on air. I have also watched you co-host Mr. Beltran's show :) Remember the Phil Star issue 2 years ago? where tehy interviewed you and asked you about the contest in London (there's a picture of you wearing white spags and blue skirt), i cut it out, and up to now it's still on my study table. I also have the Meg issue, the one they featured you as an achiever! :)

I've joined several extemporaneous speaking contest (in Filipino) and everytime I walk my way into that center stage, jitters would usually tickle me from my foot. But then I have always thought of you, i usually ask myself, how did ms. evangelista do it? I remember you saying (in Straight Talk) that when speaking, you usually look into the audience in an "M" style, or just look at them as if you're talking to them one by one. Putting that to mind Ms Pat(and of course, imitating you), I won first place in our Dagliang Talumpatian Inter section, and won third place in inter school.

I admire you alot, your writings particularly. Everytime I read your column, there's always a feeling of amazement! hehehe and oh, you're one of the reasons why I took up Com Arts hehehe...So Ms. Pat, continue all your good deeds, continue inspiring me, and inspiring a whole lot of teenagers out there!

again, happy happy birthday! God Bless you on all your endeavors!!! Take Care always!!!

your "fan" :)
jacqueline d. uy